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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 592 - Shamelessly Accusing Her

Chapter 592: Shamelessly Accusing Her

Su Wan stared at the empty table and her heart skipped a beat.

Oh God, where were the keys to her room and the kitchen?

After she made the potato omelet for Jiang Xuecheng last night, she had clearly put the keys on the table.

It had only been one night, and they were gone!

As time passed, Su Wan thought of the ten-minute deadline given by Jiang Xuecheng, and her heart burned with anxiety.

Could it be that the wind blew too hard last night and blew the keys off the table?

Su Wan immediately crouched down and searched under the table. She even lifted up the exquisite carpet!

But no matter where it was, it was gone.

Su Wan’s originally anxious face instantly turned cold.

Her expression turned cold, and she gritted her teeth in her heart. It seemed that there was no need to look for it. It was definitely stolen by that “devilish brat” who only had a six-year-old’s IQ.

Besides him, who else could do such a ridiculous thing?

The devilish brat had done a lot of harm to her!

Seeing as his age was so small, he definitely needed to be taught a lesson in his bones!

She had already told him not to come over and sleep with her, but today, it turned into such an awkward situation!

Su Wan helplessly looked up at the sky. She fiercely thought that if that devilish brat’s personality appeared tonight, she would definitely settle the scores with him!

She would also properly blame him for what that bastard Jiang Xuecheng had done during the day!

All sorts of thoughts flashed through her mind, and Su Wan felt a little irritable. However, as soon as the order from Jiang Xuecheng appeared in her mind, she had no choice but to run over and ask him for the key.

There was a knife in the end, but she had to endure it even if she couldn’t bear it. What else could she do?

Su Wan rubbed her head helplessly. After sighing, she finally had no choice but to reluctantly walk towards Jiang Xuecheng’s room.

The interior of the castle was very big. Su Wan guessed that Jiang Xuecheng should be in the study at the moment.

Based on her memory of the tour by the maid yesterday, Su Wan walked towards her destination.

The door was closed and there was a fingerprint lock here. Without Jiang Xuecheng’s permission, no one could enter.

Su Wan glanced at the button beside the door and immediately pressed it.

In the study, the emperor was browsing through information.

The man heard the soft ring of the doorbell and was slightly startled. Then he suddenly raised his head, as if he could see a slender figure through the thick red bronze wooden door not far away.

That’s right, even if he did not open the holographic screen to see the situation outside, he could guess that it was Su Wan.

The man put down the thing in his hand and immediately frowned.

But it had only been seven minutes, and Su Wan had already prepared his breakfast?

Or did this woman want to give up before the time was up?

He had originally given the order for ten minutes just to torture her, and he did not take it seriously.

He was not happy, and he did not want Su Wan to live so comfortably.

This kind of mentality was probably a little dark, but the emperor clearly did not realize it.

He casually reached out his hand and pressed a switch. Soon, Su Wan felt the door in front of her open automatically.

In an instant, a huge study came into Su Wan’s sight.

The layout of the study was very large, but it was not exaggerated at all. Every detail was extremely exquisite.

The interior decoration was not as luxurious and wasteful as Su Wan had imagined. Instead, it was quite simple. It was mainly dark in color. The tone of the room was very cold and hard, with a strong male living style.

If it were not for the several lotus-shaped crystal chandeliers on the ceiling that emitted a gentle glow, perhaps this study would have been too cold.

Just like its owner, it exuded a sense of inhumanity.

The man who was sitting on the leather swivel chair stood up. He looked at Su Wan from a distance and saw that her hands were indeed empty. A trace of mockery flashed across his eyes.

“You came over in such a hurry. Are you saying that you’re giving up?”


Su Wan’s lips quivered slightly. She was about to explain when she was coldly interrupted by Jiang Xuecheng.

“I’ve already said it. The God’s Palace doesn’t spare useless people. In your current state, you might as well take that robot of yours and get the hell out of here as soon as possible.”

The words “get out” again. Could he use a newer and more civilized word?

Su Wan rolled her eyes in her heart. In the past, if Jiang Xuecheng dared to say that, she would definitely make Jiang Xuecheng scram first.

But now, sigh…

Before Jiang Xuecheng recovered his memories, it was not the time for her to act impulsively.

Su Wan suppressed the unhappiness in her heart and walked over quickly.

“Your Highness, the keys to my bedroom and kitchen are missing. I’ve searched my entire room, but I still can’t find them. Can you…”

Su Wan was about to continue, but she was interrupted coldly.

“I gave you the keys yesterday, but you lost them early this morning. Shouldn’t you reflect on yourself? You lose things so easily!”

Su Wan gritted her teeth. The thief was right in front of her, and he still had the guts to accuse her of losing things so easily!

How shameless!

Su Wan cursed in her heart, but on the surface, she could only bitterly pretend that she didn’t know anything.

“Your Highness, now is not the time to pursue responsibility. It would be fine if it was just the key that was lost, but I’m afraid that it would delay your meal and affect your health.”

Seeing how Su Wan was so dignified and directly took his health as a banner, the man’s frown deepened.

Because for a moment, he actually could not tell if this woman was sincere or fake.

Forget it. It would be weird if he believed her.

However, Su Wan was right. The most important thing now was not to blame about the key, but to get the breakfast out.

Because he was too picky with his food, his stomach was actually not very good. But for some reason, when he woke up this morning, he did not feel as hungry as usual.

The emperor touched the screen button and typed in a message. Soon, he looked up again.

“I’ve asked someone to bring the key to your room. If your culinary skills are not good enough, you can wait to move out with your robot.”

The corner of Su Wan’s lips twitched. How many times had he thrown such a threat? He was not tired of saying it. She was tired of listening to it.

“Thank you, Your Highness.”

The man listened to Su Wan’s words and looked down at her, nodding his head arrogantly.

Su Wan’s brows furrowed. Just as she was about to nod her head and turn around, she was suddenly stopped by Jiang Xuecheng.

“Come back.”

The emperor locked his eyes on Su Wan. His gloomy mood was instantly dispelled.

He didn’t look carefully just now. When Su Wan left, he realized that this woman’s clothes seemed to be on the wrong side…

The design of the white dress was very simple, and there was not much difference between the front and back necklines. Perhaps it was because he had given her too little time just now that Su Wan was so anxious that she wore the dress wrong.

He should have despised Su Wan for being sloppy, but for some reason, he felt like laughing.

Anyway, he felt happy when he saw Su Wan embarrass herself.