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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 88 - On-Site Investigation

Chapter 88: On-Site Investigation

When she thought of that day’s experience, Su Wan tapped on Jiang Xuecheng’s arm. “Stop playing, I have an important thing to do.”

Jiang Xuecheng paused for a moment. His smile remained and he calmly raised his brows.

“You mean what we are going to do is not more important than the bid for Beitong?”

Could these two matters be compared?

Su Wan’s tight heart trembled just like being touched by the feather. Just as she was about to rebut, Jiang Xuecheng held her tightly in his embrace and ran up the stairs.

This rascal!

Where had his promise to respect her views gone?

Jiang Xuecheng leaned against Su Wan. They were appressed to one another and Su Wan could feel the slight body changes of the man hugging her.

Su Wan was a thin-skinned person. At that moment, she felt so bashful and her face was extremely red. Jiang Xuecheng was impatient and couldn’t wait, and she felt she couldn’t bear to see him like this. However, her resistance was to no avail.

The night was long but a good night was short. Jiang Xuecheng was a person who treasured the time. The moment they entered the bedroom, he was like a hungry wolf who ingested Su Wan completely.

After a good while, Su Wan could finally relax.

Her cheeks were red and she couldn’t use her energy. All she could do was to quietly nestle in her husband’s embrace.

It was Jiang Xuecheng’s fault!

He had given her a responsibility but did not allow her to do her homework!

Su Wan wrinkled her nose. While she nestled against Jiang Xuecheng’s chest, she thought, if she failed in getting the Beitong project, she would put the blame on Jiang Xuecheng…

Jiang Xuecheng saw Su Wan rolling her eyes and knew she was gossiping about him in her heart.

However, Su Wan’s eyes were misty and blurry at that moment, without any lethality, making one wish to bully her again.

Considering Su Wan’s body, Jiang Xuecheng exerted effort to control himself. He merely wrapped his arms around Su Wan’s waist and did not turn into the real overly demanding beast

“Wan Wan, are you hungy?”

In a half blurry state, Su Wan switched to a comfortable position in Jiang Xuecheng’s arms and answered softly, “Mm.”

Looking at the sweet and delicate face in his embrace, Jiang Xuecheng smiled slightly and began to blow air into Su Wan’s ears.

“Do you want me to prepare something for you to eat?”

Jiang Xuecheng’s air blowing made Su Wan itch. After hearing what Jiang Xuecheng said, she declined immediately. “What’s the time now? Do let my stomach rest for a while.”

Su Wan was a meat lover and had always thought she was the type who could not get fat even if she ate a lot.

However, since she lived at Fontainebleau, every meal was served meticulously by Jiang Xuecheng. Furthermore, Jiang Xuecheng’s culinary skill was fantastic so Su Wan swept the delicious food up just like how a whirlwind sweeps scattered clouds away.

“You just need to eat. As for your stomach, don’t worry, it’s more diligent than its master.”

Upon hearing this, Su Wan saw that Jiang Xuecheng was about to stand up. She was so scared she tugged on his arm.

“No, don’t, I just don’t wish to grow fat. Since I married you, my weight has exceeded the standard!”

Jiang Xuecheng’s eyes were deep and on his face was a ruminating smile. “Isn’t that better? You’re too skinny. You must eat more…”

Jiang Xuecheng did not say that he had wanted to feed her more so she could grow plump. He felt Su Wan was too light and if there was a typhoon is S City, he was afraid this lady would be blown away.

After speaking, Jiang Xuecheng pushed Su Wan’s hand aside and draped a coat on his body. He stood up and walked toward the kitchen alone.

Su Wan wanted to cry but had no tears. She looked on as Jiang Xuecheng walked away. Now, she finally understood, Jiang Xuecheng had been plotting this for a long time, to use delicious food to make her grow fat!

Jiang Xuecheng was tall and thin. She was much shorter than him and if she grew fat, how could she walk side by side with him when they went out together?

This was Jiang Xuecheng’s plot!

If this day really came, she would feel inferior standing beside him…

Since this thought appeared in Su Wan’s mind, her beautiful face was filled with uneasiness. She thought it was possible for this to happen…

After half an hour, Jiang Xuecheng brought a bowl of century egg with minced pork congee. On top of every grain of white rice, there was a small piece of minced port and century egg.

Looking at the hot and fragrant food, it was hard for Su Wan to resist. This kind of food had a charm that she couldn’t resist.

Why was she feeling more and more hungry…?

When Jiang Xuecheng saw Su Wan staring at the congee he brought in but forcing herself to turn her head, he knew she yearned to have supper.

“Alright, Wan Wan, stop struggling. Even if you put on weight till you’re 100kg, I can still afford to feed you.”

There was a repeated war between heaven and men in her mind and finally, Su Wan lost to the temptation of the food. She said, “Remember what you just said. If I were to put on so much weight, you must still feed me.”

If it were not for her knowledge that Jiang Xuecheng had no previous romantic experience, Su Wan would have thought he was a skirt chaser!

Anyway, since he dared to promise, Su Wan might as well eat the century egg minced pork congee without worries.

Hmph, if she really reached 100kg and Jiang Xuecheng did not keep his word, she would use her body to overpower him.


The second morning, Su Wan woke up early and decided to prepare breakfast from then on. If every meal was prepared by Jiang Xuecheng, she would grow fat sooner or later!

After a hasty breakfast preparation, Su Wan went straight to the Beitong development zone. She had told the company her route for today and so, she did not need to apply again.

Beitong was situated on the northern suburb of S City. Su Wan started walking after she got off the MRT. It was the beginning of April and although it was in the morning, the weather was hot.

Su Wan was wearing a white blouse without lace and black long trousers. After walking for some time, she started sweating.

Su Wan wiped away the sweat on her forehead and her eyes swept across various antique streets and the mountains at a distance. A plan on how to develop this area ran in her heart.

Obviously, Beitong was a suitable tourist attraction. The streets and alleys here had an ancient style while the trees and flowers existed in a great variety. It was definitely a good place to relax.

The old houses and streets should remain. However, they had long been neglected and the walls had mottled. Beitong lacked tourism infrastructure…

How could it be rectified to make this place tidy and clean with complete basic infrastructure for tourism while keeping its history touch?

Su Wan thought as she walked. She opened the map in her hands and planned in her mind suitable areas to build hotels and bus stops.

Just as she was deep in thought, someone tapped her on her shoulder. Su Wan widened her eyes and turned around…