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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 580 - Elder Sister, You Smell So Good

Chapter 580: Elder Sister, You Smell So Good

What was inside?

Su Wan stared at the translucent crystal glass door. Without thinking, she stretched out her hand and pushed the door open.

She saw that there was a different world inside. It was actually a large washroom. The bathroom was fully equipped, and there was even a bathtub!

Were the living conditions of the maids of the God’s Palace all so good?

Or were the living conditions of the chefs all so good?

The doubts in Su Wan’s heart grew stronger, and she was too lazy to investigate. In any case, she still quite liked this house.

Although the space was not big, the decorations were very pleasing to her. Su Wan fell in love with it the moment she saw it.

Su Wan walked out of the washroom and drew the light blue curtains to one side. Then, she pushed open the window and was immediately amazed.

The sun was setting outside, and everything was shrouded in that hazy layer of light . When the evening breeze blew, Su Wan’s nose was filled with the faint and fresh fragrance of flowers and plants.

It was so beautiful…

Su Wan sighed in her heart, and her initial somewhat depressed mood suddenly became high.

Everything will be better…

Su Wan decided to see if she could recall the memories of Jiang Xuecheng from the daily details.

For example, if Jiang Xuecheng said that he liked her music, did that mean that he still had memories of the song “Tune of a Peaceful Night?”

It was night. Su Wan lay on the carved bed. She was not sure if it was because she was too tired, but she soon fell asleep.

In the middle of the night, Su Wan suddenly felt that she could not breathe.

It felt like something heavy was pressing down on her, and it was extremely uncomfortable.

While Su Wan was half asleep, she only frowned. She tried to push away the unknown object that was pressing down on her, but it seemed like she could not move it at all.

Su Wan frowned even more, but she was so sleepy that she did not want to open her eyes.

Just as Su Wan was struggling, she suddenly felt an itch on her neck.

It was as if someone was licking her neck very seriously. Su Wan could even feel the faint heat on her skin.

They were so close that they could smell each other’s breath.

The feeling of trembling on her neck was too real. Su Wan suddenly woke up from her sleep.

God, it was so late at night. Could it be that she was being pressed on the bed by a ghost?!

Su Wan was actually very timid. She said that she was not afraid of ghosts, but if she really encountered such a supernatural being, she would definitely be scared out of her wits.

The burning hot breath on her neck made Su Wan feel even more terrified. She opened her eyes shakily.

In the darkness, she could not see anything clearly, but she could clearly feel a person half-pressing on her body and licking her neck very carefully.

The other party did not have any thoughts and only kissed her neck

That feeling was as if she had a large pet…

Su Wan quivered and no longer cared about the fear in her heart. She stretched out her hand to check the wall lamp beside her!

With a crisp sound, the lamp was turned on.

The sudden burst of light frightened the person who was half pressed on Su Wan. The person’s body trembled and they immediately stopped what they were doing and raised their head.

In an instant, their eyes met.

An exceptionally handsome face was reflected in Su Wan’s eyes.

A high nose bridge, a thin mouth, and a pair of phoenix eyes that seemed to carry thousands of stars.

The moment Su Wan saw the person’s face clearly, her forehead twitched violently twice.

So it wasn’t a ghost, it was Jiang Xuecheng.

But at this moment, this unbelievably handsome man stared at Su Wan like this.

It was eerily quiet all around. No one was talking. Occasionally, one could hear the low and hoarse sounds of insects outside the window.

The air seemed to have stagnated, and there was a strange atmosphere.

This man did not sleep in the middle of the night. He ran into her room and licked and bit her. What was going on?!

Su Wan frowned and looked at Jiang Xuecheng. This man did not wear the suit and shirt that he wore in the day. Instead, he changed into a loose cotton nightgown.

Su Wan did not know if it was her imagination, but Jiang Xuecheng looked much gentler than he did in the day. Even his expression was special…

Uh, how should she describe it?

A strange feeling rose in Su Wan’s heart. She swallowed her throat and was about to speak, but Jiang Xuecheng spoke first.

“Elder Sister, you smell so good.”

When she heard this, Su Wan was immediately scared out of her wits and almost spat out a mouthful of saliva!

Oh God, was Jiang Xuecheng doing some kind of role-play?!

He was clearly five or six years older than her!

And he still had the cheek to call her elder sister!

“Elder sister, why aren’t you saying anything?”

Seeing that Su Wan looked at him as if she was in a daze and did not say a word, the man’s eyes revealed an obvious sadness.

He even blinked his unusually long eyelashes. He lowered the corners of his mouth and looked like he was about to cry.

This time, Su Wan was no longer just shocked. She felt that she must have been dreaming or struck by lightning!

Heavens, Jiang Xuecheng was actually acting cute!

Acting cute!

She must be dreaming!

Could it be that she had too much resentment towards Jiang Xuecheng’s cold and indifferent look, which was why she had such a strange dream in the middle of the night?!

Su Wan repeated it in her heart twice, trying to convince herself that she was dreaming.

She rolled her eyes at Jiang Xuecheng. Without thinking, she turned off the light and pulled the quilt over, covering her head with it.

What you think in the day will come to your dreams at night.

She finally understood why she had felt so weird earlier!

Because not only was Jiang Xuecheng not cold, but he was also acting cute…

Su Wan wrapped herself in the quilt, and the corner of her mouth could not help but twitch — however, the silly look in Jiang Xuecheng in the dream did not seem like acting cute. It was really a little cute.

It seemed to be quite destructive.

It would be better if she fell asleep. She would not have such nonsensical dreams anymore.

The corner of Su Wan’s lips curved. She was ready to continue dreaming and fall asleep.

However, the man next to her seemed to be hurt by Su Wan’s cold attitude. He immediately lifted Su Wan’s quilt.

“Elder Sister, why are you ignoring me? It’s so dark here. I’m so scared…”

The man suddenly hugged Su Wan and trembled as if he was terrified.

Fuck, what are you scared of? I’m more afraid than you are, okay?!

Seven or eight black lines appeared on Su Wan’s head. This feeling made her speechless.

It would be better if she fell asleep…

Su Wan’s expression turned cold. She began to count the sheep in her heart, but the nagging voice beside her kept bothering her. The constant calling out of “elder sister” was making her restless.

Su Wan Wanted to turn around and ignore him, but the other party was holding her so tightly that she couldn’t even move!

This feeling was too terrible. She still had to wake up early tomorrow to make breakfast for Jiang Xuecheng. Could she not have such a ghastly dream in the middle of the night?

She didn’t want to go out with two dark circles under her eyes tomorrow…

Wasn’t this dream a little too realistic? Jiang Xuecheng’s words were so clear, and he seemed to be hugging her so hard that she was a little out of breath…

Could it be that it wasn’t a dream?

Su Wan’s brows furrowed tightly, and she couldn’t help but turn on the wall lamp again.