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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 572 - Bathe

Chapter 572: Bathe

Previously, in the coffee shop, it was clearly Jiang Xuecheng who had asked Fiennes who she was first. Under such circumstances, what could she do?

Su Wan looked at the man beside her somewhat helplessly. The man’s long and narrow eyes were sharper than an eagle’s, and his gaze made Su Wan’s scalp tingle.

That was the so called “gaslighting”. Now that she thought about it, that was clearly what Jiang Xuecheng was doing!

It was simply unreasonable!

Seeing that Su Wan did not say anything, the emperor automatically interpreted Su Wan’s silence as guilt. He pursed his thin lips slightly and let out a sneer that was mixed with sarcasm.

“Why aren’t you saying anything? Are you feeling guilty? Or is it that to you, any man who comes from a good background is someone you can admire?”

The deep male voice brushed past her ears, and Su Wan’s expression instantly stiffened!

The food they ate was obviously very bland, but why did it seem like Jiang Xuecheng’s entire body was on fire, and he was looking for someone to vent his anger on at any moment?

Su Wan’s forehead twitched, and she felt that this man was becoming more and more unreasonable.

If he insisted on misunderstanding her like this, Su Wan’s mood would only worsen.

She rolled her eyes at Jiang Xuecheng unhappily, and her voice was also cold and indifferent.

“I said that Your Highness is thinking too much. The only person I admire in my heart is Your Highness. If Your Highness doesn’t believe me, then forget it.”

No matter what, Su Wan didn’t want to let Jiang Xuecheng misunderstand her on this matter. She didn’t stay by his side to add to the conflict between the two of them.

When the emperor heard this, his phoenix-like eyes focused on Su Wan, becoming more and more unfathomable.

If Su Wan had put on a bashful and timid expression, perhaps he would have believed her. However, Su Wan’s expression made it even harder for him to believe her.


Su Wan’s words earlier still made the man’s expression soften slightly.

Even if it was a lie, at least it would be pleasing to the ear.

“Come over.”

The man’s expression was cold as he suddenly moved away from Su Wan’s side. His back was slender, and his footsteps were like meteors, quickly pulling away from Su Wan.

Su Wan felt the shadow in front of her move away, and her beautiful brows relaxed. However, she still felt somewhat troubled.

In fact, she was getting more and more confused about what Jiang Xuecheng was thinking.

What could she do to make Jiang Xuecheng remember her?

Look at what this man was saying now. It was practically domestic violence.

No, no, just last night, that man’s actions were also violent…

Su Wan pouted angrily. After she decided to let Jiang Xuecheng regain his memory, forget about kneeling on the washboard, she would make him kneel on instant noodles. If even a strand breaks, she would let him kneel for an extra day!

Su Wan quickly followed Jiang Xuecheng and got on the maglev car with him.

Jiang Xuecheng still chose to drive on autopilot, but the speed was actually the fastest!

As soon as the car started, Su Wan felt a little dizzy and her body leaned forward uncontrollably!

Su Wan’s hands pulled forward randomly. Just when she thought she would fall to the ground, she seemed to have touched a strong arm.

Jiang Xuecheng stopped her.

With inertia, Su Wan was practically thrown into Jiang Xuecheng’s arms.

For a moment, no one said anything. The air in the maglev car seemed to be frozen with an indescribable strangeness.

Jiang Xuecheng’s aura, which was as calm and distant as ice, gradually lingered under Su Wan’s nose.

Su Wan looked up in a daze, and a handsome face appeared in her eyes.

She did not know if it was her misconception, but she subconsciously felt that this man’s face had turned completely black!

In this short day, it seemed that she had embarrassed herself in front of this man for the second time.

What an awkward situation!

Su Wan’s face could not help but turn slightly red. She quickly crawled out of his arms and gave him an embarrassed smile.

“Thank you.”

After saying those words, Su Wan could not help but feel a little sadness in her heart. In the past, Jiang Xuecheng hated it the most when she said thank you. She always felt that they were estranged, but now this man…

God knows what he was thinking.

Seeing that Su Wan had stabilized her body, the emperor calmly withdrew his hand. His voice was as calm as usual.

“It seems that you didn’t have a good rest yesterday. Your body is so weak.”

The elegant and steady voice echoed in her ears, causing Su Wan to suddenly be stunned. Then, she actually didn’t know how to refute!

If she really had to say that her body was weak, then it was definitely because Jiang Xuecheng had harmed her yesterday, right?!

The sun was shining brightly and its rays entered the human world from high in the sky.

A river that looked like a jade belt stretched out in front of Su Wan’s eyes. It flowed happily and watered the lush green grass.

There were colorful flowers that were competing to bloom, and the fragrance of the flowers was carried by the slightly tipsy wind.

A white and red castle stood on top of the mountains. Its posture was elegant, like a dream that was unreachable.

Su Wan looked at the beautiful green scenery in front of her and suddenly felt a little dazed.

She had been here for more than half a month, but this was the first time she had seen a place with such excellent ecological protection. It was indeed worthy of being the headquarters of the God’s palace.

It was said that any planet with a large number of immigrants would be overexploited in order to mine ores. The God’s palace must have spent a lot of money to protect such a rare scene…

Su Wan looked at the beautiful scenery in front of her greedily and subconsciously muttered.

“This place is really beautiful…”

Especially when compared to the barren Planet Allen. If one looked at it from afar, it was either a metal dump or a dry and cracked land. It would not be an exaggeration to say that this place was paradise!

Su Wan closed her eyes and wanted to take a breath of fresh air, but she suddenly heard a deep and cold male voice.

“How is it beautiful?”

Su Wan opened her eyes speechlessly and saw that Jiang Xuecheng had already started walking. Even though she was reluctant to part with the scenery in front of her, she had no choice but to follow him.

Jiang Xuecheng directly brought her to the castle at the peak of the mountain. There were many guards and maids in uniform at the gate. When they saw Jiang Xuecheng return, they all respectfully called out to his highness.

Among them, there were also people who looked at Su Wan from the corner of their eyes.

Those gazes were filled with surprise and inquiry. Su Wan could not ignore them even if she wanted to.

Just pretend to be blind.

Su Wan followed behind Jiang Xuecheng without looking away. She silently recited these words in her heart, and then she became much calmer.

The interior of the castle was extremely graceful and elegant. The style of decoration was light gold, but it looked quite exquisite. It did not lose its weight, giving people a visual treat.

From the natural woolen carpet in the living room, to the beautiful crystal chandelier above her head, and even the European-style carved murals on the walls, every detail was exquisite.

Anyone who saw something beautiful could not help but want to appreciate it. Su Wan could not help but look at the interior decoration, secretly wondering which famous artists had crafted them.

Just as Su Wan was lost in her thoughts, the man in front of her suddenly stopped in his tracks. With a sudden brake, Su Wan barely managed to avoid hitting Jiang Xuecheng’s back.

The emperor looked back at her with a cold expression.


When Su Wan heard this, she immediately froze on the spot…