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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 599 - Delivered To The Wrong Place

Chapter 599: Delivered To The Wrong Place

Fiennes didn’t know what had happened to Su Wan, so he naturally didn’t understand how important Nono was to Su Wan.

His gaze directly passed Nono and he stared at Su Wan with a burning gaze.

“Miss Su, are you willing to leave the God’s Palace?”

A deep male voice brushed past her ear, causing Su Wan’s eyes to widen.

She frowned as she scrutinized Fiennes. Almost subconsciously, she could tell that Fiennes had ulterior motives.

“I’m sorry, I don’t have such thoughts for the time being.”

Fiennes did not get angry at her words. He just sighed regretfully and continued to persuade Su Wan gently.

“Miss Su, it’s like this. My sister likes classical dance and your music, so she wants to invite you to be a Guqin player in the mansion.”

Fiennes lied without blushing or panting. He used his sister, Diya, as a shield.

From Fiennes’ point of view, the success of this matter was mainly due to Su Wan’s attitude. Su Wan didn’t seem to have a good impression of him at the moment, so Fiennes felt that he had to take things slowly and step by step. He couldn’t be in a hurry to succeed.

He paused for a moment. A faint light flashed through his azure eyes. His voice seemed to contain bewitchment, which intoxicated people.

“Miss Su, don’t you think that with your talent, being a chef in the God’s Palace is not suitable for you? I take that you like playing the Guqin very much. Right now, Guqin scores are very rare. I can help you look for relevant information.”

As Fiennes spoke, his expression showed that he was certain of victory.

After all, a person who took someone who enjoyed the Guqin as her soulmate would definitely be moved by Guqin scores.

In this era, the Guqin scores that were passed down were extremely rare. If one wanted to find them, one would need to have someone translate them. Fiennes didn’t believe that Su Wan wasn’t interested.

When Su Wan heard this, she could not help but roll her eyes in her heart.

No matter how much Fiennes tried to persuade her, she would not waver.

This was because her motive for coming to the God’s Palace was only for the sake of Jiang Xuecheng!

If Jiang Xuecheng recognized her one day and was willing to go with her, she would not stay in this damned place.

As Su Wan ridiculed in her heart, she maintained a faint smile on her face. It was obvious that she was distancing herself.

“There’s no need. Thank you for your kind intentions, young master Fiennes. Actually, cooking is also a way to display one’s talent. I really like my current job.”

Fiennes was stunned, his pupils suddenly constricted.

He never expected that Su Wan would reject him without even considering it!

A few days ago, he had sent people to look for ancient Guqin scores. It could be considered a small haul, but Su Wan was not interested at all!

That simply didn’t make sense!

It was said that the first step to making others like him was to cater to their interests. Was he wrong?!

Fiennes did not know that to Su Wan, the Guqin scores were just a trivial matter, and Jiang Xuecheng was her real goal.

Su Wan saw Fiennes standing there in a daze and had no intention of staying.

She stood up with a smile, waved her arm at Fiennes, and made a gesture.

“Young Master Fiennes, since you’ve finished your business, I won’t waste your time. Take care on your way back.”

This seemed to be the first time he was ordered to leave by a woman…

Was he really that unlikable?

Fiennes smiled bitterly. Since Su Wan had said so, he didn’t have the face to stay.

At least, he could not disgust Su Wan.

Fiennes stood up. His blue eyes were locked on Su Wan like the ocean, and a polite smile appeared on his lips.

“Since Miss Su doesn’t have the intention, I’ll take my leave first.”

Su Wan was a little surprised that Fiennes was so straightforward. After she reacted, she immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

She was not willing to deal with this kind of nobleman. It was annoying.

Earlier, Fiennes had used her sister as an excuse. In Su Wan’s opinion, that excuse was extremely lame.

If Miss Diya was really interested in her music, she would have herself. Why did she have to let her brother come?

Fiennes stepped forward. Su Wan thought that he would directly walk out. Unexpectedly, Fiennes suddenly reached out his hand and patted Nono’s head.

Nono did not expect Fiennes to make such a sudden move. By the time it wanted to retreat, it was too late.

What the hell? It was treated nicely by a stranger!

After Nono came back to its senses, it pouted aggrievedly and took a few steps back, shrinking her small body behind Su Wan.

Only a round head was left, looking at Fiennes vigilantly.

Fiennes was stunned when he saw Nono’s various expressions and movements in just a few seconds.

He did not expect Nono’s expression to be so vivid. It was obvious that this worn-out robot had an extremely high level of intelligence.

Fiennes’ deep blue eyes moved, and his thin lips curved into a half-smile.

“Miss Su, this little cutie is called Nono, right? It’s a good name.”

A grown man actually knew how to use the words ‘little cutie’…

The corner of Su Wan’s lips twitched, and she nodded. Then, her gaze shifted to Nono, and there was a hint of mockery in her eyes.

That pair of almond-shaped eyes that were as clear as water seemed to be speaking silently to Nono — was it very happy to be called ‘little cutie’ by others?

When Nono received Su Wan’s teasing gaze, it felt stifled, and it almost bristled at Fiennes!

Little cutie, your whole family is the little cutie!

If its master said so, it would not mind at all, but what the hell was with this strange man.

Was it really good to be so friendly?!

One look and it was obvious that he had ulterior motives.

Its beautiful master had already married a long time ago. If he wanted to pursue her, not to mention the door, not even a window will be left open for him!

Thinking about it, Nono raised its head proudly, not even giving Fiennes a single glance.

Why did it feel like this robot despised him?

When Fiennes saw Nono’s appearance, this thought suddenly popped up in his mind.

‘It really follows its master…’

Fiennes couldn’t help but sigh in his heart. If this plan didn’t succeed, he would have to think of another plan.

Oh right, could he just throw away the music scores that he had spent so much effort to obtain?

Fiennes decided to get someone to deliver the music scores to Su Wan later.

If he did not force the other party to be a Guqin player and gave away the music scores for free instead, he could at least win the favor of the beauty, right?

Fiennes was extremely satisfied with his idea. He revealed an extremely gentlemanly smile and said goodbye to Su Wan again. Then, he slowly walked out of the door.

After watching the slender figure gradually walk further and further away, Su Wan immediately closed the door.

After returning to the manor, Fiennes sent people to wrap up the music scores and then attached a long letter. The words were filled with deep affection.

After finishing the handwritten letter, Fiennes instructed his subordinates to send these things out together.

Fiennes stood in front of the window with a smile on his lips. He thought that Su Wan would definitely be happy.

Ten minutes later, the music score and the letter arrived at the God’s Palace.

However, it was not in Su Wan’s hands, but it was sent to the emperor.