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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 97 - Miss You Till I Can’t Sleep

Chapter 97: Miss You Till I Can’t Sleep

Su Wan raised her eyelashes slightly and saw Ji Qing’s naïve look. She couldn’t help laughing in her heart. She could really act.

“It’s a great honour to be able to marry my husband.”

If not for her knowledge about the collusion between Ji Qing and the scumbags, she might have thought that Ji Qing was just curious about who her husband was…

Sensing Su Wan was avoiding the crucial point, there was a sense of disappointment in Ji Qing’s eyes. She was thinking of probing further to get Su Wan to reveal her secret.

When they heard Su Wan’s reply, the female colleagues became nosy. A girl with long hair asked, “Is your husband that good?”

Hearing her colleagues’ hushing sound all around, Ji Qing refused to give up. She chimed in, “Miss Su, everyone is curious. Don’t keep us in suspense. You husband is not an alien, why are you hiding him from us?”

Su Wan shook her hands and there was a faint smile on her beautiful face. “I can’t tell you now but don’t worry, you will know by the middle of this month.”

Ji Qing’s eyes lit up and thought she had found out a secret. “Are you having your wedding ceremony in the middle of this month?”

Su Wan raised her brows slightly and teasingly placed a finger to her lips in a hushing gesture before she said slowly, “This is a secret.”

Gu Zihang and Su Yurou’s engagement party fell on the fifteen of April but this engagement party was destined not to go smoothly…

Everyone saw that Su Wan refused to talk about her husband and although the flame of nosiness in them was burning, they couldn’t do anything when Su Wan did not wish to reveal it and so, they went back to their own place to continue with their work.

After work, Su Wan did not go back to Fontainebleau but went straight to Lin Fei’er’s house instead. Tomorrow was Lin Fei’er’s wedding ceremony. As her best friend, she should of course go and help.

She had informed Jiang Xuecheng earlier on that she would spend a night at Lin Fei’er’s house. There would be many people involved and many things to settle during the wedding ceremony tomorrow. She might have to return home late.

According to the culture of Jiuzhou, the groom could not see the bride the day before the wedding. So, when Su Wan arrived at Lin Fei’er’s house, she did not see Li Peng. However, Lin Fei’er’s parents were there.

Once Mr. and Mrs. Lin opened the door, they saw Su Wan and welcomed her instantly in a friendly manner. “Wan, you’re here. You’ve grown more and more beautiful.”

Su Wan shook her head and smiled at Mr. and Mrs. Lin. “Uncle Lin, Aunty Lin, Fei’er is the pretty one.”

Mrs. Lin touched Su Wan’s head lovingly and said, “Haha, both of you are good girls.”

All these years, Su Wan and Lin Fei’er’s friendship had always been good. Mr. and Mrs. Lin really liked Su Wan.

Mr. and Mrs. Lin had simple thoughts. They had allowed Lin Fei’er to stay home as a freelancer in the first place because Su Wan had done lots of convincing. The fact that Lin Fei’er was able to support the whole family with her earning was beyond Su Wan’s expectations.

“Wan, you’re here.”

Su Wan heard Lin Fei’er’s voice from behind. So, she smiled and turned around. She saw Lin Fei’er holding a plate of fruits and she beamed, “You’re going to be the bride. Why are you still so busy?”

Lin Fei’er glared at Su Wan and placed the fruit platter on the table in the living hall. She quickly tugged Su Wan into her room.

Lin Fei’er’s feelings were exceptionally complicated, perhaps because she was about to get married. She had the joy of waiting to get married but also some uneasiness.

Su Wan sensed Lin Fei’er’s confusion and uneasiness. She held her hand and consoled her gently, “Don’t worry. Tomorrow is your big day. Don’t think too much. Sleep earlier today so you will look beautiful tomorrow.”

Lin Fei’er hesitated for a while. She looked into Su Wan’s eyes and said, “I don’t know what’s wrong with me recently. I just feel extremely nervous and I can’t sleep. Can you accompany and chat with me for a while more, please?”

Su Wan pushed Lin Fei’er’s head a little with her finger and smilingly agreed to her request.

Both girls leaned against one another and chatted about many things from memories of their high school years and university years as well as their current love lives.

As they chatted, both of them had an impulse to cry, either because time had passed too quickly or people and things around them had changed too quickly.

At about eleven thirty at night, Su Wan looked at the time and urged Lin Fei’er to go to bed. She was going to be the bride and it wouldn’t be good if she had dark circles around her eyes.

When she heard the orderly sound of breathing beside her, Su Wan smiled. Their conversation a while ago had been too crazy and she did not feel sleepy.

Su Wan grabbed her mobile phone and found Jiang Xuecheng’s name in the short message. She then sent him several words.

“I can’t sleep without you by my side.”

Su Wan sent the message and was about to put down her phone and turn in. She had not expected to receive a new message almost immediately after sending hers out.

“Me too. You must come home earlier tomorrow. Must.”

Su Wan’s eyes were curved and her shallow dimples appeared on her cheeks. So, it was not just her, but both of them had gotten used to each other in this period of over a month.

When she saw Jiang Xuecheng’s emphasis on the word ‘must’, his look giving out authoritative orders appeared in Su Wan’s mind. She couldn’t help laughing.

When she realized that Lin Fei’er had fallen asleep, she quickly covered her mouth to avoid disturbing her.

Su Wan controlled herself not to laugh out loudly. Her mouth merely curved into a shallow radian.

“I’ll try my best. Goodnight, sweet dreams.”

After sending this message, she received a quick reply. “Goodnight”.

Tomorrow’s wedding would involve long hours. She must keep up her spirit.


It was nine thirty in the morning at Lin Fei’er’s house. The groom and the groomsmen were not here yet. Lin Fei’er sat upright for the makeup artist and fashion stylist to work on. The makeup artist and the fashion stylist were examining her carefully, afraid to make careless mistakes.

On the other hand, Su Wan had just returned from the hotel. She had checked the decorations, lightings, menu, and PA system carefully.

The moment she went upstairs, the sight of the bride surrounded by a group of people welcomed her. Lin Fei’er’s makeup was fresh. Her lips were full and red and her white wedding gown brought out her beauty.

“Wow, our bride is so pretty!”

When everyone heard Su Wan’s joke intended to regulate the atmosphere, they couldn’t help laughing.

The makeup on Lin Fei’er’s face was finally complete. She carefully lifted the train of the gown with pearls and turned around in front of the mirror.

Just when everyone was praising how beautiful the bride was, Li Peng, who was wearing a silver black tuxedo, pushed the door opened. He had brought a group of groomsmen to snatch the bride!