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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 67 - Jiang Xuecheng’s Childishness

Chapter 67: Jiang Xuecheng’s Childishness

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Su Wan swiftly opened her eyes and was attracted to the ring on her ring finger.


The design of the ring was exquisite. It was silver in color with simple and elegant flowers adorned on top. Although the design was simple, it was unique. The diamond in the middle of the floral pattern was fine and delicate.


From a glance, the diamond did not look special but after examining it in detail, there were faint, gorgeous sparkles moving. It was beautiful!


Su Wan’s heart softened. Suddenly, she was on tenterhooks with a hidden yearning, just like on the day she and Jiang Xuecheng had registered their marriage.


Watching Su Wan fixing her vision on the ring, Jiang Xuecheng smiled lightly. “Do you like it?”


Su Wan tilted her head up and looked at Jiang Xuecheng. The moment both their gazes met, Su Wan broke into a warm smile and nodded, just like a little chick pecking at grains.

“Yes, very much!”


“It fits you perfectly. My effort in designing this ring has not gone to waste.”


Jiang Xuecheng stared at Su Wan’s slender hand and tapped on Su Wan’s nose. “Now that you have my ring on, Wan Wan, you belong to me for the rest of your life.”


Su Wan was taken aback, then she waved the wedding ring in her hand.


“You designed this?”


Oh god, Jiang Xuecheng could even design jewelry. What else could he not know?


Before waiting for Su Wan to finish her sentence, Jiang Xuecheng wrapped his hands around Su Wan’s waist and tugged her nearer to him, “How is it? This is the first time that I’ve designed a ring for someone. Are you overwhelmed by this special favor?”

Su Wan tilted her head to one side and examined Jiang Xuecheng’s beautiful eyebrows. Once again, she nodded her head honestly. “If everyone were to know Mr. Jiang, the CEO, has the ability of designing jewelry, I bet the revenue of the jewelry shops under Di Chen Group would increase tremendously!”


Di Chen Group was involved in innumerable industries but there were three pillar industries. The first was real estate, the second was entertainment, and the third was jewelry.

Staring at Su Wan’s clear eyes, Jiang Xuecheng curved his lips into a perfect radian. “This will be the one and only design in this world. I won’t design for others anymore.”


Su Wan was very happy hearing this. Although she was satisfied inside, she didn’t want him to be arrogant. So, she said on purpose, “I suddenly realized the diamond on this ring is too small. Why is our Mr. Jiang so stingy?”


Jiang Xuecheng’s long and tidy brows were raised and had a very faint smile on his face.


“So you like big diamond rings like the nouveau riche, Wan Wan? How did I not notice your bad taste?”


“My taste isn’t bad!” Su Wan stuck her tongue out and admitted her genuine thoughts. “I actually like this ring.”


At the mall today, Su Yurou was wearing a huge and exaggerated diamond ring. To Su Wan, too huge a diamond on a diamond ring was not nice. She was not like the noveau riche that Jiang Xuecheng had mentioned.


Suddenly, Su Wan thought of another matter. She hammered Jiang Xuecheng’s shoulders lightly.

“You didn’t only design the woman’s ring, did you? Wedding rings should come in a pair, shouldn’t they?”


If she was the only one wearing the wedding ring and being tied down by him for the rest of her life while Jiang Xuecheng did not wear a ring, then she would be at the losing end.


Jiang Xuecheng let go of Su Wan. He stood up and looked at Su Wan leisurely. “Of course, wedding rings come in a pair. Am I not waiting for you to wear it for me?”


For a moment, Su Wan only saw Jiang Xuecheng waving his right hand and when she looked carefully, Jiang Xuecheng had taken out a velvet jewelry box.

Su Wan snatched the jewelry box swiftly and when she opened it, she saw a man’s wedding ring.

The design of the man’s ring was similar to the one Su Wan was wearing, but the ring was simpler and less lavish. If it wasn’t compared to Su Wan’s ring, one would hardly recognize that the man’s ring had a floral motif too.


Su Wan gasped in admiration within her heart. When she saw Jiang Xuecheng stretching out his hand, Su Wan smiled and took the ring out carefully. Then, she placed the ring on Jiang Xuecheng’s ring finger.


The size of the ring fitted him and the delicate diamond with gentle shimmer added some charm to Jiang Xuecheng’s long fingers. Most importantly, this ring announced to the world that he was no longer single and available!


Although there was no love between the two of them, to Su Wan, this man was the closest person in the world to her and an important existence unique to her.


After she successfully placed the ring on his finger, Su Wan placed her left ring finger on Jiang Xuecheng’s hand and stared at Jiang Xuecheng joyfully. Her eyes were like shooting stars.


“Alright, from now on, I’ll tie you down for the rest of your life too.”


Su Wan’s words were childish but it worked on Jiang Xuecheng. He caressed Su Wan’s hair smilingly and said, “Wan Wan, our names are actually carved on these rings.”


Su Wan’s eyes widened. She held up her left hand with the ring and looked around but couldn’t find the carved names.


When he saw Su Wan searching but being unable to find it, Jiang Xuecheng smiled. She was such a dumb girl. Didn’t she notice the magnifying glass that he had placed on the side table?


Su Wan looked at the ring again and again and just when she became anxious, a long, clean hand came into sight.


Following Jiang Xuecheng’s finger, Su Wan saw the magnifying glass on the side table.


Su Wan was stupefied and raised her head to look at Jiang Xuecheng. Then, she noticed the ridicule in his eyes, obviously referring to her low IQ.


Su Wan glared at Jiang Xuecheng in an unreconciled manner. She went over to the side table and grabbed the magnifying glass. After careful observations, she finally found the carved name in the middle of the floral pattern with the diamond encrusted!


So, one had to use the magnifying glass to discover that in the center of the flower was the shape of a heart and inside the heart were tiny characters ‘Xuecheng’.


Since the name on her ring was Xuecheng, then would the name on his ring be her name?


Su Wan had this thought and very quickly, she turned her thoughts into action. She tried to grab Jiang Xuecheng’s ring but he was much taller than she was and he raised his left hand to prevent Su Wan from reaching it.


Su Wan was defeated by Jiang Xuecheng’s childishness. Finally, when Jiang Xuecheng was tired of playing with her, he was pinned down onto the couch by Su Wan.


Su Wan’s bare feet were stepping on the couch while her body pressed against Jiang Xuecheng’s back. She seized his left hand and placed the magnifying glass near his ring.


Jiang Xuecheng was glad Su Wan came close to him unguarded. He purposely frowned and complained, “Wan Wan, can you please get up? You’re hurting me.”


“Shut up, you deserve it.”


Su Wan shot a glance at Jiang Xuecheng, who was putting on an act. Her focus was on the ring on his finger. True enough, in the center of the flower on his ring was her name, ‘Wan Wan’.


Her name was also surrounded by a heart!


Just when Su Wan was overjoyed, she was caught off guard. Jiang Xuecheng had pinned her down on the couch!