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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 596 - Wanting Her To Give Up

Chapter 596: Wanting Her To Give Up

Fiennes curled his lips and looked away from the plate reluctantly.

Did the emperor need to protect his food like this?!

This was just an ordinary potato omelet. No matter how delicious it was, it couldn’t be compared to the delicacies of the mountains and seas, right?

However, to be able to make the emperor treat her differently, didn’t it mean that Su Wan’s cooking skills were just like her music?

Thinking of this, Fiennes suddenly changed his target. A pair of deep blue eyes stared straight at Su Wan, making Su Wan almost have goosebumps all over her body.

Su Wan frowned. Being stared at by Fiennes like this, although she could endure it, she felt that something was going on in her heart.

Su Wan’s unhappy expression was too obvious. It immediately made Fiennes realize that he might have scared Su Wan.

Fiennes quickly made his gaze look more natural. He stroked his hair with a purely curious expression.

“Miss Su, I remember that when I saw you in the corridor earlier, you were wearing a white dress, right? Why did you suddenly change your clothes?”

Before Fiennes finished his sentence, Su Wan suddenly noticed that Jiang Xuecheng was also looking at her with an indifferent and cold expression.

Su Wan’s heart trembled, and she randomly made up a reason.

“I like that white dress, but when cooking, white clothes are the easiest to get dirty.”

This reason was obviously extremely ridiculous, because she had already decided to put that dress in the bottom of the box and never take it out again!

Jiang Xuecheng’s gaze shifted to Su Wan’s face. Suddenly, the corners of his lips curled up slightly, and he smiled almost soundlessly.

He knew that this woman was lying, and her expression did not change.

But surprisingly, it was not annoying.

When Fiennes saw the emperor’s lips curl up slightly, he felt that something was not right.

Su Wan was right. Why was his highness smiling?

However, Fiennes did not think too much about it. He just nodded at Su Wan in realization.

“So that’s why.”

It was just a very ordinary white dress. In Fiennes’ eyes, it was far less beautiful than the white long dress that he had once chosen from Defeiya.

However, perhaps Su Wan liked this style. The simpler, the better. Moreover, it really suited her like a lotus flower emerging from clear water.

Su Wan calmly nodded at Fiennes. She saw Jiang Xuecheng put down the cutlery and took a step forward.

“Your Highness, since you have finished your breakfast, I will take these out first.”

Su Wan spoke with a low expression, but her attitude was neither servile nor overbearing.

Her long eyelashes covered her clear eyes below, making it impossible to guess what she was thinking.

The emperor looked down at Su Wan and nodded slightly.

Su Wan carried her tray and walked towards the door of the study at a moderate pace. She soon disappeared around the corner.

Seeing that Fiennes had been watching Su Wan’s back, the emperor suddenly frowned and felt a little displeased.

From his point of view, Su Wan was already his. Since she was his, she shouldn’t be coveted by others.

This feeling wasn’t good.

All of a sudden, Fiennes felt the temperature in the room drop by a few degrees.

Fiennes was startled. He turned his head and met a pair of cold and clear eyes.

Although it hadn’t been long since he had known this new emperor, Fiennes was already used to the emperor’s fickleness.

Compared to the previous emperor, this emperor was still relatively easy to get along with. At the very least, he wouldn’t casually give out rewards and punishments.

Speaking of which, ever since the previous Emperor left office, other than the title of high priest, he didn’t seem to be in everyone’s sights anymore.

Even so, in the eyes of the people of the four great families, the person they truly feared wasn’t the emperor of the God’s Palace, but the high priest.

The current emperor was merely an infant eagle, while the high priest had established his authority for many years. Although the people under him were furious, they didn’t dare to move on the surface. They only dared to stir up trouble behind his back.

It was said that the high priest was still very busy, but he was so busy that he couldn’t even be seen around. Where did he go?

Back when the high priest brought back the current emperor, this new emperor who appeared out of thin air had shocked many people’s eyes!

But the high priest’s methods were much more ruthless than the current emperor’s!

In addition, the current emperor was almost pure-blooded. Those who opposed the new emperor had no choice but to give up and unwillingly acknowledge the current situation.

The emperor saw that Fiennes’ expression kept changing and mistakenly thought that he was still thinking about the woman who had left earlier.

The man coldly snorted, abruptly waking Fiennes up from his thoughts.

“What are you thinking about?”

Facing that sharp gaze, Fiennes was startled, afraid that his thoughts would be exposed.

His heart trembled, and a watertight smile appeared on his face.

“Your Highness, I am thinking about that little girl, Diya. You also know that my younger sister has been pampered since she was young and spoiled. That is why she would do such an audacious thing at the birthday banquet. However, she really does not have any ill intentions towards Your Highness.”

Hearing Diya’s name from Fiennes’ mouth, the emperor’s expression darkened. It was as if a storm was brewing.

Fiennes smiled embarrassedly. His expression suddenly became sincere.

He had not forgotten about today’s official business.

“Your Highness, I also know that you don’t have any feelings for Diya. Therefore, I also want to end my sister’s feelings for you as soon as possible. I have organized a private dance party. I have mainly invited young noble men and women. I hope that you can attend as well…”

Just as Fiennes’ request fell, he was met with a cold rejection.

“Since you want your sister to give up, wouldn’t it be better if I didn’t go?”

The man’s pitch-black eyes flashed, and his expression was indifferent.

In his eyes, Diya was just an immature little girl who liked to pester him. Her actions were extremely childish and made people feel impatient.

Seeing that the emperor refused, Fiennes sighed in his heart and quickly shook his head.

“No, what I mean is, Your Highness, you can bring someone to attend or you can pick a female partner to dance with. That way, I can persuade my sister to give up. Because there has never been anyone by your side, Diya always feels that she has a chance.”

Was that so?

The man frowned slightly. For some reason, when he heard Fiennes’ suggestion, a clear and clean face suddenly appeared in his mind.

It was Su Wan.

He was dancing with her on the dance floor. Su Wan’s dancing was very stiff, and she stepped on his leather shoes in an instant.

How could he make such a connection?

Moreover, the scene was so realistic, as if he had really danced with Su Wan, and Su Wan’s dance moves were indeed very clumsy.

The emperor’s brows trembled, and he instantly tossed aside the illusion in his mind

Seeing that the emperor’s expression was becoming colder and colder, Fiennes couldn’t figure out what he meant, so he could only ask to leave.

“I hope that Your Highness can consider my suggestion. If Your Highness can come, I will be very happy.”

Seeing the other party nod, Fiennes’ heart was delighted, and he quickly walked out of the door.