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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 593 - Didn’t You Watch Where You Were Going

Chapter 593: Didn’t You Watch Where You Were Going

A clear and cold male voice came from behind, but it carried a hint of a smile. If you didn’t listen carefully, you wouldn’t be able to tell at all.

Why did he suddenly call her back?

Su Wan was stunned when she heard that. She didn’t understand what this man was up to.

Su Wan’s expression turned cold, and she turned her head around in fear. She saw Jiang Xuecheng standing not far away, calmly looking at her. The corners of his lips were slightly curved, and he seemed to be in an extremely good mood.

Just a moment ago, he looked as if a storm was about to come. Now, he was beaming with joy. This fellow was truly changing his face faster than flipping a book!

It was said that “a woman’s mind is complex.” If it was Su Wan, it was the thoughts of this man in front of her were hard to guess .

Su Wan cursed silently in her heart, but she did not dare to show it on the surface. She only lowered her head slightly respectfully.

“Your Highness? Why did you call me back?”

The emperor looked at Su Wan indifferently. He raised his eyebrows, and there was obvious mockery in his expression.

“Don’t you feel that there’s something wrong with you today?”

Hearing this indirect hint, Su Wan became even more confused. She tilted her head and looked at herself, but she still didn’t find anything wrong with her today.

Did this man take the wrong medicine?

Could it be that there was something on her face?

It couldn’t be…

Su Wan frowned, obviously still unaware of the fact that she was wearing the dress backward.

The man looked at her mischievously, his dark phoenix eyes still smiling faintly. Suddenly, he felt that this woman was much more pleasing to the eye.

She was still cuter when she was confused. As for other times…

Recalling Su Wan’s previous attitude, the emperor’s expression turned cold and the smile on his lips immediately disappeared.

Su Wan used the corner of her eyes to look at Jiang Xuecheng. When she saw the man’s face suddenly turn dark again, she could not help but ridicule him in her heart.

What the hell was this guy doing? He would smile and then turn dark. Did he really think that she was that kind of servile maid who would tremble in fear because of his every frown and smile?

Su Wan gritted her teeth. Finally, she could not help but let Jiang Xuecheng solve the mystery for her.

This feeling of being kept in the dark was as if she could not catch her breath. It was really too uncomfortable!

“I don’t know what Your Highness meant by that sentence just now. Please forgive my stupidity. I could not understand it. Please enlighten me, Your Highness.”

A somewhat anxious female voice swept past his ears. When the emperor heard this, his eyes were as deep as the abyss.

Su Wan was distracted by this kind of scrutinizing gaze and almost wanted to rush out of the door.

She was not a monkey in the zoo, she did not want to be scrutinized like this!

Just when Su Wan felt that she could not take it anymore, the other party finally spoke.

As if he had thought of an interesting matter, the man suddenly laughed softly. However, when that laughter entered Su Wan’s ears, it was inexplicably terrifying.

What was there to laugh about?!

She had never realized that this person from Jiang Xuecheng had such a low level of humor!

However, very soon, Su Wan could no longer ridicule him!

“Your clothes are on the wrong side. It’s been so long, and you still haven’t reacted?”

Jiang Xuecheng spoke casually. He was merely stating the fact that Su Wan’s clothes were on the wrong side. There was even no sarcasm in his tone.

However, when Su Wan heard that pleasant male voice, her entire body jolted. Then, she instantly lowered her head to look at herself!

She saw that the white dress was perfectly fine in front of her. There was not much of a difference.

It was just that the collar was slightly tilted, but it was not to the extent that her flesh was scrunched up.

If it was not for Jiang Xuecheng’s reminder, she would not have even felt this tiny bit of strangeness!

Su Wan couldn’t help but gulp. Her face instantly burned up. She wished she could find a hole in the ground for herself to crawl into!

Jiang Xuecheng actually didn’t lie to deceive her. Instead, she really wore her clothes backwards!

God knows. Ever since she was young, Su Wan’s mother had taught her that girls had to pay the most attention to dress appropriately. If she were to do something like wearing her clothes backwards in front of others, she would definitely become a laughing stock.

But today, she actually wore it backwards?!

Su Wan stood rooted to the ground, almost crying without tears!

Why did she always make a fool of herself in front of Jiang Xuecheng no matter what? There was nothing she couldn’t do!

Su Wan gritted her teeth. She felt that Jiang Xuecheng must be her nemesis.

If it wasn’t for this fellow’s unreasonable request to make breakfast in ten minutes, why would she be in such a hurry?!

She even wore her clothes backwards!

After about half a minute, Su Wan finally reacted.

Facing the man’s burning gaze, she could only pretend to be calm and pretend that she wasn’t embarrassed at all.

“I really didn’t notice. Fortunately, Your Highness reminded me, or else I would have made a fool of myself. Then I’ll go back and change my clothes…”

To Su Wan’s surprise, Jiang Xuecheng didn’t make fun of her. Instead, they just waved at her with a calm expression, indicating that she could leave.

“Thank you, Your Highness.”

Su Wan took a deep breath and was about to turn around. However, she staggered and almost fell to the ground.

Just when Su Wan thought that she would have an intimate contact with the carpet in the study, she suddenly felt an invisible wall in front of her, preventing her from falling further.

This was…

In a split second, an answer suddenly appeared in Su Wan’s mind.

An air wall condensed from spiritual power?

Su Wan’s pitch-black pupils instantly enlarged. For a moment, she forgot her sorry state, and her heart was full of shock!

That’s right, how could she forget that Jiang Xuecheng now had the identity of the Emperor of the God’s Palace, and was not an ordinary person like her.

He had a superpower…

She had seen it last time at the Glory World Hotel, but that memory wasn’t beautiful, so she deliberately forgot about it…

But why did Jiang Xuecheng have a superpower, and even had the so-called “Dragon’s blood” that Ming Ye mentioned?

His parents were obviously only ordinary humans.

Jiang Wei was a middle-aged man who looked elegant, while Xu Ziyao looked elegant and beautiful. No matter how one looked at it, she didn’t seem to be able to control a superpower.

Besides, if Jiang Xuecheng’s powerful healing ability, the strange diseases on his body, and his reaction to the meteors were considered as omens, then why was it that only Jiang Xuecheng had them, but Jiang Xuecheng’s younger brother, Jiang Haoxuan, didn’t?

It couldn’t be that Jiang Xuecheng wasn’t the biological son of Xu Ziyao and Jiang Wei, right?

But that was impossible!

The Jiang family was a big family. Xu Ziyao and Jiang Wei seemed to be very close to each other. It was impossible for them to have cheated, and their love for Jiang Xuecheng was definitely not fake.

After all, such a big company like Di Chen was managed by Jiang Xuecheng!

Then what exactly was going on?

Seeing Su Wan in a daze, as if her soul had wandered off, the man frowned. He couldn’t help but walk up to her quickly.

“Why? Didn’t you watch where you were going?”

It was still a deep and serene voice, but there was a hint of mockery in it.