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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 600 - Music Score? Burn Them!

Chapter 600: Music Score? Burn Them!

In the study, two men stood in front of each other. The former had a cold expression, while the latter was respectful.

In between the two of them was a long table made of rosewood. The table looked very empty, except for a light blue square box, which was particularly eye-catching.

There was a purple ribbon on the box, which was tied into a beautiful bow. It was quite exquisite.

“What is that?”

The emperor’s gaze swept across the things on the ground. His voice was neither loud nor soft, but it carried an imposing aura.

Director Fan lowered his eyebrows and reported meticulously.

“This is a gift specially sent by Young Master Fiennes for Su Wan. I don’t know what’s inside. I thought it was against the rules, so I specially came to inform His Highness.”

In fact, it was not uncommon to send gifts to the guards and maids of the God’s Palace. There were even people who sent gifts to each other, and Director Fan never paid any attention to them.

But this matter was different now. Director Fan could not figure out Su Wan’s position in the Emperor’s heart, so Fiennes’ gift was like a hot potato, it was a bit tricky.

If he sent it directly to Su Wan, Director Fan was afraid that the Emperor would be angry when he found out, and he would be unlucky.

The matter involved himself. Even if there was only a one in ten thousand chance of something happening, Director Fan would still handle it carefully.

Director Fan was a shrewd person. Of course, he did not want this matter to affect him.

After Director Fan finished reporting, he raised his eyes slightly and used the corner of his eyes to carefully look at the person in front of him. He did not want to miss any small change in the other party’s expression.

Unfortunately, the emperor did not show his emotions. He had an ice-cold face all year round. His thin lips were tightly pursed, giving people an exceptionally cold feeling.

As expected, Director Fan was quickly disappointed.

The young man stood straight. His eyes were as calm as a deep pool, as if there was no change.

What did this mean?

His Highness did not speak. Did this mean that this gift could be handled by himself?

“Your Highness?”

Director Fan could not grasp the young man’s thoughts, so he could only speak softly and gently remind him.

As if he had not heard Director Fan’s words, the emperor’s eyes were locked on the gift box on the long table, as if he wanted to stare a hole into the box.

Seeing that the young man did not say a word, a drop of sweat oozed out of Director Fan’s palm. He felt that he had indeed gotten into trouble.

He could not retreat nor advance. He was caught in the middle, it was really difficult to be a person.

The emperor swept a glance at Director Fan. Director Fan’s eyes widened slightly. His heart was in his throat. He thought he was going to speak, but he didn’t.

The air suddenly froze and fell into an awkward silence.

“Director Fan, you seem very anxious?”

The young man withdrew his gaze and said lightly.

Hearing that casual tone, Director Fan’s hand trembled slightly.

Yes, this was just a gift. wasn’t his reaction a bit too much?

Perhaps the relationship between the emperor and Su Wan was not as complicated as he had guessed.

He had come to ask just in case, trying to understand the emperor’s intentions.

Director Fan raised his head. He had been here for decades and had served even the more perverse high priest than the current emperor. How could he have stage fright?

He quickly calmed down and a flawless smile appeared on his face.

“No, Your Highness has misunderstood. I just wanted to ask how this gift should be handled. What do you think, Your Highness?”

It seemed that the current emperor did not like to beat around the bush. In the future, it would be better for him to directly state his purpose.

Director Fan silently noted this in his heart.

Hearing Director Fan’s words, the emperor’s lips curved into a mocking smile.

He ignored Director Fan and his gaze directly swept toward the box on the long table.

Several lotus-shaped crystal chandeliers shone above his head, emitting a few gentle rays of light, making the exquisitely packaged box appear even more gorgeous.

What was inside?

For some reason, looking at this box, the young man felt very unhappy.

It was as if there was a thorn in his throat, exceptionally uncomfortable.

Because of Director Fan’s report, he had already known that Su Wan and Fiennes had met alone.

A man and a woman, together in a room. He really didn’t know what they were talking about…

A trace of unhappiness flashed through the man’s eyes, and the thin and cold smile on his lips became even colder.

Well, well. It seemed that they were having a good conversation. It had only been less than an hour, but Fiennes couldn’t wait to deliver something to Su Wan.

He was now a little curious about what Su Wan had said to Fiennes…

It couldn’t really be a romantic exchange of feelings, right?

The sudden thought in his mind caused the man’s face to suddenly darken.

Feeling the surrounding temperature suddenly turn cold, Director Fan was somewhat baffled.

Your Highness, you seem to have suddenly become angry?


Cold sweat seeped out of Director Fan’s forehead, he was afraid that he would accidentally become a punching bag.

It wasn’t that he had never played this role before, but…

Just as Director Fan was trembling with fear, he suddenly saw the youth in front of him move.

Director Fan opened his eyes wide in a daze. He watched as the emperor calmly extended his hand and unhurriedly began to open the ribbon on the gift box.

The other party’s movements were very elegant, but the expression on his face was full of dissatisfaction. It made Director Fan tremble with fear.

This scene was very strange…

Soon, the gift box’s packaging was opened.

A thick bundle of wood-colored paper was revealed. It was carefully tied together by a thin string. On the stack of wood-colored paper, there was a light blue card. Because of the different colors, it was extremely eye-catching.

Why was it all paper?

Director Fan furrowed his brows. He didn’t understand what Fiennes meant. Who had seen a pile of paper given to someone they loved?

Moreover, it wasn’t bound into a book. It was very loose. Other than the light blue card, the paper underneath was a little old.

Director Fan became more and more curious. He stared at the box without blinking. He only hated that his eyesight wasn’t good enough to see clearly what was written on the paper.

The emperor glanced at Director Fan. His gaze seemed to have been frozen. It was so cold that it sent chills down one’s spine.

Director Fan shivered. He immediately withdrew his gaze and began to look at the gift box with an extremely respectful expression.

Only then did the young man shift his gaze to the gift box. Without thinking, he directly picked up the light blue card at the top.

“Miss Su, although you rejected my previous request, I think that it’s not easy to collect these Guqin music scores. Some of them are still out of print. It wouldn’t be good to just leave them with me to accumulate dust. The ancients said that a treasured sword should be given to a hero, and makeup should be given to a beauty. Then these Guqin music scores should naturally be given to one who loves the Guqin. I hope it will give Miss Su a smile.”

Finally, it was signed, Fiennes Siswell.

The emperor’s eyes grew deeper and deeper. The strength in his hand that was holding the card increased continuously.

Well, very well.

He laughed coldly and directly ordered Director Fan.

“Take these out and burn them all.”