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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 562 - Incomparably Cruel

Chapter 562: Incomparably Cruel

At a cafe by the street in Baishan District.

Su Wan was sitting by the window of the cafe, waiting for the people she had arranged to meet.

The sun was shining outside the window, and lazy golden threads were shining through onto the table, making the music in the cafe seem more ethereal.

Su Wan put down the menu and took a sip of the coffee in her cup.

Ugh, the taste seemed a little strange. Who had ever tasted coffee with a sour taste.

It was sour, not bitter.

In fact, in such a distant era, it was strange that she could still drink coffee. At the same time, Su Wan could not help but complain that the coffee taste in this shop was not authentic.

She almost finished a cup of coffee…

Su Wan frowned and looked up at the clock on the wall.

It was already the agreed time, but Fiennes was actually late…

However, Su Wan thought that it should not be difficult for Fiennes to get a piece of ore. She originally wanted him to send someone to bring it over, but Fiennes insisted on giving it to her personally.

Su Wan had no choice. After all, the item was in his hands, so she could only agree to this condition.

Back then, Fiennes had vowed that he would never be late. Now, was this a slap in the face?

Su Wan hated it when others were late. Thinking of Nono, who was still sleeping in the robot store, Su Wan could only sit down and continue waiting.

If she had known earlier she would have ask Fiennes for his contact information, and she would not have been so embarrassed.

A hint of helplessness flashed across Su Wan’s eyes. She glanced at the clock on the wall again and continued to wait patiently.

Milky Way Galaxy Alliance headquarters, God’s Palace building.

Fiennes and Diya stood outside the door. The two of them looked at each other. They had come early in the morning to ask for forgiveness, but they were rejected by the emperor.

They had stood here for more than half an hour!

If it wasn’t for the fact that they had ulterior motives, based on Diya’s personality, she would have left long ago. She wouldn’t have been willing to wait here obediently and let the passing maids and guards laugh at her!

Diya looked at her brother beside her anxiously. A trace of panic flashed across her exquisite face.

“Brother, do you think His Highness is still angry with me?”

Hearing Diya’s words, Fiennes’ handsome brows furrowed slightly. Wasn’t this nonsense?

If His Highness was not angry, how could he have kept his door closed and not seen her.

However, in his opinion, His Highness was just using this to suppress Diya’s arrogance. If he was really so angry that he wanted to do something, he would not choose such an awkward attitude.

Fiennes sighed in his heart and reached out to caress Diya’s hair.

“Diya, don’t worry. His Highness will not be harsh on you.”


Diya pursed her lips. Her pretty face was filled with helplessness.

Actually, what she was afraid of was not punishment. What she was afraid of was that the emperor would treat her even more coldly from now on.

Who would have thought that the plan that she thought was foolproof yesterday would actually result in such a huge loss!

Just as Diya and Fiennes were talking, the heavy copper-red wooden door was suddenly opened from the inside.

An ordinary-looking maid slowly walked out. She held a plate made of metal in her hand. She lowered her head and looked straight ahead.

The maid walked past Fiennes and Diya, trying to pretend that she did not see anything.

Her footsteps were very light, but she was still stopped by Diya.


The maid held the empty plate. Her hands tightened slightly, and she complained bitterly in her heart!

As expected, the Prince and Miss Diya were angry. In the end, it was a minor character like her who was unlucky!

The maid turned her head around and nodded slightly at Diya and Fiennes. A decent smile appeared on her face.

“Master Fiennes, Miss Diya, what’s the matter?”

Diya snorted coldly and walked quickly to the maid with a threatening smile on her face.

“Why can you go in, but neither my brother nor I can?”

Hearing that, the maid felt bitter in her heart. She stood to the side and raised the empty plate in her hand slightly.

“Miss Diya, I was only there to deliver breakfast to His Highness. His Highness did not expect you and young master Fiennes, I am also not sure…”

Although she knew that what the maid said was the truth, Diya was still inexplicably unhappy when she saw her. From last night to this morning, she had been holding back a belly full of anger. At this moment, all of her anger was directed at this little maid.

“Bitch, what nonsense are you talking about! How could His Highness not be willing to meet me and my brother?!”

Hearing these words, the maid’s heart skipped a beat. She immediately placed the plate in her hand on the ground. She slapped her own mouth while repeatedly apologizing to Diya.

“I said something wrong. His Highness will definitely see you and young master Fiennes. Please forgive me!”

The maid slapped her own mouth with great force. After two slaps, a few red marks appeared on the maid’s fair face.

Seeing the maid slap her own mouth, a trace of pleasure flashed across Diya’s heart. Her beautiful face revealed a proud expression and she could not help but laugh out loud.

“You are quite obedient.”

When the maid heard Diya’s mocking words, she knew that this rich young lady had vented her anger. Only then did she stop the punishment of slapping her own mouth.

She carefully looked at Diya and asked tentatively.

“Miss Diya, may I leave now?”

The maid did not dare to cry. However, because she was really wronged, there were a few drops of tears in her eyes. Her ordinary facial features actually looked somewhat delicate and pitiful.

When Diya saw the maid’s appearance, she did not know why, but she felt even more displeased!

Among the handmaidens that served His Highness, more than half of them had been replaced by Diya.

Initially, she did not chase this woman away because she was considered to be ordinary and honest. However, she did not expect that after looking at her, this honest handmaiden seemed to still be somewhat beautiful.

This woman would not be like this in front of the emperor. She would not cry on purpose and deliberately seduce His Highness, right?!

The anger in Diya’s heart was instantly ignited. She coldly looked at that female attendant, her eyes filled with disdain.

“Who said you can leave! You, go and knock on the door for me and brother!”

Diya’s voice was very sweet, but to that female attendant, it was incomparably cruel!

Seeing Miss Diya actually make such an unreasonable request, the female attendant’s already somewhat weak face, because she had just slapped her own mouth, instantly turned deathly pale!

Who in the God’s Palace didn’t know that His Highness hated being disturbed for no reason the most!

People like Miss Diya, who had someone backing her up, might not feel anything, but for people like them, how could they dare to go against the emperor?!

The maid’s body shivered, and her teeth trembled slightly. The tears in her eyes couldn’t be held back any longer, and instantly burst out of her eyes.

“Miss Diya, I said something wrong earlier. I beg your excellency to be magnanimous and forgive me. If I knock on the door for no reason, I will be punished by His Highness…”