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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 590 - Really Gone Crazy

Chapter 590: Really Gone Crazy

Seeing that Jiang Xuecheng was looking at her deeply, that deep gaze seemed to pierce through her.

Facing that gaze, Su Wan could not help but shudder.

What was he looking at?

“Last night… Did I…”

The man’s eyes were ice-cold, but it was like the sea in the middle of the night, with hidden waves that were difficult to discover.

The deep male voice brushed past her ears, and Su Wan was stunned for a moment. She felt uncomfortable under Jiang Xuecheng’s gaze.

Did this man misunderstand something?

Su Wan’s expression froze, and she suddenly felt a little strange.

Although the two of them slept together last night, it didn’t mean that anything would happen if they slept together, right?

Setting aside everything else, as long as she thought about how Jiang Xuecheng only had a six-year-old IQ in the middle of the night, Su Wan felt goosebumps all over her body.

She would never be so crazy as to lay her hands on a child…

At the thought of this, Su Wan shook her head violently.

“Absolutely not!”

The emperor’s face darkened when he saw how quickly Su Wan retorted. He did not know why but he felt inexplicably unhappy.

The Way Su Wan shook her head violently was as if he was something that should not be seen in public and that she was unhappy to have anything to do with him.

The man stared unblinkingly at Su Wan. A hint of mockery flashed across his face.

“Then what about the marks on your neck?”

Su Wan was stunned for two or three seconds. Then, she immediately followed Jiang Xuecheng’s gaze and looked down.

Although she could not see it, she finally realized why Jiang Xuecheng had asked that question earlier!

Ahhhh, the devilish brat has caused me a lot of trouble!

When Su Wan woke up in the middle of the night last night, she happened to feel a small animal licking her neck. The force was neither light nor heavy, and it made her feel especially itchy.

Su Wan had always had a constitution that marks could be left easily. Normally, she would easily get red marks from scratching, let alone being licked by that devilish brat for so long!

But last night, she was shocked by Jiang Xuecheng’s mental breakdown. She didn’t have the time to think about such trivial matters!

The emperor sat quietly beside Su Wan. His expression was cold, and his deep eyes were firmly locked on Su Wan. He did not miss the slightest change in Su Wan’s expression.

Su Wan was first shocked, then angry. In just a few seconds, her expression had changed quite a lot.

“What, you can’t explain it?”

The man silently watched Su Wan’s change in expression. There was a hint of a cold smile in his voice.

When Su Wan heard this, she suddenly raised her eyes and looked at the nearby Jiang Xuecheng. She was extremely displeased.

What did this man mean with his tone just now?

She was clearly the one who had been taken advantage of. Why did she feel that Jiang Xuecheng’s overbearing stance made it seem as if she was the one who was at fault!

Su Wan bit the corner of her lips. Just as she was thinking of how to refute, her sharp eyes suddenly caught a glimpse of the curtains by the window. They rustled and swayed along with the wind, sending a faint fragrance of flowers into the distance.

Why was the window open?

She was afraid of catching a cold, so she had specially closed the window last night.

It must be the work of a naughty child again…

Before Su Wan could gnash her teeth, her mind was suddenly like a flash of lightning, because the open window had inspired her.

Got It!

Su Wan met the eyes of Jiang Xuecheng, her expression was calm and unafraid.

“Your Highness, you don’t know. I forgot to close the window last night. These marks must have been caused by flying insects that flew in and bit me.”

Su Wan’s voice was gentle and beautiful. When the emperor heard this, his forehead twitched slightly.

To think that this woman could think of such a ridiculous answer.

Did she think that his IQ was negative?

How could those marks be caused by mosquito bites?

He could not be bothered to expose Su Wan’s lame lie, so he simply changed the way he interrogated her.

“Then why did the flying insects only bite you, but I slept next to you, and everything was fine?”

This question…

Why didn’t she think of it just now?!

Su Wan smiled embarrassedly. A drop of cold sweat appeared on her forehead, but her face still had an impeccably respectful smile.

“Your Highness, that’s probably due to your constitution. Perhaps those mosquitoes also know to fear Your Highness’ divine might.”

Su Wan was at the end of her life, yet she still did not forget to flatter Jiang Xuecheng.

The emperor’s phoenix-like eyes moved. He swept his gaze past Su Wan, who was trying her best to pretend to be calm, and the light in his eyes became even more profound.

Why did he not feel the slightest hint of being flattered?

“Your Highness, then I’ll be leaving?”

Su Wan raised her eyes and carefully asked this question.

Just as Su Wan was waiting for an answer, the man not far away suddenly approached her. His handsome face was right in front of her, magnified infinitely!

Before Su Wan could react, she saw Jiang Xuecheng suddenly start to pull her clothes.

Damn, this man wouldn’t have any bad intentions in broad daylight, right?!

Su Wan stared with her eyes wide open in shock. She didn’t know why, but she subconsciously remembered what happened a few days ago.

It was as if it was still vivid in her mind.

Su Wan shrank a little and suddenly felt a little afraid.

She was not afraid of that ignorant brat, but she knew that she was afraid of him.

It was the trauma left behind that night. Because that person was Jiang Xuecheng, she did not resist that night. However, that did not mean that she would not feel pain or be afraid.

It was better for both parties to be willing to do something like this. Otherwise, the outcome would only be bitter.

And now, he didn’t even remember her. From his attitude, he didn’t seem to like her at all. Wasn’t doing such a thing now embarrassing her?!

“What are you doing?!”

Su Wan immediately used her hand to push the man in front of her without thinking.

However, this little bit of strength was just a tickle to Jiang Xuecheng. Su Wan heard a clear sound of silk tearing.

With a tearing sound, her clothes fell, revealing a beautiful scenery.

The man stared straight at the skin below Su Wan’s neck. It was smooth and moist, and looked as soft as velvet.

He had once completely possessed her. He knew that this woman’s skin was indeed delicate, making one unable to let it go.

If something really happened between the two of them last night, why was there no trace below Su Wan’s neck?

Other than the faint bruises on her neck, there was no other evidence.

The emperor’s throat moved, and his eyes suddenly darkened.

Su Wan suddenly felt extremely humiliated under such a gaze.

She immediately pulled the quilt in front of her to cover up the exposed scenery.

This man’s gaze was too condescending and arrogant. It even gave her the illusion that she was just a commodity.

She did not feel the slightest bit of respect.

Her Jiang Xuecheng was clearly not such a person. Even if he looked cold on the outside, he was clearly a warm person on the inside.

Seeing Su Wan pull up the blanket and look at him vigilantly like a small beast, the slight agitation in the man’s heart was immediately extinguished.

He had really gone crazy just now. Why would he have any thoughts towards such an unlovable woman.