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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 59 - A Shotgun Marriage?

Chapter 59: A Shotgun Marriage?

Su Wan felt as if her heart had been strangled for a while and could not calm down.

Was this like the saying ‘if you love a person, you will also love those related to him or her’?

Actually, this marriage could be considered a deal in some degree. Her love for Jiang Xuecheng was a far match from his love for her.

Su Wan was a person who placed importance in family. At this moment, Su Wan silently made up her mind to try her very best to treat Jiang Xuecheng’s family well.

Jiang Xuecheng didn’t know his words had moved this little woman. If he were to know treating Su Wan’s family well could move her more than treating her well, Jiang Xuecheng would have definitely put forth more effort to do so.

Jiang Xuecheng thought Su Wan had started to be in a daze and he smiled faintly, “Why are you spacing out again? Let’s bring these out.”

Su Wan regained her senses and caught up to Jiang Xuecheng’s pace. She firmly brought the fruit platter to the dining hall.

They then took out the tomato perch fish, glutinous rice balls in fermented rice wine, shrimp dumplings, and braised lamb chops. All the dishes were laid on the table.

As he had seen the masterpieces of the two famous artists today, Su Wan’s grandfather, Xie Changfeng, had a smile on his face till now. He picked two bottles of aged-old champagne from the wine rack.

Xie Changfeng opened the wine bottles and poured a glass of wine for Jiang Xuecheng. “Grandson-in-Law, come, come, let’s raise a toast.”

Jiang Xuecheng received the wine glass with dignity and tossed off the glass. “Alright, let me empty my glass to show my respect.”

Xie Changfeng laughed admiringly and turned his head to looked at Su Wan, “Wan, today is a happy day. Would you like a glass too?”

Su Wan stared at the light orangey yellow liquid in Jiang Xuecheng’s glass. Suddenly, she felt thirsty.

The first time she drank the Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon, she embarrassed herself in front of Jiang Xuecheng. That encounter was something she had not forgotten.

However, she was in a drunken stupor because she drank too much that day. A little glass of champagne would not cause too much problem, would it?

Just as Su Wan was hesitating, Jiang Xuecheng took a glance at Su Wan and declined on behalf of her. “Wan Wan’s alcohol tolerance is too low. She’d better not drink. I’ll pour her a glass of fruit juice, alright?”

Without waiting for Xie Changfeng to answer, Jiang Xuecheng took Su Wan’s glass and poured her some orange juice.

Su Wan took the glass filled with orange juice and secretly stuck out her tongue. Why did she feel Jiang Xuecheng sounded like he was discussing but actually allowed no resistance?

Su Wan raised her brows. She felt as if Jiang Xuecheng’s possessiveness toward her was too strong. However, at the moment, it was not something bad…

Jiang Xuecheng and Xie Changfeng talked in a jovial mood for a while. Then, he turned to look at Su Wan. Su Wan’s head was down and she was using a spoon to stir the fruit juice. Her bowl of rice was without dishes, as if she was not eating and deep in thought instead.

Jiang Xuecheng silently took some vegetables for her and meticulously removed the fish bones before putting them in her bowl.

“What are you thinking of? Having no appetite?”

Su Wan was awakened from her thoughts. She raised her head and saw Jiang Xuecheng’s handsome face.

Now, her grandparents were around. Why did she feel she and Jiang Xuecheng were showing off their affection?

Su Wan’s face turned hot and immediately shook her head. Then, she quickly ate a few mouthfuls of rice. Wow, the perch fish was fresh and she couldn’t nitpick about Jiang Xuecheng’s culinary skills.

Xie Changfeng and Lin Xuan, who were sitting by the side, saw the affection of the little couple and both smiled with a tacit understanding.

It looked like Jiang Xuecheng was indeed treating Su Wan well. Both of them were relieved.

Lin Xuan, who was a grandmother, was also a woman and she had observed Jiang Xuecheng’s gestures, but there was something she didn’t understand. Su Wan hadn’t been willing to tell her. Since her grandson-in-law was here today, she’d better ask Jiang Xuecheng.

“Xuecheng, how long have you known Wan for? Why did the both of you get married so fast? Do your parents and grandparents know about it? How did they feel about this marriage?”

Jiang Xuecheng smiled and took two more shrimp dumplings for Su Wan.

“Grandmother, Wan Wan accidentally saved my life one day and I’ve liked her since then. My family members are nice people and they respect my decision.”

Su Wan was chewing on the shrimp dumpling. She was grateful that Jiang Xuecheng knew how to avoid the important points and dwell on the trivial points. He didn’t mention they have known less than one month and their marriage had not been approved by his family.

Jiang Xuecheng was a person with strong personality. Su Wan understood he was implying that even if the Jiang family did not approve of this marriage, he wouldn’t mind.

Anyway, they had registered their marriage and were now a legal husband and wife pair.

Although Lin Xuan, as the outsider, was sharp enough to notice Jiang Xuecheng’s explanation was lacking the essence of time, she had different interpretations of the ambiguous words that Jiang Xuecheng had uttered.

Lin Xuan looked at Su Wan and asked calmly, “Xuecheng, did both of you register your marriage because Su Wan is pregnant?”

Su Wan, who was eating the shrimp dumpling, almost spewed! What was this? Grandmother had thought their marriage was a shotgun marriage!

At that moment, both Xie Changfeng and Jiang Xuecheng’s gazes shifted onto Su Wan’s abdomen.

Su Wan touched her own abdomen. Why did it feel stranger and stranger?

Xie Changfeng and Lin Xuan saw Su Wan’s guilty conscience and thought they had guessed correctly. Then, they smiled like experienced people, “Are you really pregnant? Wan, don’t be shy. Being pregnant is good news!”

Su Wan laughed and stood up. She explained loudly with her face all red.

“Grandfather, Grandmother, what are you thinking? Having children is something for the long term. I’m not pregnant…”

Jiang Xuecheng noticed that Su Wan was in a difficult position. He found it fascinating and deepened his smile.

Xie Changfeng and Lin Xuan saw Jiang Xuecheng sitting calmly and with suspicion, turned to look at him. Xie Changfeng coughed and asked, “Grandson-in-Law, you and Wan’s marriage isn’t a shotgun marriage?”

Jiang Xuecheng stood up neither too fast nor too slow. He stared at Su Wan unhurriedly and replied, “No indeed.”

Su Wan glared at Jiang Xuecheng angrily. This big wolf, how dare he see her embarrassing herself for so long and still keep quiet until asked by her grandfather?

She could not tell her grandparents that in reality, she and Jiang Xuecheng had not consummated, could she?

After hearing what Jiang Xuecheng had said, Lin Xuan’s kind face showed a sense of disappointment. She was old and her health wasn’t at its best. She wished to see her granddaughter’s children as early as possible.

If Su Wan was really pregnant, it would be double happiness for Lin Xuan and Xie Changfeng.

Su Wan could sense the disappointment in Lin Xuan’s face. She immediately knew what Lin Xuan was worried about. She felt bitter and held Lin Xuan’s hand while consoling her gently.

“Grandmother, if I have a baby, you’ll definitely be the first to know.”