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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 586 - We Should Sleep Together

Chapter 586: We Should Sleep Together

Jiang Xuecheng followed Su Wan closely. The two of them went to the kitchen door on the far left of the corridor.

Su Wan lowered her head, took out the key chain from her pocket, and used the red key to open the kitchen door.

Because the God’s Palace guaranteed fresh food every day, there wasn’t any leftover ready-made food.

What should he make for Jiang Xuecheng?

When she was on earth, Su Wan would occasionally get up to make breakfast. She would either make porridge or omelet and bread.

Seeing how hungry Jiang Xuecheng was, making porridge and bread was a bit too slow. It was much faster to make omelet, and the methods were much simpler.

Moreover, the ingredients for making an omelet weren’t complicated. She had gone to the kitchen to take a look. There were a variety of ingredients in there, and everything was available.

Previously, Jiang Xuecheng had said that he was very hungry every night when he woke up. Children would definitely not lie.

Therefore, Su Wan deeply suspected that Jiang Xuecheng, who had an ice-cold face during the day, did not have a healthy eating schedule? Or he ate very little…

Did he really think that he was a robot made of iron?!

If he did not eat regularly, he would get stomach problems sooner or later!

Fortunately, she was here to apply for a job as a chef. Wasn’t this saving Jiang Xuecheng from the future trouble?

Su Wan thought about it. At first, she was annoyed that the man had mistreated his own body, but after thinking about it, she felt a little smug in her heart.

On Earth, she could only say that her culinary skills barely passed. If she was placed here, she would be able to look down on all the heroes!

Back on the passenger ship, there were people who smelled the fragrance of food and specially came to the bottom of the cabin to ask her for food.

Even Ming Ye, who looked like he had nothing to live for, had praised her cooking!

Su Wan threw away all the distracting thoughts in her mind and took out the ingredients from the freezer to make an omelet.

A few finely chopped shallots, two eggs, and an appropriate amount of flour.

How about making an omelet with potatoes…

Su Wan thought for a moment and took out a potato.

Su Wan washed the potato, cut it into small pieces, and beat the egg. She mixed it with flour and then mixed the small potatoes in.

Su Wan heated the pan and poured the egg mixture into it, spreading it into an oval omelet shape.

The omelet was initially condensed, and the air was filled with the rich aroma of food. Jiang Xuecheng, who had been standing obediently at the side, could not help but swallow his saliva at this moment.

It smelled so good…

His stomach was growling non-stop. Why did he feel hungrier and hungrier…

This was the first time Su Wan saw Jiang Xuecheng acting like a little greedy cat. She smiled and said gently to Jiang Xuecheng.

“It’ll be ready in a few minutes. Bear with it for a while.”

Jiang Xuecheng nodded sensibly. His eyes were fixed on the golden omelet in the pan, and he felt his appetite rising.

Su Wan saw that the omelet was almost cooked, so she quickly took out a brush, dipped it in some sweet flour sauce, and carefully spread it out.

“Okay, out of the pan!”

Su Wan took the omelet out of the pan and was about to put it on the plate when the man who had been quiet all this time suddenly leapt forward!

Su Wan was stunned. Jiang Xuecheng stretched out his hand and held the omelet, as if it was not hot at all.

The omelet had just come out of the pot and the temperature was very high. Was he not afraid of hurting his hand?

Su Wan was angry and immediately patted Jiang Xuecheng’s hand, causing the omelet to fall straight into the bowl and plate.

“It’s so hot. What if it burns your mouth?”

Su Wan glanced at Jiang Xuecheng from the corner of her eyes. Jiang Xuecheng smiled awkwardly, making Su Wan speechless.

“I know Wan Wan is concerned about me.”

The man’s righteous words made Su Wan stunned.

Su Wan smiled slightly. She felt warm in her heart. She stretched out her hand and handed the plate to him.

“Here, it just came out of the oven. Be careful, it’s hot.”

Jiang Xuecheng nodded and finally learned his lesson. He took a bite very carefully, but his eyes suddenly widened after just one bite.

“Wan Wan, your food is so delicious!”

Before he could finish his words, Jiang Xuecheng had already started to take big bites. He did not care about his image at all. He simply finished the omelet like a whirlwind.

Su Wan saw how Jiang Xuecheng ate and was afraid that he would choke.

This kid must have never eaten food in his eight lifetimes, right?

When Su Wan saw that he was eating so well, she suddenly felt a little hungry.

However, she did not know why, even though Jiang Xuecheng was gobbling down the food, which was not elegant at all, it was still pleasing to watch?

Moreover, it gave people a special feeling that they could not wait to bring all the delicious food in the world to him.

Only for him to be satisfied…

The kitchen was a little hot. In addition to the fact that she had just personally cooked the food, a few drops of sweat appeared on Su Wan’s forehead. She reached out her hand and gently wiped it.

After Jiang Xuecheng finished eating the omelet, he saw that Su Wan had a smile on her lips. She stood quietly at the side and looked at him. Suddenly, he felt a little guilty.

“Wan Wan, I was wrong. I shouldn’t have finished everything.”

Su Wan was stunned when she heard that. She frowned and her eyes were filled with confusion.

“Why? This was made for you to eat.”

Jiang Xuecheng looked at Su Wan timidly. There was a hint of shame on his face.

“This was made by you, Wan Wan. I should have left half of it for you to eat.”

Hearing these naive words, Su Wan’s eyes curved and she almost laughed out loud.

Why didn’t she realize that Jiang Xuecheng was so cute and so likable in the past.

Su Wan reached out her hand and patted Jiang Xuecheng’s shoulder twice. “No need. I’m not hungry. If you really want to make up for it, you can also make something for me to eat in the future.”

“Okay, then Cheng will learn seriously!”

Jiang Xuecheng nodded solemnly, his eyes full of seriousness.

“Yes, and you will definitely get better than me!”

Jiang Xuecheng’s cooking skills were already at the peak of perfection. When she heard Jiang Xuecheng praise the taste of her omelet, Su Wan suspected that Jiang Xuecheng’s taste had declined.

Since Jiang Xuecheng could remember how to write the words “Su Wan, Jiang Xuecheng” after drawing the Chinese characters twice, then his culinary skills should also be a natural talent and could be learned automatically?

Su Wan held onto this small trick and felt that her gluttonous life could be saved.

Jiang Xuecheng saw that the corners of Su Wan’s lips were getting wider and wider, so he couldn’t help but ask curiously.

“Wan Wan, what are you thinking about?”

His phoenix eyes that were as dark as the night were filled with innocence.

Su Wan raised her head slightly and smiled gently at Jiang Xuecheng. “It’s nothing. It’s very late now. We should go back and sleep.”

Jiang Xuecheng nodded heavily. He did not expect that after Su Wan walked into her room, she would actually want to lock him outside the door and let him go back alone.

Jiang Xuecheng lowered his head and looked even more aggrieved.

“Didn’t you say that you are my wife? Then we should eat and sleep together. But you are so cruel that you won’t let me sleep with you. Cheng will be afraid!”

Every word was full of accusation.

Su Wan looked at his eyes that were about to cry and touched her forehead helplessly.

She did not want to be face-to-face with a cold-faced devil when she woke up tomorrow.