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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 95 - Jiang Xuecheng’s Suggestion

Chapter 95: Jiang Xuecheng’s Suggestion

The man’s tall figure enveloped her. Su Wan felt restless but Jiang Xuecheng was not affected. His left hand held her hand and his right hand found a piece of paper and started scribbling.

This position was uncomfortable. How on earth could Jiang Xuecheng focus?

There were unspoken criticisms in her heart. Suddenly, Jiang Xuecheng’s magnetic voice entered her ears.

“Wan Wan, what do you think of a historical and cultural themed hotel? There are many ancient streets and lanes in Beitong, so this theme matches the style more.”

Jiang Xuecheng murmured these words near her ears. The warm breath of this man was like a feather tickling her face and redness began to show on her ears.

They were talking about a serious matter, why did he use this method?

She couldn’t even hear it now…

Su Wan trembled and turned to look at Jiang Xuecheng, hoping he would let go of her. However, when she turned, her cheek brushed Jiang Xuecheng’s lips.

She could hear a faint laughter and she glared fiercely at Jiang Xuecheng.

This man must have done it on purpose!

Su Wan knitted her brows and her face flushed red. Her voice had a sense of embarrassment. “Could you please let go of me first? I can’t focus if you do this.”

Jiang Xuecheng raised his brows and hugged Su Wan tighter. “I think I can focus pretty well.”

“Jiang Xuecheng! Stop pretending you don’t understand!”

Su Wan rolled her eyes silently and thought Jiang Xuecheng’s skill in playing dumb was top-notch!

Upon hearing this, Jiang Xuecheng teased smilingly, “Anyway, I am the one who is thinking of an idea so it doesn’t matter if you can’t focus, Wan Wan.”

Su Wan felt both angry and funny. The moment she uttered her first word “you”, Jiang Xuecheng let go of her swiftly.

Losing the leverage point suddenly, Su Wan fell forward.

She screamed in alarm and was thinking of catching hold of the edge of the couch when suddenly, a strong arm dragged her back.

Jiang Xuecheng took pleasure in her misfortune as he said, “Wan Wan, see—when I let you go, you almost fell. You’d better sit in my embrace.”

Su Wan didn’t know what to say about him. If it wasn’t for his sudden release, how would her center of gravity be unbalanced?

Her temples started twitching and she shut her eyes silently. She thought that when Jiang Xuecheng was childish—he could be more childish than a child.

‘It’s alright, let it be.’ Su Wan consoled herself not to argue with the childish man. She finally sat still after a hard time but the man who was hugging her suddenly kissed her on her lips.

Su Wan’s eyes widened and her body started to be nervous. Su Wan raised her head slightly and her gaze met a pair of mischievous eyes.

Su Wan’s body froze and the rhythm of her heartbeat went haywire. She was shy and bit her lips slightly. “Xuecheng, this is something important. Could you please be more serious about it?”

Jiang Xuecheng loved Su Wan’s current blushed look. His deep and dark eyes were smiling.

“You’ve wronged me. I’m seriously helping you think. If you could kiss me ten times, my inspiration would probably emerge more quickly.”

Jiang Xuecheng spoke the last few words with higher pitch, obviously with a sense of tease.

A thin layer of pink was seen on Su Wan’s beautiful face. This rascal!

What was wrong with her? Why did she think Jiang Xuecheng would seriously give her ideas?

Su Wan angrily pushed Jiang Xuecheng away. She turned around and wanted to leave. Jiang Xuecheng stopped before going too far, “Wan Wan, don’t go, I just thought of a new idea.”

Half doubting, Su Wan turned around but her body was still tight, giving off a stance of defensiveness.

“Let’s hear it.”

Jiang Xuecheng’s eyes deepened and he stared at Su Wan from several meters away. “What are you going to do with those old streets and lanes?”

Su Wan darted him a doubtful look and didn’t understand his intention. “The walls of many buildings are mottled. Of course we’ll have to repair them first.”

“This is groundwork. I don’t mean this aspect.”

Jiang Xuecheng shook his head at first, then he smiled faintly, “There are many ancient streets and lanes in Jiuzhou but most are vacant. These ancient buildings are mostly used for display and they are too commercialized, lacking their own characteristics…”

Upon hearing this, Su Wan had a flash in her mind and instantly understood what Jiang Xuecheng had not finished saying. “You mean, let people stay in the ancient town so that Beitong has more vitality?”

“Yes.” Jiang Xuecheng was glad Su Wan caught what he said so quickly. He looked at Su Wan and with his usual confident voice, he continued.

“The purpose of traveling is to relax. If Beitong weakened its business atmosphere and focused on experiencing traditional life, the effect would definitely be better.”

Hearing Jiang Xuecheng’s views, there was a growing sense of approval in Su Wan’s heart.

Imagine if one went to an ancient city and experienced the simple living of the locals, this would definitely be better than listening to the introduction of the tour guide or reading introductions in words.

Watching Su Wan’s sweet smile, just like flowers that had just bloomed on the branches, Jiang Xuecheng’s eyes lit up and he walked toward her and asked, “Wan Wan, did I help you a lot today?”

Then, Jiang Xuecheng wrapped his hands around Su Wan’s neck while lowering his head to take in the fresh fragrance between her hair.

Su Wan immersed herself in the joy of overcoming her crisis and she relaxed her vigilance. “Yes!”

Jiang Xuecheng’s eyes were dark and when he spoke again, his voice was hoarse. “So, should you thank me properly?”

When Su Wan heard Jiang Xuecheng’s low voice, the warning bells started to ring. She turned around and found an excuse to get away. “Ah, wait till I win this bid, I’ll thank you by then. I’ll go to the study room now to record your ideas!”

“Wan Wan, you’re too heartless.” Jiang Xuecheng let out a sigh and held onto Su Wan’s wrist, not allowing her to go. “Are you trying to escape after using me?”

He should teach this heartless little woman a lesson.

Jiang Xuecheng fixed his eyes on Su Wan and did not allow her to avoid. Once again, Su Wan’s heart was beating like a wild animal trying to escape her chest. This man was like a huge mountain with a great sense of constriction, making it difficult for her to keep calm.

Suddenly, Su Wan realized her head was locked. He lowered his head and his lips sealed hers tightly.

Su Wan’s cheeks blushed. She was forced to accept his storm-like kiss, from her brows, to her eyes, and finally stopped at her moist lips.

Jiang Xuecheng’s kiss was as overbearing as he was, not allowing resistance but at the same time enchanting.

When she was dragged upstairs, Su Wan was helpless. Alright, it seemed her plan had to be put aside again tonight.