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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 597 - Having The Means To Succeed

Chapter 597: Having The Means To Succeed

Fiennes exited the study and the red bronze door was slowly closed.

Fiennes looked at the closed door. He wanted to leave immediately, but on second thought, he suddenly felt that he should take this opportunity to see Su Wan.

No matter what, it was a waste for a beautiful girl who could play the Guqin to be a chef here. No matter how he looked at it, it was a waste of talent.

Fiennes ran to the place where the maids and guards lived and asked a few people, but he still couldn’t find out where Su Wan lived.

It was really strange. Su Wan had lived here for one or two days, but why did it feel like there were only a few people who knew about her situation…

Fiennes frowned. Su Wan was definitely in the God’s Palace. It was impossible for her to not be there.

He hadn’t even seen her yet. He wouldn’t be willing to just leave now.

Just as Fiennes was feeling vexed, he suddenly saw a middle-aged man in uniform walking past the flower bed.

The man looked to be in his forties. Although the wrinkles on his face were obvious, his facial features were still deep and defined. He had an unconcealed handsomeness and a mature temperament that young men couldn’t compare to.

However, this person’s expression was extremely serious. From his clothes to his hairstyle, he was meticulous and gave off an extremely old-fashioned feeling.

Fiennes raised his eyes and saw the middle-aged man. His eyes suddenly lit up.

He quickly stepped forward and greeted him with a smile.

“Director Fan, good morning.”

The person Fiennes called Director Fan was the housekeeper of the Emperor’s residence. From the time the previous high priest was in office, he had held an important position. When the new emperor took office, his position as housekeeper had not changed.

Because Director Fan was deeply favored by the high priest, there was even a period of time when everyone doubted whether Director Fan had some unclear relationship with the high priest.

Because of the high priest’s iron-blooded methods, no one dared to talk about it on the surface, but they secretly gossiped about it in private.

One day, Director Fan suddenly married a wife who was a maid in the God’s Palace. The two of them were quite in love. Later on, they even had a child. Only then did those rumors that filled the sky fall apart.

Director Fan was slightly startled when he was suddenly called to. He turned around, and when he saw the elegant Fiennes with a smile on his lips, he immediately revealed a polite smile.

“Young Master Fiennes, what brings you here?”

It wasn’t strange for Fiennes to come to the God’s Palace, but this place was where the servants and guards lived. It was really strange for Fiennes to come here.

“What? The flowers here are so beautiful. Can I not come?”

Fiennes raised his eyebrows and casually found a refute for the other party’s words.

Director Fan was a shrewd person. He had dealt with Fiennes dozens of times. How could he not know that Fiennes was just randomly finding an excuse to brush him off.

Director Fan smiled faintly and nodded. He waved his arm at Fiennes and pointed at the fragrant flowers not far away.

“Since Young Master Fiennes wants to see the flowers, then I won’t disturb you here. Goodbye.”

Seeing that Director Fan was about to turn around and leave, Fiennes cursed this old fox in his heart, but his face was still full of smiles. He called out to him very politely.

“Director Fan, don’t be in a hurry to leave. I want to ask you something.”

Director Fan turned his head when he heard that. He looked at Fiennes’ young and handsome face and frowned slightly.

“What is it?”

Director Fan really couldn’t think of any questions Fiennes could ask him.

If Fiennes wanted to interrogate the emperor about his recent schedule for his sister’s sake, then he was very sorry. He wouldn’t answer any of them.

“I want to ask you about someone.”

Seeing Fiennes’ expression suddenly become serious, Director Fan first let out a sigh of relief, then he became even more suspicious.

From Fiennes’ tone, it didn’t seem like he was here to ask about the emperor. Then who was he trying to ask about?

“Just tell me who it is. I will definitely tell you everything I know.”

Director Fan narrowed his eyes and silently examined Fiennes. The smile on his face was very polite, and he couldn’t find the slightest mistake.

Fiennes was the young master of the Siswell family. His status seemed high, but in reality, he was just a servant who was at the beck and call of others.

Director Fan only occasionally took advantage of him, but he would not really make things difficult for Fiennes.

Having the means to succeed was the only way to survive.

Hearing Director Fan ask who that person was, Fiennes smiled faintly. Because of the beautiful face that appeared in his mind, even his eyes showed some gentleness.

“Director Fan, do you know that the God’s Palace has a new chef. Her surname is Su and her name is Wan. She is very beautiful. It seems that she is personally in charge of His Highness’ meals?”

When he heard this name, Director Fan was startled. It seemed that he had not expected Fiennes to be interested in Su Wan.

Director Fan’s eyes were sharp. In an instant, he could tell from Fiennes’ expression that he seemed to have some interest in Su Wan.

Ah, this time, there would be a good show to watch.

Director Fan had only seen Su Wan up close the day the emperor brought Su Wan. He had never spoken to her, and he did not know about her identity.

Even so, Director Fan could tell that Su Wan held a special place in the emperor’s heart.

How could an ordinary person, even him, live on the same floor as the emperor?

Furthermore, the emperor had personally instructed that Su Wan should not be mistreated in terms of food and clothing.

Director Fan had never seen the emperor care so much about other women.

Even if the emperor did not like Su Wan, she should be special in his heart. As for how special she was, it was hard to say.

Director Fan only remembered one thing. As long as Su Wan had not lost her special place in His Highness’ heart, he would definitely keep a respectful distance from this woman to avoid attracting suspicion.

After all, he had not worked under the new emperor for long, so he knew nothing about the likes and dislikes of this new master. Before he became familiar with her, all his work would develop in a conservative direction.

He did not seek to be radical, but only to not make mistakes.

The corners of Director Fan’s lips twitched, but the smile on his face was still watertight.

“There is such a person.”

Hearing this, Fiennes was delighted. As expected, Director Fan knew about Su Wan!

Thinking that Director Fan was fully responsible for the trivial matters here, he was too lazy to beat around the bush and began to get straight to the point.

“Then, Director Fan, do you know where Su Wan’s residence is?”

Director Fan looked at Fiennes. He smiled and his expression became gentler. “Young Master Fiennes, why are you asking about her?”

Hearing this question, Fiennes was on guard for a moment. Without thinking, he directly pulled out Diya as a shield.

“Why? Didn’t Director Fan say that he would tell me everything he knows? My sister, Diya, likes to dance classical. It just so happens that Miss Su can play the Guqin and she also accompanied her at her birthday party, so my sister still wants to look for her.”

Hearing this answer, Director Fan nodded noncommittally. He also kindly gave him some advice.

“Since that’s the case, then I’ll be straightforward. Su Wan’s residence is on the same floor as the emperor. Young Master Fiennes, if Miss Diya still wants to look for her to play accompaniment in the future, it will probably be difficult.”

When Fiennes heard this, his expression immediately froze.