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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 594 - Only Interested In Appearances

Chapter 594: Only Interested In Appearances

Upon hearing this, Su Wan suddenly came back to her senses.

Jiang Xuecheng was extremely close to her. He was tall and slender, almost 1.9 meters tall, and Su Wan shorter than half a meter.

Covered by the tall shadow, Su Wan’s face instantly burned. Her porcelain-white face had already been dyed with the color of rouge.

Who asked her to wear her clothes backwards?

No matter how many reasons she had to complain about the order of the people under Jiang Xuecheng, she could not argue with him.

Moreover, she almost fell down. If it were not for the Chi wall condensed by Jiang Xuecheng’s spiritual power, she would have probably fallen into the ground.

Su Wan nodded in embarrassment. She almost did not dare to raise her head to look directly into his eyes.

“Sorry for making a fool of myself in front of you, Your Highness.”

Without waiting for Jiang Xuecheng to respond, Su Wan immediately ran out of the door. Her footsteps were hurried, as if there was a flood or a fierce beast in the study, which made her have no choice but to run away in a hurry.

The man looked indifferently at Su Wan’s back as she rushed out of the door. The corners of his lips curved, and for some reason, his mood was somewhat happy.

Su Wan lowered her head and ran forward in a panic. Her face was slightly hot, and she felt a wave of helplessness in her heart.

It was too embarrassing just now. She would definitely change out of this white dress as soon as she got back!

Although she knew that no matter how many mistakes she made, she could not blame it on a single dress. However, when she saw it on her body, Su Wan immediately thought of Jiang Xuecheng ridiculing her.

It was simply heartbreaking!

At a corner, Su Wan was probably walking too quickly and suddenly bumped into the person in front of her.

Su Wan’s face bumped into the person’s shoulder and she felt her nose turn red. It was a sharp pain.

It hurts!

Was this person’s body made of iron?

Su Wan lowered her head and rubbed her nose. Her eyes were filled with tears.

All of a sudden, Su Wan heard a familiar male voice. There was an obvious surprise in the voice.

“Su Wan, why are you here?”

Hearing this voice, Su Wan couldn’t remember who it was. She only felt that it was familiar.

Su Wan subconsciously raised her head, and a handsome face suddenly appeared in front of her eyes.

The man’s face was extremely European. The outline of his cheeks was very deep, and the bridge of his nose was straight. His pair of azure blue eyes were like two sapphires. He was staring at Su Wan with an unconcealed interest.

It was Fiennes.

Today, Fiennes was wearing a black uniform, which was a rare sight. He looked taller. He looked less lazy than usual and more serious.

Su Wan could not help but frown when she saw his face.

Since the last time she was in the coffee shop, she had sensed that Fiennes seemed to have other intentions with her.

This was definitely not Su Wan’s wishful thinking, but a kind of vigilance that was instinctual.

Probably because of her good looks, Su Wan had been adored by many members of the opposite sex since she was young. She had even heard after she graduated that some girls had liked her.

It was just that back on Earth, due to the Su family’s influence, and because everyone knew that Su Wan and Gu Zihang were a couple, no one dared to openly express anything to Su Wan.

However, the situation was different now. She had no power or influence, and the order of this world was clear. It was especially chaotic at the bottom.

Su Wan had a beautiful body, but she was actually the easiest to get into trouble. The last time on Planet Allen, she thought that the mother and son who stayed with her were kind-hearted. Who would have thought that they would conspire to sell her to an inspector!

If she had not met Nono, she would be living a hellish life right now!

Since then, Su Wan’s vigilance had increased. She had to be wary of others. Even a seemingly amiable commoner mother and son could not be trusted, let alone a noble child like him.

People like Fiennes most likely traveled all over the world. He was only interested in her because of her appearance.

Fiennes’ gaze was fixed on Su Wan. When he saw that her nose bridge was red and her pair of starry eyes seemed to be covered by Jiangnan’s misty rain, his heart immediately felt a little distressed.

“Did I hurt you? I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Let me help you take a look.”

Su Wan was clearly the one who had left in a hurry, but Fiennes did not have any intention of blaming Su Wan. On the contrary, he completely took the blame onto himself.

As Fiennes spoke, he immediately reached out his hand, as if wanting to touch Su Wan’s nose.

Su Wan’s pupils suddenly widened. Without waiting for Fiennes to get closer, she took two or three steps back, separating herself from Fiennes by a large distance.

“Uh, I should be the one apologizing. Young Master Fiennes, I was too anxious to leave just now. I’m sorry for bumping into you.”

Fiennes saw that Su Wan kept stepping back as if he was a ferocious beast. He felt a little helpless.

He opened his mouth and was about to say something, but before he could say anything, Su Wan had already said goodbye.

“Young Master Fiennes, I still have something to do, so I’ll take my leave first. I hope you won’t take what happened earlier to heart.”

As soon as she said that, Su Wan took big steps as if she was running away. She ran to the corner and soon disappeared.

Seeing that Su Wan couldn’t wait to run out of his sight, the corner of Fiennes’ lips twitched. He couldn’t help but question his own charm.

It didn’t make sense. No matter what, he had a dignified appearance and an extraordinary family background. Why did Su Wan seem to want to end the topic as soon as possible every time she saw him?

Could it be that he subconsciously reached out his hand just now and scared Su Wan?

Only God knew that she was really in a hurry just now. He didn’t take the opportunity to do something bad.

If Su Wan really misunderstood him, then wouldn’t his image in Su Wan’s heart become even lower?

Fiennes reached out his hand to stroke his forehead, and then silently sighed. He then walked toward the Jiang Xuecheng’s study.

Forget it. I hope I can save my image in Su Wan’s heart in the future.

Su Wan jogged all the way to her bedroom. She immediately saw a bunch of keys hanging on the door. There were two keys, one red and one blue, hanging on them. They were exactly the same as the previous bunch.

Jiang Xuecheng was very efficient in ordering people to do things.

Su Wan sighed in her heart. Then, she immediately picked up the keys and pushed the door open. She randomly picked out a lavender turtleneck dress from the closet and ran to the bathroom to change into it.

Because she was really afraid of making a scene like the previous one, Su Wan looked in the bathroom mirror three times in a row. After making sure that her clothes were correct, Su Wan opened the door and ran to the kitchen.

What was she going to make?

This time, there was no time limit given by Jiang Xuecheng, but Su Wan was already physically and mentally exhausted. She was not in the mood to make a nutritious breakfast at all. She repeated the same routine as last night!

She whipped up a crispy potato omelet, divided the omelet into four slices, and put them into a plate. Then, she added a cup of fresh milk to the plate.


Su Wan carried the plate and slowly walked toward Jiang Xuecheng’s study.

She thought she would press the button, but the door of the study was actually opened!

Su Wan was stunned, so she simply walked inside.

Hearing the footsteps, the two men inside looked at her at the same time.