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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 76 - She Sold Herself Just Like That

Chapter 76: She Sold Herself Just Like That

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Time passed by the minutes and seconds and both of them stood still, remaining silent. The words that Jiang Xuecheng uttered echoed in Su Wan’s ears.

Su Wan was ill at ease because the tall and huge figure in front of her was giving her intense pressure.


There was a moment when Su Wan almost wanted to reach for the door and escape.


However, where could she escape to? This was their house!


Su Wan pursed her lips and finally pretended to be calm. She parted Jiang Xuecheng’s hands on her shoulders and apologized. “I’m sorry, I was careless and dropped the plate. The strawberries are everywhere on the floor. Let me clean it up now.”


Then, Su Wan squatted down and started picking up the little red fruits.


She had just managed to pick a few before Jiang Xuecheng grabbed her hands tightly.


He grabbed her so tightly that a delicate and warm touch was felt from his fingertips, and both their hearts were filled with bizarre emotions.

Su Wan deceived herself by looking at the wooden flooring. Feeling awkward and bewildered, she said, “Xuecheng, I can manage this by myself.”


“Wan Wan.”


Jiang Xuecheng called her name in a fast and decisive manner.


He tilted Su Wan’s head and forced her to look at him.

He was still impeccably handsome with beautiful eyebrows, eyes, nose, and lips, all of which were as if carved by God. However, Su Wan had lost her mood to admire his good looks.


That moment, Jiang Xuecheng sealed her lips with his.


His kiss was straightforward.

Su Wan could not make any noise in that instant. She could only widen her eyes and allow her nervous emotions to spread to her limbs and bones.


She should not resist. Su Wan knew clearly that she had lost all reason for resistance.

However, she was afraid and the fear arose without reason.


His cold and clean breath just like snow slowly invaded her. Su Wan could only stare at Jiang Xuecheng anxiously. Without realizing, she had slowly caught up with his rhythm.


Su Wan was in a trance and all her thoughts had turned to dust. The man who was dominating was extremely clear-headed at the moment.


He couldn’t give Su Wan anymore opportunities to avoid. He stretched his arms out and hugged Su Wan, not willing to allow this person to stay apart from him.

The kiss seemed to last an eternity. After a long while, Su Wan finally found the opportunity to breathe.

Her cheeks were as red as a cherry and she struggled to stand up. When she did, she stood a little further apart from Jiang Xuecheng.


“Wan Wan, are you still not willing?”


Jiang Xuecheng’s heart was filled with intense sorrow and disappointment when he saw Su Wan’s gesture.


Upon hearing this, Su Wan saw Jiang Xuecheng looking down. His beautiful eyes were dim and dull.

Without thinking, Su Wan started to console him. One of her nerves must have been damaged.


“No, I was thinking that we both have not taken our…”


Before she could finish her sentence, Su Wan was pulled into his embrace. He hugged her tightly and looked at her. Emotions were surging beneath his eyes.


She heard him say that it was alright and that they could take their bath after.

This development was obviously not right! Wasn’t Jiang Xuecheng a clean freak?


Su Wan was then carried to the bedroom and when she was in there, she was awakened with a start that there were no more chances for her to escape.


With scorching heat, Jiang Xuecheng climbed atop her body and the flame within him flared up, burning recklessly, just like a staunch devotee offering a sacrifice for his religion.

She was still afraid and he consoled her gently.


“Trust me, Wan Wan. I’ll be careful and you won’t feel the pain.”


However, his strong gestures were a total opposite of his tone of voice, not allowing a chance for Su Wan to resist.


She was imprisoned in his embrace and couldn’t think of any way to escape. Finally, she submerged in the flame he lit up and melted.

Su Wan felt her waist on the verge of breaking. Her usually alert and clear eyes were now slowly turning hazy just like the rain in Jiangnan during spring in March.


Losing all her strength, she could only nestle against the man in front of her.


The night was long and after some time, Su Wan was still out of breath. He was like an insatiable beast, skinning and dismantling her with the intention to swallow her into his stomach.

Su Wan was truly tired and she was in a daze. Her long, black hair was cascading like a black waterfall onto Jiang Xuecheng’s shoulders.


Facing her husband’s inexhaustible energy, Su Wan could not catch up with him. She could only plead.


“We have tried so many times. Xuecheng, please give me a break, I can’t take this any longer.”


Jiang Xuecheng was in a good mood in that moment. His usual coldness had now softened. He hugged Su Wan’s waist and murmured gently beside her ears, “Wan Wan, one more time please, I promise it’s just one more time.”


Su Wan glared at Jiang Xuecheng angrily, “You said the same thing just now but you didn’t keep your promise. I’m a fool to believe you again!”


Su Wan’s anger could get her to hit Jiang Xuecheng but all her energy had been drained at the moment and she couldn’t do it.

Jiang Xuecheng hugged Su Wan and thought Su Wan looked adorable and tender when she rolled her eyes and pouted. Her expression made him want to love her tenderly.

It was rare to see Su Wan in this manner ordinarily. Ripples stirred in Jiang Xuecheng’s deep eyes. If possible, he wished Su Wan could stay at home every day for him to look at.


Seeing the strong possessiveness in Jiang Xuecheng’s eyes, Su Wan had goosebumps and was afraid he would perform another beastly act.


She could no longer hold on!


“Alright, Wan Wan, I won’t torture you.”


When he sensed that Su Wan had really gotten tired of being ‘tortured’ by him, Jiang Xuecheng caressed her forehead tenderly and placed a gentle kiss between her brows. Then, he carried Su Wan to the bathroom.


The bathroom was filled with water vapor and the temperature of the water was just the right temperature to send the tired Su Wan to dreamland.


When she was asleep, her lips were slightly parted and her messy hair was spread out. She lay silently in Jiang Xuecheng’s embrace.


When Jiang Xuecheng saw Su Wan’s obedient look when she was asleep, he couldn’t help but perform that torturing act again.

Jiang Xuecheng had never thought he would have no self-control.


He could only say it was because of her that he was this greedy.


The next morning, Su Wan rolled over in a daze. Ouch, it was painful! Her bones seemed to be falling apart and her whole body was in pain!


She was in Jiang Xuecheng’s house yesterday and did nothing else, why did she feel like this…


Thinking, Su Wan opened her eyes and woke up immediately as if she had been drenched by a basin of ice water from above.


Yesterday, she and Jiang Xuecheng had…


Su Wan felt like weeping but failed to shed a tear. For a plate of strawberries, she had sold herself. It was not worthwhile!