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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 581 - Goosebumps All Over

Chapter 581: Goosebumps All Over

In the blink of an eye, the lights turned on, and the bedroom was in a dim yellow hue.

Jiang Xuecheng seemed to be frightened by the lights. He shivered slightly and then blinked timidly.

“Elder sister, why didn’t you tell me when you turned on the lights?”

Jiang Xuecheng looked at Su Wan pitifully. Being stared at like that, Su Wan suddenly felt terrified, and she got goosebumps all over her body.

She must have been struck by lightning!

It must be!

Although she had always thought that she treated Jiang Xuecheng as half like a son, the current situation was really out of her boundaries?

The hairs on Su Wan’s back stood on end. She stared at the man in front of her and suddenly remembered something even stranger.

The language that Jiang Xuecheng had just spoken…

Was actually Chinese!

However, after Jiang Xuecheng lost his memory, he clearly could not understand Chinese, let alone speak so fluently in Chinese!

The veins on Su Wan’s forehead were throbbing. She hardened her heart and immediately lowered her head, biting hard on her wrist.

If it did not hurt, then it meant that she was dreaming!

Su Wan bit very hard. In just one or two seconds, a row of neat teeth marks appeared on Su Wan’s slender and fair wrist, and blood even faintly appeared.

Hiss, it hurts!

Su Wan originally thought that she was most likely dreaming, so she did not show any mercy in her biting.

The man next to her was immediately shocked when he saw Su Wan biting her wrist. He stared at Su Wan with sparkling eyes, his eyes showing deep heartache.

The pain was transmitted clearly to Su Wan’s mind, causing tears to immediately appear in her eyes.

A tear uncontrollably fell from her eye socket and hit Jiang Xuecheng’s arm, spreading a heat that seeped into the bone marrow.

The man frowned. For some reason, when he saw Su Wan’s tears, he felt like the sky was about to collapse.

The corners of Su Wan’s eyes were red. She hugged the quilt in a daze and was lost in thought as she stared at the distinct teeth marks on her hands.

Was she really not dreaming?!

“Sister, why did you bite yourself? Look, you’re bleeding. Does it hurt? I’ll blow for you. Just blow.”

Without waiting for Su Wan to respond, Jiang Xuecheng lowered his head and carefully blew on Su Wan’s hand with his lips.

A slightly warm breath spread from his hand. Su Wan looked at the side profile in front of her and suddenly felt that Jiang Xuecheng was a monster.

She had never thought that Jiang Xuecheng could make such a simple and innocent expression without any sense of disharmony.

There was even a hint of childish innocence in his clear and bright phoenix eyes, as if he was really just a child.

“Sister, you don’t have to cry anymore. Did I blow enough? Are you no longer in pain?”

The man looked at Su Wan expectantly, like an obedient puppy waiting for her to praise him.

What was going on?

Su Wan’s expression was a little strange. She stared at the harmless face in front of her and finally said her first sentence.

“Do you still remember who you are?”

The man let go of Su Wan’s wrist and rubbed his head in confusion, as if he was trying to think of something.

“Sister, I am who I am. Why are you asking such a strange question?”

So, was it difficult to answer this question?

Did Jiang Xuecheng lose his memory for the second time?

And did he also became demented because of his memory loss?

When she thought of this possibility, the corner of Su Wan’s mouth twitched, and for some reason, she felt like laughing.

Because she had never thought that Jiang Xuecheng would one day say such a thing with such an expression and attitude.

Seeing that Su Wan was staring at him without saying anything for a long time, Jiang Xuecheng pouted and started to shake Su Wan’s sleeve.

“Sister, why are you ignoring me again? Are you trying to leave me because I’m young? Sister, I’ll be very obedient. Don’t ignore me, okay?”

The deep voice brushed past her ears. It was as if thunder had exploded in Su Wan’s head, making her ears ring.


The corner of Su Wan’s mouth twitched again. Jiang Xuecheng was young?

“Since you said you were young, do you still remember how old you are?”

Hearing this, the man’s long and narrow eyes curved, and his thin lips curled up slightly. It was not the usual sneer that hid a cold intent, but a genuine and undisguised smile.

“Of course I know this! Sister, if you ask me how old I am, you have to tell me how old you are first.”

Seeing this smile, Su Wan was stunned, and her eyes were dazzled by this smile.

She had never seen Jiang Xuecheng smile so happily before.

It was like a piece of white paper that was suddenly dyed with five colors. There was a naivety between his brows and eyes, and there was also a bit of childish slyness hidden in it.

It was not annoying at all. Instead, she felt a little soft-hearted.

This silly child…

These words could not help but pop up in Su Wan’s mind. She clearly knew that the other party was trying to trick her into saying something, so she immediately suppressed it with a smile.

“When you ask questions, you always pay attention to first come, first served. I asked you first, so you have to answer honestly.”

Seeing that Su Wan was speaking so seriously, the man nodded his head in confusion and then began to fiddle with his fingers…

He counted his fingers very slowly and carefully, as if he was counting one, two, three, four, five with his fingers.

No, no, no, it was not as if he was counting, but he was really counting with his fingers…

When Su Wan saw this rare scene in her lifetime, her heart felt like it had been run by thousands of galloping horses…

Oh God!

When the other hand opened, Jiang Xuecheng seemed to have been enlightened. He suddenly raised his head and smiled brightly at Su Wan.

“Sister, I’m six years old! Look, I still remember my age! Am I very smart?”

God, what did she hear!

Jiang Xuecheng said that he was six years old…

Su Wan’s clear almond-shaped eyes suddenly widened. She looked at the serious expression of the person in front of her and felt a deep sense of powerlessness.

If Jiang Xuecheng was six years old, how old would she say she was?

Could she pretend that she was only ten years old?

Looking at Jiang Xuecheng, it didn’t seem like he was faking it at all. Moreover, he was able to communicate in Chinese without issue.

Uh, it was just that his style was a little silly and cute…

Then, could it be that Jiang Xuecheng was suffering from schizophrenia?

He had two relatively unique personalities who didn’t know each other?

It wasn’t impossible. Before she knew it, Jiang Xuecheng had inexplicably become the emperor of the God’s Palace and lost his memory.

Could it be that someone had forcefully altered his memory?

And Jiang Xuecheng’s resistance was too strong, causing a problem in his mind?

Su Wan was speechless when she thought of so many Hollywood movies in one go.

Su Wan shook her head. She stared at Jiang Xuecheng, who kept acting cute. She did not want to hear this man call her sister anymore

“Don’t call me sister. I’m not your sister!”