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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 595 - Unromantic

Chapter 595: Unromantic

Two pairs of eyes were fixed on her. One was cold and the other was hot, making Su Wan feel uncomfortable.

Su Wan tried her best to remain calm. She raised her eyes slightly and glanced at the two slender figures in front of her.

No wonder the door of the study was not closed. It turned out that it was because Fiennes had just entered.

“Miss Su, why are you…”

Fiennes was completely shocked when he saw the plate in Su Wan’s hand!

When he saw Su Wan in the corridor just now, he was only pleasantly surprised. He thought that Su Wan had been left behind to be a Guqin player for Jiang Xuecheng. But now that he looked at it, what was with the plate?

Also, Su Wan seemed to have changed into a new set of clothes. She was clearly wearing a white dress just now, but in just a short while, she had changed into a light purple dress?

Fortunately, Su Wan chose a high-collared dress. Otherwise, if he saw the red marks on Su Wan’s neck, Fiennes would not be able to recover for a long time.

Su Wan smiled slightly and nodded at Fiennes.

“Young Master Fiennes, you are right. I am now a chef here.”

Hearing this, Fiennes felt even worse!

What a waste of God’s gift!

His Highness had actually wronged a young lady who was as beautiful as a flower to become a cook?

Back when he was at the Glory World Hotel and saw Su Wan playing the Guqin with her bare hands, Fiennes felt that only this kind of elegant thing was most compatible with Su Wan!

His Highness had clearly said that he had brought Su Wan to the God’s Palace for the sound of the Guqin, but now, it had completely gone astray!

“Why, are you very surprised?”

The emperor’s phoenix-like eyes moved. He glanced sideways at the shocked Fiennes, and his low and cold voice overflowed from his thin lips.

Fiennes gulped when he saw the emperor’s cold eyes. He still could not accept this fact.

If he had invited Su Wan back to the residence, he would definitely treat her with respect. Even if Su Wan was good at cooking, he would definitely not let her cook!

A beauty was like a flower. Of course, she would be treated as a treasure. It would be better if she was kept in a vase. What was the point of being tainted with smoke and fire?

This was simply too much!

Again, what a waste of God’s gifts!

Fiennes was still in shock, and even looked at Su Wan with sympathy in his eyes.

The emperor pursed his lips, and his heart grew more and more unhappy.

“Su Wan said that her cooking skills were not bad. I was just making the best use of her.”

This cold explanation caused Fiennes to instantly come back to his senses. He realized that his previous attitude had been somewhat disrespectful. Fiennes’ expression turned cold and he hurriedly nodded.

“That’s true. Since Miss Su has volunteered herself, then she is indeed not bad.”

Not bad, what the hell…

Fiennes looked at Su Wan helplessly. He had a feeling that if he had not been late at that time, they might not have met the emperor in the coffee shop.

Su Wan’s current situation was really tragic.

Later, he would have to ask Su Wan for her opinion and see if she was willing to leave the God’s Palace.

What was so good about being a chef here?

He was willing to provide for Su Wan in luxurious clothes and food. It was better than being a chef here, right?

Other than Fiennes having some feelings for Su Wan, he also felt that Su Wan’s being a chef was really a waste of talent.

In this world, how many people could play the Guqin?

Even if Su Wan wanted to start a Guqin class, she could still support herself.

The emperor was simply too unromantic!

Su Wan ignored Fiennes’ constant glances. She held the plate and walked quickly toward Jiang Xuecheng.

“Your Highness, here’s your breakfast.”

As Su Wan said this, she immediately opened the lid on the plate.

When the emperor saw what was on the plate clearly, he furrowed his brows without a trace.

He thought that Su Wan was bragging about her good cooking skills because she had some real skills. He did not expect that it was just an omelet.

The potato and egg omelet was golden in color and looked ordinary. It could not arouse his appetite at all.

It was strange. Usually, he would feel very hungry at this time, but today, he did not feel anything at all.

“This is your result?”

His calm tone carried a hint of mockery.

Su Wan rolled her eyes in her heart. In just a few minutes, she had rushed to make breakfast. What did Jiang Xuecheng think would be the finished product…

Did he want it to be high-end and high-class?

Sorry, it seemed that there was none at the moment.

But even so, Su Wan was definitely not perfunctory. She was still very diligent in making breakfast for Jiang Xuecheng.

Well, at least this potato omelet was not burnt…

“Your Highness, no matter what, why don’t you try it?”

Yesterday, that “devilish brat” with a six-year-old IQ kept praising this dish!

In the past, when they were on earth, even if the food she made was ordinary, Jiang Xuecheng would still eat it without a second thought.

Even if his IQ had changed and her memory was gone, he was still one person. He would not have two different attitudes towards food, right?

When the emperor saw Su Wan looking at him pleadingly, his almond-shaped eyes shone deeply. It was as if a corner of his heart had been crushed, and he couldn’t say no at all.

He actually had an inexplicable feeling of palpitations.

The man frowned slightly. He shifted his gaze away from Su Wan, and this feeling was considerably less intense.

When Su Wan saw Jiang Xuecheng avoiding her gaze, she felt a wave of disappointment in her heart.

Just when Su Wan thought Jiang Xuecheng wouldn’t eat the food, a slender hand suddenly appeared in front of her. He picked up the chopsticks and placed the omelet into his mouth.

This taste seemed somewhat familiar.

It was as if he had eaten it before…

Why did he have this strange feeling?

The emperor’s brows furrowed even deeper. When Su Wan saw him like this, she mistook it for the fact that Jiang Xuecheng felt that it was unpalatable and stood aside in a daze.

It wasn’t that bad, right? Even if it wasn’t delicious, there was no need for such a look of disdain!

Fiennes looked at Su Wan and looked at her with extreme sympathy.

Being a chef in the God’s Palace was the most unpromising.

Everyone in the God’s Palace knew that His Highness’s taste was the most picky. Even if it was a top-quality dish cooked by a great chef, it might not be enough to make him eat more.

Just as Fiennes was about to comfort Su Wan, an unexpected scene happened.

He saw that Jiang Xuecheng had actually finished the original omelet and even picked up another slice!

Su Wan was slightly surprised, but Fiennes was completely in disbelief!

His Highness actually didn’t put down his chopsticks. Was there a blue moon in the middle of the day?!

No, it was even more unbelievable than a blue moon in the day!

Fiennes was speechless as he watched this scene. He thought of how the Emperor said that Su Wan was good at cooking and was suddenly moved by the food on the plate.

Was it really delicious?

Fiennes smiled as he glanced at the two people in front of him. His expression was full of anticipation.

“Your Highness, I want to try it too.”

Seeing Fiennes’ eager expression and seeing that his hand was about to touch the food on the plate, Jiang Xuecheng suddenly spoke up to stop him.

“Fiennes, the chefs in your residence should not be on strike, right?”

The meaning behind his words could not be more obvious.

Fiennes’ expression was awkward. He could only withdraw his hand.