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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 71 - Jiang Xuecheng Has a Brother?  

Chapter 71: Jiang Xuecheng Has a Brother?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

At the thought of this, Su Wan made up her mind to try to increase Jiang Xuecheng’s mother’s fondness toward her.

She could probably ask her grandfather what his favorite student liked—perhaps it might be easier to win her heart from there?


Su Wan frowned while she thought. Her hand was unconsciously feeding white rice into her mouth with the chopsticks, as if the sumptuous food on the table could not attract her attention.

Jiang Xuecheng could sense Su Wan’s absent-mindedness. Normally, this little greedy cat would stuff herself with delicacies and would go for the meat first.

“Why are you not eating anything other than rice?”


Jiang Xuecheng’s thin lips curved slightly and he grabbed a slice of spiced mandarin fish and put it into Su Wan’s bowl.

When he did this, Su Wan regained her senses and ate the slice of fish. As some of the dishes were too far for her to reach, she depended on Jiang Xuecheng to get a few more slices for her.

Unexpectedly, when Jiang Xuecheng took the food for Su Wan, everyone else looked towards her and their eyes were filled with surprise.


Jiang Xuecheng was the only one who remained unaffected. Getting a few more slices of fish for Su Wan came naturally to him. Then, he took some other dishes that Su Wan liked and placed them into her bowl.


Su Wan felt nervous when she was being stared at by the elderlies. It was only a meal, but why did she feel as though she was a monkey at the zoo?


Bashfully, she looked down and her smile became reserved. “Is there a problem? Why are all of you looking at me like this?”


Luo Xiuxiu was the first to respond. She mischievously raised her brows and laughed out loudly while pointing to Jiang Xuecheng and started to explain.


“This is the first time we’ve seen Xuecheng taking food for someone. It’s very unusual.”


Su Wan was chewing her food but when she heard this, she nearly choked. Was she kidding? Should she feel honored for this special treatment?


Jiang Zhiyuan teased amiably. “It’s true, Wan. It’s quite something that you’re able to melt my grandson’s thousand-year-old ice.”

Su Wan was in a daze, then she became awkward. This was the strangest compliment she had ever received.


However, as Jiang Zhiyuan was a senior, Su Wan obediently accepted what he said.


Then, Luo Xiuxiu stood up and took some vegetables for Su Wan as well.

“Wan, eat more. Only two of you are staying in Fontainebleau and it feels desolate to eat there. If you like, you can always come to this old house to see us. All these dishes are prepared by our chef and none are inferior to those served in the restaurants. Ordinary people would not have the luck to have such food.”


Looking at the piled-up food in front of her, Su Wan was overwhelmed. She could only nod. “Alright, Grandmother, I’ll visit more often with Xuecheng.”


Initially, she thought this would end, but Xu Ziyao suddenly added, “Xuecheng, I’m not bothered by your rash registration of marriage but you’ll have your wedding ceremony, won’t you?”


Jiang Wei, who was sitting beside Xu Ziyao, then chimed in, “Yes, Xuecheng, Su Wan is married to you and you can’t just get married without a wedding ceremony. I don’t care how others view us but Su Wan’s family will feel that the Jiang family lacks etiquette.”


A wedding ceremony…


Su Wan was worried about the piled-up food in her bowl but when she heard what Jiang Xuecheng’s parents said, she immediately perked up.


To avoid misunderstanding, she quickly said, “Father, Mother, you must have known about my poor relationship with the Su family. You may ignore their views and note that my maternal grandparents support our marriage. We visited them a few days ago.”


“It’s good that Teacher Xie is okay with it. What about your wedding ceremony?”


The person who spoke was Xu Ziyao.


This interrogation was light but it seemed to have the power to press on Su Wan until she felt out of breath.

Jiang Xuecheng darted a look at Su Wan. His hand went under the table cloth and he held Su Wan’s hand tightly.


Jiang Xuecheng’s knuckles were distinct and that familiar warm touch made Su Wan calm down.

 “We will have our wedding ceremony eventually. As for the overall arrangement, there are too many details involved and we need some time to get down to it.”


Jiang Xuecheng threw out his words and everyone immediately stopped asking further.

Xu Ziyao’s beautiful eyes swept across Su Wan. As a mother, she could sense her son’s care for this girl.


This son of hers had been cold since young and the fact that he could wholeheartedly protect someone like this one day exceeded her expectations.

She had asked him through the phone about how he met Su Wan and he didn’t reply. When she asked him why he got married in a hurry, he didn’t reply either. Now that she asked him face-to-face about when he would hold their wedding ceremony, he couldn’t even give them a definite answer.

When could this son of hers stop making her worried…


Xu Ziyao sighed silently. Jiang Wei saw her expression and took some food for her. He whispered in her ears to console her, “Children will lead their own life. Let’s not worry too much.”




When Xu Ziyao stopped taking food, Su Wan announced that she was done eating. Although the food was delicious, she felt that the atmosphere at the dining table was too strange and she had no appetite to enjoy the food.


What was Jiang Xuecheng’s position in the Jiang family?


Su Wan didn’t quite understand. She only felt these elderlies were undoubtedly very nice toward Jiang Xuecheng.


Although Jiang Xuecheng was twenty-seven years old, these people still made him the apple of their eyes. However, they didn’t look close to one another but rather, there was a sense of distance and suppression.

If that was not the case, Luo Xiuxiu wouldn’t be nagging beside her ear, asking her to come back to this old house with Jiang Xuecheng. She said that Jiang Xuecheng rarely returned there.


Jiang Xuecheng respected them but this manner of getting along with one another seemed weird.


After the meal, Luo Xiuxiu brought Su Wan to her room with Jiang Xuecheng.

His room was on the third floor. Once the room door was opened, she saw the same wallpaper as Fontainebleau. It was the same cold color. The decoration and furnishing were similar too. Everything in it was tidy and in order, just like his personal style.

Luo Xiuxiu prompted Su Wan to open the wardrobe, which contained various ladies’ wear. It was obviously an earlier preparation to welcome Su Wan.

Su Wan was touched and expressed her heartfelt thanks. “Thank you, Grandmother, for your thoughtfulness.”


With much affection, Luo Xiuxiu caressed Su Wan’s hair and sighed softly. “We are family. You don’t have to be so courteous. Treat this as your house and come back more often.”


Su Wan took a deep breath and nodded. When she was about to say something, she was attracted by a photograph on the desk.

In the photograph were two boys wearing white and blue school uniforms. Both of them looked alike. The taller boy was pursing his thin lips and had a cold look while the slightly shorter boy was smiling mischievously with a youthful recklessness.

The one who looked cold was definitely Jiang Xuecheng. What about the other boy?