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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 591 - He Was To Good At Destroying People

Chapter 591: He Was To Good At Destroying People

The emperor locked Su Wan’s face, his eyes flashing with a cold light.

This feeling of his will being controlled by someone else was actually very terrifying.

He clearly shouldn’t keep Su Wan in the God’s Palace. This woman seemed gentle and harmless, but she was like a ticking time bomb. She could detonate anytime.

However, if he expelled Su Wan, he would feel unreconciled.

This feeling could only be said to be of little value. It would be a pity to discard it.

From the beginning, when he heard Su Wan’s shout at the corner of the street, he felt a strange feeling in his heart when he did not see her in person.

Later, he even had people investigate Su Wan’s identity, but they did not find anything.

She was an orphan girl from a small planet. Both her parents were dead. There seemed to be no loopholes in her identity, but there were too many details that were worth investigating.

Su Wan was just a girl born in an ordinary commoner’s family. How could she play a long-lost instrument like the Guqin?

Even the nobles of the four great families had to find specialists to translate the Guqin score first if they wanted it to be subservient and elegant. It was even more difficult to know the Guqin’s melody.

A few days ago, at the birthday party of the eldest daughter Diya, he had coincidentally met her.

At that time, she had clearly thought of him as someone else…

Yes, he could still remember the expression on Su Wan’s face at that time. At first, she was ecstatic, then it turned into a look of disappointment.

She was clearly reminiscing about someone through him, right?

The look in her eyes was empty and hopeful, but no matter what, it didn’t seem like she was looking at him.

They were so close at that time. There was even intimacy, but he suddenly had the illusion that they were a world apart and couldn’t get close to each other at all.

He didn’t know that that feeling was called fear.

He just selectively made himself stronger, watching her helplessly trembling in his arms.

The warmth from her body had driven him crazy, and all reason was cast aside.

The next day, he casually strolled along the streets, but through the window of a coffee shop, he saw Fiennes and Su Wan.

They were a handsome man and a beautiful woman, sitting across from each other at a table. Su Wan’s eyes were lowered, and she looked like she was smiling.

What were they talking about? Why were they chatting so happily?

From that moment on, the emperor had confirmed one thing.

No matter what he thought of Su Wan, no matter who she was, no matter what her past was, as long as she was someone he had touched, he would not allow anyone else to touch her.

He would not allow it.

The emperor’s expression turned cold as he broke free from the fragmented memories in his mind.

He looked down at Su Wan from above. When faced with Su Wan’s vigilant look, a wave of irritation suddenly surged in his heart.

Didn’t this woman say that she admired him?

Even if it was a lie, couldn’t she act more like it!

He just wanted to see if Su Wan was lying. Although her actions were a little rough, she definitely didn’t mean anything else.

What happened that night was just an accident. Did he really think he was refined scum?

However, although he didn’t want to admit it, he was disappointed to see that there were no marks on Su Wan’s upper body other than her neck.

Could those really be mosquito bites?

And he was lying next to Su Wan, yet he was so lucky to escape?

Thinking of Su Wan’s words, the man frowned slightly. He glanced at Su Wan’s exquisite face and suddenly stood up.

When Su Wan saw Jiang Xuecheng stand up, she was stunned. Then, she suddenly let out a long sigh of relief, and a sense of relief appeared in her almond-shaped eyes.

Did Jiang Xuecheng have a conscience and was ready to let her go?

The man glanced at Su Wan from the corner of his eyes. When he saw Su Wan’s expression of relief, his eyes could not help but be a little malicious.

When he saw how happy Su Wan was, he did not feel happy at all.

The emperor rubbed his eyebrows, and his expression became colder and colder.

Just when Su Wan thought that he would leave, she did not expect the man to take a detour and walk to the closet next to her.

What did he mean by this?

Su Wan hugged the quilt tightly, feeling more and more confused.

They were all women’s clothes here. There was no way that Jiang Xuecheng would want to change out of their nightgown and wear women’s clothes instead.

When she thought of that scene, the corners of Su Wan’s lips could not help but twitch, and her originally vigilant brows and eyes also relaxed.

The emperor did not understand the change in Su Wan’s state of mind at all. He pulled open the closet door and originally wanted to find a random piece of clothing from inside.

But in the end, he took a closer look and chose a white one-piece dress.

He would always remember seeing Su Wan’s back in the Glory World Hotel from afar. She stood there elegantly in a plain white dress, revealing a beautiful side profile.

The moonlight outside the window shone on her face, making her look like a painting.

At that time, the flames that had just been suppressed in his limbs and bones suddenly emerged when he saw Su Wan.

Probably from that mistake of a night onwards, Su Wan was like a poison to him. It was hard for him to get rid of her.

Now, most of the things in Su Wan’s closet and even this room had been prepared by the servants.

He could not explain why he had specially asked people to prepare this, but he did not mind making Su Wan’s life more comfortable, even if she did not know that he had gotten people to prepare this.

The emperor reached out and took the plain-colored dress, then suddenly turned around and threw the dress heavily at Su Wan.

Coincidentally, it hit Su Wan’s head.

The weight of the dress was not heavy, but Su Wan’s entire head was knocked backwards!

Faced with Jiang Xuecheng’s uncaring actions, she did not know whether she should be angry or laugh.

He only had amnesia. Why did it feel like it had taken away all of Jiang Xuecheng’s good manners?

This man was simply unbearable!

Su Wan removed the dress on her head. She was secretly annoyed, but she did not dare to show it on the surface.

The emperor coldly swept his gaze over Su Wan, who poked her head up, and his voice was loud and clear.

“You must remember your duty. Breakfast will be served in ten minutes.”

Before he could finish his sentence, the man left, leaving Su Wan with an indifferent view of his back.

Su Wan stared at Jiang Xuecheng’s figure, and her pupils suddenly contracted.

She had actually forgotten about the matter of making breakfast.

Ah, ah, ah, ten minutes. She had not even had the time to wash up yet. This guy was too good at destroying people, wasn’t he?

Don’t treat the chef like a person, will you?!

Su Wan pouted angrily. Thinking of her plan, which had a long way to go, she could only reluctantly start to put on some clothes.

Ten minutes. Yesterday, she had planned to make a nutritious porridge for Jiang Xuecheng so that he could nourish his stomach.

Now that he had given her this time, could she only make an omelet to fool him?

Su Wan got up gloomily. She put on her clothes and shoes as fast as she could and was about to leave when she suddenly remembered something.

She had to open the kitchen door with the key.

However, when she turned her head, the table was empty. There was no trace of the key!