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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 598 - There Should Be Rules

Chapter 598: There Should Be Rules

Su Wan actually lived on the same floor as the emperor…

How could this be?!

Director Fan’s words echoed in Fiennes’ mind. The lazy smile on his lips suddenly disappeared, replaced by a deep shock.

Director Fan looked at Fiennes, taking in the unconcealed shock on his face.

It seemed that Fiennes really liked that little girl.

It was no wonder. Director Fan had seen countless people over the years and had seen many beauties. With Su Wan’s appearance and temperament, she could be ranked in the top few.

However, she was still far from the first place.

A cold and elegant face suddenly appeared in Director Fan’s mind. She was truly country-toppling and noble beyond compare.

In Director Fan’s heart, no one could compare to that person.

Unfortunately, the other party was the cold moon high in the sky, and he was just an ant crawling on the ground.

Director Fan sighed in his heart. He narrowed his wrinkled eyes and coughed lightly, trying to call back Fiennes’ mind.

“Young Master Fiennes, now you should know why I asked you a bit more, right?”

Director Fan’s clear voice rang in his ears. Fiennes’ expression turned cold and he suppressed his surprise.

He looked at Director Fan without blinking. There was a sense of urgency in his expression.

“Director Fan, do you know why you arranged for Su Wan to stay there? It can’t be…”

Seeing the polite smile on Director Fan’s face, Fiennes paused. A bad guess emerged in his heart.

“It can’t be His Highness’ idea, can it?”

Earlier in the coffee shop, he had sensed that the atmosphere between Su Wan and the Emperor did not seem to be right. Thinking back carefully about what had just happened, the strange feeling grew stronger.

Seeing that Fiennes had guessed the answer immediately, the smile on Director Fan’s lips deepened, and he nodded faintly.

“It was indeed His Highness’ idea.”

A faint light flashed through Fiennes’ blue eyes, and his expression revealed some shock.

It was really His Highness’ arrangement…

Fiennes smiled bitterly and was too lazy to ask about His Highness’ matters. He understood that His Highness’ thoughts were unfathomable, and it was impossible for Director Fan to know.

Fiennes sighed silently in his heart and then spoke softly.

“How about this, Director Fan, first give me Miss Su’s room number. After all, it was my sister’s request. No matter what the result is, I have to ask.”

After Director Fan gave him the room number, Fiennes quickly said goodbye to him. He turned around and walked back to the castle he had just entered.

Director Fan watched Fiennes leave. He thought for a moment and then told the emperor about Fiennes asking about Su Wan.

No matter what the Emperor thought of Su Wan, Director Fan felt that it wouldn’t be wrong for him to be more careful.

When the emperor in the study received Director Fan’s message, his eyes turned cold.

This woman really knew how to flirt. According to what he knew, Fiennes and Su Wan had known each other for even less time, but so soon…

The man stood up and seemed to want to walk out.

However, he had only taken half a step when he suddenly pulled back.

The emperor sat back in his seat without saying a word, his face as gloomy as water.

What was he going to do now?

Watch Fiennes and Su Wan flirt?

It seemed that he should find an opportunity to set some rules with Su Wan.

The sky was dusky today, and the sun seemed to be hidden under the dark clouds. The air was very stuffy, as if raindrops would fall at any time.

Fiennes raised his head, and his gaze swept across the gorgeous and dreamy castle buildings not far away, his expression absent-minded.

Why did the Emperor Treat Su Wan specially?

Fiennes knew that the emperor’s stomach did not seem to be very good, and his appetite was very thin. Could it be that he fancied Su Wan’s culinary skills, so he simply let her live on the same floor so that he could order food at any time?

Once this idea popped up, Fiennes immediately felt that it was extremely laughable. He could not convince himself at all.

If it was not because of Su Wan’s cooking, then why?

Fiennes’ brows furrowed even deeper, and a faint crease appeared between his brows.

Unfortunately, he could not think of it at all.

Because the Emperor had never shown any interest in women before, and his attitude towards Su Wan was also cold and indifferent. Fiennes did not think that there was any special interaction between Su Wan and the emperor, so he directly ignored the most obvious point.

Perhaps, directly asking Su Wan would yield more results?

Following Director Fan’s guidance, Fiennes quickly found the room number Su Wan was in.

Although it was on the same floor as the Emperor’s residence, there was actually a corridor between them. The rooms could be said to be north and south of each other.

Fiennes stood at the door. He thought deeply for a few moments, straightened his clothes, and then smiled as he began to knock on the door.

The knocking on the door immediately startled the two figures in the room.

Su Wan was learning the interstellar language with Nono when she was interrupted by the knocking on the door.

Su Wan and Nono looked at each other.

She was not familiar with the God’s Palace, so who would come looking for her?

Su Wan frowned and reached out to stroke Nono’s round head. Nono understood and immediately walked to the door and opened it.

She saw a slender figure leaning against the door. His features were deep and profound, and the corners of his lips held a soul-stirring smile.

After Fiennes knocked on the door, he deliberately stood at the door in a concave posture for a long time. He did not expect to see a mottled and old robot instead of a beauty that he yearned for!

Fiennes frowned slightly. Where was Su Wan? And where did this robot come from?!

The robots of the God’s Palace had always had a strict management system. Moreover, they were mainly high-level simulation robots. Even if they were not humanoid, they would not go so far as to…

Wasn’t the robot in front of him a little too worn out? It felt like it could be thrown into the smelting furnace to be processed.

Nono’s intelligence was extremely high. When it saw the look in Fiennes’ eyes, it immediately understood that the other party was looking down on it for being worn out

Nono could not help but roll its eyes as it continuously ridiculed Fiennes in its heart.

This man looked quite handsome, but wasn’t he really just sick?

Why was he posing in front of someone else’s door all of a sudden? Did he really think that he was so handsome that he could destroy the universe?!

Just as Nono was cursing in its heart, a gentle female voice sounded in its ears. Nono immediately strode over with its short legs and returned to Su Wan’s side.

“Young Master Fiennes? What do you want from me?”

When Fiennes heard this, his blue eyes suddenly lit up. He looked into the room and finally saw Su Wan in the room.

He smiled and walked in, but did not answer the question. He even sat down as if he was very familiar with her.

“Miss Su, so you’re here. Is this your robot?”

Su Wan frowned slightly when she saw Fiennes’ rude action. She nodded coldly and explained.

“This is Nono. I wanted the silver tear ore for it.”

Fiennes nodded in realization. He was a little speechless.

So Su Wan wanted the silver tear ore for such a worn-out robot…

Tsk Tsk, it was really a loss.