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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 61 - Having Her Own Way

Chapter 61: Having Her Own Way

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Su Wan really felt Jiang Xuecheng was a beast. No matter how reliable he was in other people’s heart, he was a big ruffian in front of her!


Su Wan cried bitterly in her heart but on the outside, she flashed an awkward smile. “How is that so? I think you’re very responsible.”




Jiang Xuecheng’s voice was deep and there were ripples in his energetic eyes. “Wan Wan, you thinking I’m a responsible husband is all the more reason I should serve you well.”


The man’s ability to set up traps was top-notch!

However, why was she stupid enough to fall into his trap each time?


How she wished she could bite her lips. They had reached this stage where their relationship had been legalized. Her resistance would be in vain and she might appear unreasonable.

Su Wan’s body trembled and she heaved a long sigh in her heart. All she could do was keep her silence and feign foolishness.


However, Jiang Xuecheng would not make it easy for Su Wan. He smirked and very quickly, they were standing face-to-face with one another.

Su Wan was still young and no matter how she pretended to be foolish, her face would flush and give her away in an instant.

The minutes passed by and Su Wan swore she had not been tortured like this since she was young!


She was as good as dead and she felt she was passing a day as if it were a year!


However, no matter how Jiang Xuecheng tried to mess with her using various methods, Su Wan bit her lip and refused to talk.


Jiang Xuecheng had indeed been serving Su Wan. Looking at her beautiful brows and eyes and the wet strands of hair stuck by her cheeks, she looked seductive and it was hard for him to endure.

Their surrounding was filled with moisture and despite the existence of a layer of hazy fog, Su Wan knew the image of her in Jiang Xuecheng’s eyes was naked, without coverings.

She and Jiang Xuecheng were the same at this moment, just like newborns.

After some careful thoughts, they might be different, as babies were innocent and pure, unlike her who was preoccupied with thoughts. She dared not look at Jiang Xuecheng.


Su Wan often dared not look into Jiang Xuecheng’s eyes on ordinary days when they were both tidily clad, let alone now in such circumstances.


That pair of dark eyes had a special magical power. They seemed like a deep ocean which was calm on the surface with hidden waves beneath that could stir up a tempestuous storm anytime to engulf her completely.


When he saw Su Wan keeping quiet, Jiang Xuecheng’s evil mind rose and in a seeming seriousness, he commented, “Wan Wan, have you run out of breath and energy from ignoring me?”


Su Wan’s heart had been pounding like the thundering hooves of a thousand wild stallions and when Jiang Xuecheng uttered that sentence, the self-evident implied meaning almost made her bite her tongue!


He was indeed a beast!


Su Wan was extremely awkward and shamefully passed her time ‘being served’.


After being served, Su Wan felt half-dead. Sigh, if this were to happen several more times, she would get a heart disease.


After cleaning herself up, Su Wan was feeling weak. Finally, Jiang Xuecheng did a bridal carry and carried Su Wan into the bedroom.

With a mixed feeling of anger and sorrow, Su Wan hugged her mandarin duck pillow and kept moving toward the edge of the bed. Finally, she found a place farthest from Jiang Xuecheng and lay down.

Just two more centimeters and Su Wan would have fallen to the ground.


This silent resistance toward Jiang Xuecheng was a childish strategy.


Jiang Xuecheng found it funny and sighed. He stretched his long arm and brought Su Wan back to the middle without any difficulty.

“Wan Wan, are you afraid of me?”


Su Wan darted a look at Jiang Xuecheng’s hand, which was clamping her down, and pouted helplessly. His strength had overwhelming superiority.


Su Wan swiftly shook her head. Although the surroundings were dark, she dared not look into Jiang Xuecheng’s eyes, which were darker than the night.


Jiang Xuecheng stared at Su Wan firmly. His eyes darkened and he raised his brows.


 “Since you’re not afraid, don’t hide by the side. Wan Wan, you’ve got to get used to me sooner or later.”


After that, Jiang Xuecheng’s lips touched Su Wan’s forehead lightly.


It was a kiss without distraction but showed a lot of doting.

Because of this kiss, Su Wan’s body froze instantly. In the dark night where she couldn’t see her own fingers, she blushed.


At this moment, Su Wan hated herself for blushing against her will but at the same time rejoiced that Jiang Xuecheng could not see her blush in the dark.

Su Wan had qualms about Jiang Xuecheng’s feelings and understood that as a wife, her previous gesture was too self-willed. She finally controlled her rashness and agreed with Jiang Xuecheng’s suggestion. “Alright.”


When he heard Su Wan’s softened words, Jiang Xuecheng smiled. He hugged her and was about to turn in when the mobile phone on the table suddenly lit up.

The lyrical female voice reverberated in the quiet room and interrupted the warm atmosphere instantly.

Su Wan rubbed her sleepy eyes. She muttered softly, “It’s so late, who’s calling me?”


Su Wan stood up and switched on the light. Then, she took her phone from the table and saw ‘Lin Fei’er’ on the screen.

Why was Fei’er calling her in the middle of the night?


Many guesses flashed across her heart. She answered the call.

Then, from the other end of the phone came a hurried female voice and the words she uttered filled with intense joy.


“Wan! Li Peng and I have decided to have our wedding ceremony on the 5th of next month in Golden City Hotel. I’m really happy! Are you free tomorrow? Can you accompany me to select my wedding gown?”


Although she had known Li Peng and Fei’er were going to get married, Su Wan still felt happy when she heard the news and her finger tips trembled slightly.


It couldn’t be better for her cheerful and careless buddy to have a meticulous man to take care of her for the rest of her life. At this thought, Su Wan was happy for Lin Fei’er!


At that moment, Su Wan had a cheerful smile on her face. “Congrats, Fei’er. Our queen is finally getting married! Now, you’re the most important, I’ll definitely accompany you tomorrow!”


“That’s great, Wan, I just wanted to tell you the good news. Haha, it’s late now. I’m sorry if I’ve disturbed you and Jiang Xuecheng. Bye!”


Before waiting for Su Wan to reply, Lin Fei’er ended the call. Women in love were easily carried away. She bet Lin Fei’er’s mind was filled with wedding gowns and the wedding ceremony now.

Su Wan smiled slightly and when she was about to switch off the light, her wrist was seized by Jiang Xuecheng.


Jiang Xuecheng pursed his lips. Su Wan couldn’t tell if he was happy or angry. “You’re going out tomorrow?”


Su Wan’s heart beat faster. Oh dear, when she returned just a while ago, Jiang Xuecheng had told her he was giving her a surprise tomorrow.


She had been too happy and had forgotten about this. She had decided all by herself about tomorrow, would this provoke him?