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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 83 - Adding Fuel To The Flames

Chapter 83: Adding Fuel To The Flames

The more Gu Zihang thought about it, the angrier he became. He felt his love and care for Su Wan all these years was ridiculous!

Su Wan had gone to Dong Chen Country for three years. After his calculation, he might not have developed feelings for Su Yurou first but rather, Su Wan had been unwilling to be left alone had and dated another man when she was abroad and cheated on him!

When she saw Gu Zihang tightly knitted brows and the suspicion and pain in his eyes, Su Yurou was smiling inside and this sense of joy flashed through her eyes very quickly and vanished.

Haha, she understood Gu Zihang’s arrogant character. He had obviously been scared stiff by her instigation.

Su Yurou was secretly pleased with herself for a while and decided to add fuel to his flames so his displeasure towards Su Wan would deepen.

Su Yurou took a deep breath and looked up at Gu Zihang repeatedly. She seemed to want to say something but did not utter a single word.

Gu Zihang saw Su Yurou’s repeated gesture and knew she wanted to say something but was worried that he would be angry. Gu Zihang’s face was overcast with gloominess. “Yurou, just tell me directly what you wish to say.”

Su Yurou tugged at Gu Zihang’s sleeves and her slightly red and swollen eyes blinked several times and several drops of tears floated vaguely in her eyes.

“Zihang, I may have wronged Su Wan. You’re such an outstanding man and Wan loved you so much in the past, how could she like another man before breaking up with you? I may have formed the wrong conjecture…”

When Su Yurou spoke, her head kept shaking, as if she either didn’t believe or was disappointed with her little cousin sister. She paused and her voice changed as if she was in a difficult position.

“But Mother and I went shopping in the town a few days ago and we met Wan. She was buying a man’s suit. At that time, I didn’t think much of it but now, I think she likes that man very much…”

She uttered just a few words, starting with a statement to defend Su Wan but ending with a statement to confirm Su Wan’s disloyalty towards Gu Zihang!

Gu Zihang looked like a modest person on the outside but was actually an arrogant person on the inside. After Su Yurou’s instigation, his flame of resentment burned more furiously.

Initially, Su Yurou was still obsequious but the more she said, the louder and firmer she became and this made Gu Zihang more and more sick at heart.

It seemed Su Wan had really betrayed him before he abandoned her…

At the thought of this, Gu Zihang felt a throbbing pain in his heart. He frowned and stood up.

“Enough! Yurou, don’t say anymore!”

Gu Zihang’s voice had turned hoarse and Su Yurou knew her goal had been achieved. She stopped provoking Gu Zihang.

She stood up slowly and pretended to fall forward carelessly…

Gu Zihang was shocked. He caught hold of Su Yurou who almost fell and brought her slender body into his embrace.

Su Yurou tugged his arms and nestled against his body. Her voice was gentle and thoughtful.

“Zihang, don’t be sad, your relationship with Wan is history…now, our relationship is the most important. Zihang, don’t worry, I won’t betray you like Wan did. In my heart, you are my sky…”

Gu Zihang sighed heavily and hugged Su Yurou gently. He caressed her cheeks.

“Yurou, I know how well you treat me. You’re the kindest and most innocent girl I’ve ever met. I’ll treasure you always.”

Su Yurou smiled coyly and lay gently in Gu Zihang’s embrace. Huh, so what if Gu Zihang couldn’t forget Su Wan? Wasn’t she still the one he was going to legally marry?

Gu Zihang looked at Su Yurou deeply but another face appeared in his mind.

Oh, Su Wan. Gu Zihang’s heart still had that unwillingness. Which part of him was not good enough that Su Wan could abandon him and take fancy to another man?

Gu Zihang’s heart was filled with hostility. He decided to ask someone to investigate at the Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs tomorrow. He wished to know whose name was imprinted on Su Wan’s marriage certificate!

That person had better think carefully if he wanted to oppose the heir to Gu Group!


That night, many stars were sparkling in the sky, hiding the brightness of the crescent from view.

Su Wan was walking on the road towards Fontainebleau. She raised her head to look at the sky from time to time. The corners of her lips curved up slightly and she didn’t feel the weight of the fruits and vegetables in her hand.

Before she went out today, she saw that there wasn’t much food left in the refrigerator. Hence, she had decided to purchase them at a supermarket nearby. It was probably the hobby of most women to shop, Su Wan couldn’t control herself and bought a bunch of things.

Although she had left Golden Sand Entertainment City early, it was late when she arrived home.

What was Jiang Xuecheng doing now?

Had he fallen asleep?

When Su Wan thought about how there was a man waiting for her at home, her mood was good.

She hummed a tune while walking on the street. Luckily, her voice was soft and with the noise of the continuous flow of cars, no one noticed her little gesture.

When she entered Fontainebleau, Su Wan walked quickly toward her house. The moment she came into the living hall, she raised her head and saw that there was light in the study room.

So, Jiang Xuecheng was in the study room. Was he working?

Su Wan smiled and placed the fruits and vegetables that she had bought into the refrigerator. Then, she wanted to go up to the study room to look for Jiang Xuecheng.

However, suddenly, numerous disorderly memories arose in her mind and she halted.

Su Wan blushed and recalled yesterday’s incident. She took a plate of strawberries into the study room and in the end, the strawberries were all wasted and she had even suffered loss, becoming his food…

What if Jiang Xuecheng wanted her again…what could she do?

Su Wan scared herself with her thoughts and immediately shook her head. What was she thinking? She had not been prepared yesterday. Today, she would not be so dumb as to let him slice her as he wished.

Su Wan shook her head and smiled, walking quietly into the study room. She opened a small gap in the door and the sight in the room surprised her.

The light in the study room was on but Jiang Xuecheng’s head and arms were pressing on the table. He looked like he was sleeping.

Su Wan walked forward slowly and saw that Jiang Xuecheng was really sleeping. Both his hands were on the desk. His eyes were shut and there was no coldness but rather peace and harmlessness.

What was this man dreaming about now? His brows were still knitted and he looked tired and anxious. Su Wan’s heart ached.

Su Wan sighed silently. She couldn’t help stretching out her fingers to touch Jiang Xuecheng’s forehead, trying to soothe his knitted brows.

She wished Jiang Xuecheng could be happier. Even in his dreams, he should be smiling.