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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 81 - Her Husband’s Treat

Chapter 81: Her Husband’s Treat

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Su Wan had been provoked since her arrival at the gathering. Even if she was good-tempered, she had had enough. So, she struck back with that sentence.


It was too bad that just one sentence could make Zhou Yun’er lose her pride.


Zhou Yun’er was a person who placed importance in pride. She had been buttered up by people earlier on because of this ruby necklace. Now that Su Wan said it was an imitation, how could she not be angry?


Her glare was so intense her eyes seemed to protrude. Her beautiful and charming face was now filled with protruding veins. Her eyes were vicious and resentful.


“Su Wan, what nonsense are you saying? My boyfriend spent a lot of money to buy this for me. How could this be fake?”


Su Wan stood there quietly. Her beautiful face remained calm and emotionless.


“For Mr. Sevastik’s pieces, the thickness of the chains is standardized. Your necklace is a little thicker than the usual. Furthermore, when Sevastik carves the gemstones, he doesn’t like them to be too smooth and would leave a little of the stone’s original roughness.”


“You…what you say cannot be trusted!”


Zhou Yun’er’s face turned red and she looked ready to strangle Su Wan.


Su Wan paused. She raised her brows and her eyes were clear and bright.


“If you don’t believe me, you may check it yourself. Lastly, take a look at the golden buckle. Is Mr. Sevastik’s name carved on it? He imprints his name on each of his work.”


Zhou Yun’er took down her ruby necklace in disbelief. She flipped the 1cm wide gold buckle and repeatedly examined it. The surface was smooth without a single letter!


“I—I…I don’t believe it!”


People surrounding them sighed with regret. They obviously believed what Su Wan said. Zhou Yun’er stammered for a while. Her hatred towards Su Wan was growing within.


Didn’t Su Wan want to see her make a fool of herself? Hmph, she was mean. No wonder her boyfriend was snatched by Yurou.


When Su Wan saw Zhou Yun’er’s flushed face and her increasingly murderous look, she frowned.


Su Wan believed in ‘an eye for an eye’. Facing a provocateur, she couldn’t get herself to be tolerant and forgiving as she was not Mother Mary.


Su Wan felt tired dealing with this. She waved and smilingly took her leave. “I’m sorry, I’m not feeling too well today. I’ll take my leave first. Enjoy yourselves!”


“Wan, don’t you want me to send you home?” Shen Lin looked at her worriedly. This gathering was ruined by Zhou Yun’er. It had been hard on the good-tempered Su Wan to sit for so long.

Su Wan knew Shen Lin’s good intention but because she was staying at Fontainebleau, it was not suitable for others to send her.


With a faint smile, Su Wan told Shen Lin, “These people need you to take care of them. I’ll go back on my own. Thank you!”


Then, Su Wan marched out of the room and waved to her ex-classmates once again. She left alone.


Everyone was still immersed in the hot news of Su Wan’s marriage but had no reason to stop her from going home. They were all curious about Su Wan’s husband. Hence, the discussion started again with guesses from each person.


Although Su Wan had left, Zhou Yun’er’s eyes were filled with enmity as she listened to the discussion about Su Wan. She snorted.


“What’s so good about what she’s wearing? Su Wan’s husband must be a poor guy, otherwise, why did she leave so hastily? She must be avoiding having to split the bill!”


People at the surrounding silently exchanged glances. As Zhou Yun’er had been exposed of wearing a fake necklace by Su Wan, nobody wanted to respond to what she said now.


After a long time, everyone realized it was late and it was time to go home.


The class monitor, Shen Lin, gathered everyone at the cashier and was ready to foot the bill. She stated her room number but the cashier informed her of something important smilingly.


“Ah, you’re from Room 1036? The bill has been footed by a girl called Su Wan.”


Upon hearing this, everyone was shocked.


Golden Sand Entertainment City was the most high-end entertainment club in S City and was situated at the prime area. The expenses here were so high it could take one’s breath away. Today, most of their classmates were here and there were forty to fifty of them.


Su Wan was so generous to foot the bill alone!


Shen Lin was the first to regain her senses. She immediately asked the cashier, “Do you know Miss Su’s bank card details? This is our classmates’ gathering and it should be a group expense. It’s not good for her to pay alone.”


The cashier shook her head and smiled. “I’m sorry, we can’t violate our customers’ privacy. Aren’t you all classmates? You may ask her yourselves.”


Shen Lin sighed quietly. She kept feeling she had wronged Su Wan tonight. Then, the cashier thought of something and added.


“Miss Su said this is her husband’s treat and as long as all of you had a good time, she’s happy.”


“What? Her husband’s treat?”


The classmates heard what the cashier said and couldn’t help whispering to one another. Didn’t Su Wan marry a poor guy in a haste?


Even the diamond on her diamond ring was small, so how could he afford to give them a treat at such a place?


Zhou Yun’er saw everyone in discussion and what they said centered around their curiosity and envy toward Su Wan’s husband. She began to feel jealous as she taunted.


“Even if her husband is rich, can he compare to Gu Group’s CEO, Gu Zihang? She’s just a person who has been kicked away. She’s just showing off despite being poor!”


Zhou Yun’er’s words were too hurtful. Many classmates could not take it any longer. No matter how poor Su Wan’s husband was, he had given them a treat tonight!


The girls who wanted to get a lift from Zhou Yun’er just now were unwilling to sit in her car anymore. They each found a reason to go home on their own.


Initially, Zhou Yun’er had wanted to show off in the name of her car but now that she saw everyone leaving, she pushed all the blame to Su Wan.


When she got back, Zhou Yun’er immediately called Su Yurou.


At that time, Su Yurou was in Gu Zihang’s house. Both of them were about to cuddle in bed but the call spoiled their plan and made Su Yurou very irritated.

Because Gu Zihang was beside her, Su Yurou forcefully restrained her displeasure and smiled gently, “Yun’er, it’s late now, why did you call me? Did anything interesting happen during the gathering?”


On the other end of the phone, Zhou Yun’er smiled coldly. “Yurou, guess who I met at the gathering just now? Your little cousin sister, Su Wan! You wouldn’t have expected it, but Su Wan is married!”


Su Yurou blinked and tightened her grip on the phone, “What did you say? Su Wan is married?”


Gu Zihang who was sitting beside her heard this and his mobile phone in his hand fell onto the blanket.