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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 93 - As Long As You’re Not At the Losing End

Chapter 93: As Long As You’re Not At the Losing End

The progress bar for file transfer increased bit by bit and Ji Qing felt her palms sweating. She looked around nervously and hoped that the file would be completely transferred before Ye Shanshan returned.

Suddenly, the computer alert sounded and Ji Qing let out a sigh of relief as if she had received a royal pardon. She took out the USB disk and was about to leave the crime scene when the office door suddenly opened!

Initially, Ji Qing had wanted to pull the chair to run but when she turned around, her eyes met Ye Shanshan’s. She was caught standing in front of Su Wan’s desk. Ye Shanshan’s eyes were filled with suspicion.

“Ji Qing, what are you searching for at Su Wan’s desk?”

Ji Qing warned herself to remain calm but when she was caught, her hands holding the USB disk could not stop moving. All she could do at that moment was put her hands behind her back and force a smile.

“I left something at Miss Su’s desk so I came over to search for it.”

Ye Shanshan did not believe such an excuse. She sneered in disdain and said, “You may be able to use this excuse to cheat children but don’t hand me that line of bullsh*t. You are holding a USB disk behind you, aren’t you?”

With the truth exposed by Ye Shanshan, there was a drastic change in Ji Qing’s facial expression. She knew what she did could not be hidden from Ye Shanshan’s eyes.

Hence, Ji Qing admitted, “Yes, it’s the USB disk and I can tell you that I’ve copied Su Wan’s Beitong’s draft proposal. Why, Miss Ye, are you going to blow the whistle on me?”

Ye Shanshan was stupefied. She had never expected Ji Qing to admit to stealing so quickly. Moreover, she spoke with arrogance.

She looked at Ji Qing from head to toe and with a cold voice, she asked, “Why not? You have been ridiculing me repeatedly lately. What good do I get if I were to help you?”

“I did not do it on purpose.”

Ji Qing smiled awkwardly. She straightened her back and fixed her eyes on Ye Shanshan while spitting out her comment word by word.

“I believe you should hate Su Wan more than an unimportant follower like me. How long has she been in Long Teng International? Why does she have to step on you to climb up? If she loses the bid for Beitong, Miss Wang will know how good you are!”

Ji Qing could easily dig out the deepest thorn in Ye Shanshan’s heart. She was right, Su Wan was a newcomer. What right did she have to own such good luck and replace her in being in charge of Beitong’s bidding?

Ye Shanshan’s expression kept changing. There was obviously hostility on her face. Qi Jiang saw that her instigation was successful so she finally let out a sigh.

‘An enemy’s enemy is one’s friend’ How would Ye Shanshan tell Su Wan when both of them were not on good terms?

As Ye Shanshan remained silent, Ji Qing blinked and probed. “Miss Ye, what do you think?”

Ye Shanshan looked at Ji Qing but did not answer her question. She was merely calm as she said, “Go.”

Without getting an accurate answer, Ji Qing felt uneasy but Ye Shanshan appeared to have chosen to let her go.

At the same time, Su Wan, who had returned to Fontainebleau, did not know that her draft had been stolen. She was leaning on Jiang Xuecheng’s shoulder while talking about what happened today.

“Xuecheng, I went to Beitong today and bumped into a competitor!”

Jiang Xuecheng saw that Su Wan was trying to keep him in suspense and her expression was like a child pleading for a candy. He couldn’t help laughing but tried hard to hold back his laughter. Then, pretending to be interested, he asked, “Who?”

Su Wan tugged Jiang Xuecheng’s sleeves and tilted her face upward while she said, “The Lu Group’s CEO, Lu Qingyu.”

Upon hearing this name, a sharp light flashed through Jiang Xuecheng’s deep and dark eyes. In a moment, he caught Su Wan’s hand. “Did he do anything to you?”

Lu Qingyu was widely known for being a playboy. He lived life as he liked living it. Even Jiang Xuecheng who had not dealt with him before knew about it.

Jiang Xuecheng’s anxious and caring words entered Su Wan’s ears. Her heart felt warm and her expression was bashful. She was a married woman and was afraid Jiang Xuecheng would mind them being together.

“He didn’t do anything to me. He only gave me a lunch treat. To have him leave early, I agreed to have lunch with him.”

Jiang Xuecheng’s eyes darkened. Su Wan thought he was unhappy. Never had she expected him to say seriously, “Good, as long as you’re not at the losing end. When this kind of people give you a treat, you must select the most expensive dishes.”

A sense of surprise flash through Su Wan’s eyes and very quickly she laughed at what Jiang Xuecheng said.

For a moment, she felt marrying Jiang Xuecheng was the best decision she had ever made in her life because their brain circuits were exactly the same!

Despite laughing, Su Wan did not forget to ask, “Xuecheng, aren’t you angry I had lunch with another man and that he has ulterior motives?”

She wanted to know his endurance limit. If that had touched his minefield, she would automatically avoid.

The secret for a couple to get along well was for each to have his or her own principle.

When Su Wan asked him the question, her clear eyes were fixed on him.

Jiang Xuecheng smiled. He tapped on Su Wan’s nose and darted her a side glance.

“I’m not angry but I’m jealous.”

Then, his eyes narrowed. His dark eyes turned alert and sharp as he said, “Wan Wan, I will not limit your freedom because I trust you. Of course, when you are with others, you must be able to make discerning judgments and not be at the losing end.”

Upon hearing this, Su Wan’s mind went blank for a moment. When she regained her senses, her heart was touched. So, this man cared most about her not being at the losing end and he was not angry because he trusted her.

Su Wan felt a sensation in her nose and recalled meeting Li Peng accidentally today.

Loyalty between partners was based on trust. As the saying goes, ‘It takes two to tango.’ If a person had never thought of derailing from a relationship, a third person would not be able to squeeze in no matter how hard he or she tried.

Vice versa, if one limited one’s partner’s freedom and inquired about one’s partner’s daily itinerary, it would cause the collapse of trust.

Su Wan rejoiced that she had merely advised Lin Fei’er to be more careful but did not tell Lin Fei’er her guess.

She believed Lin Fei’er’s judgment should be much stronger than an outsider like her.

Su Wan indulged in a train of thoughts. Just then, her mobile phone in her handbag vibrated and disturbed the quiet atmosphere.

Su Wan was slightly stunned. She took out her phone and saw a work number which she had not saved to her contact list. She was curious. It had long passed the dismissal time, who in Long Teng International would think of her?

Suppressing her inner bewilderment, Su Wan frowned and turned on the hands free.