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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 57 - Which School Are You From?

Chapter 57: Which School Are You From?

Lin Xuan kindly touched Su Wan’s head. “You’ve grown up and you still cry?”

Then, Lin Xuan took a glance at Jiang Xuecheng, who was standing by Su Wan’s side. This young man had a handsome appearance and his brows were clear, like they had been dipped in ice and snow.

Even though he was wearing a simple long windbreaker, she could see his tall and straight body and he emitted an extraordinary charm.

Lin Xuan’s eyes lit up and she nodded with approval, “This young man is a fine-looking guy.”

Su Wan sniffed. A smile blossomed on her exquisite face. When she was about to introduce her husband to her grandparents, she heard a cough. Su Wan looked toward her grandfather uncertainly, but he ignored her and uttered a sentence.

“What’s the use of a handsome face? Only those with true skills and genuine knowledge can be trusted.”

Su Wan was suddenly awkward. She swallowed all the words of introduction she had initially planned to utter.

Her grandfather, Xie Changfeng, was a distinguished professor of the country’s famous Chang Xin University in A City. He loved to preach in normal times, but wasn’t spitting out this sentence on this occasion putting Jiang Xuecheng down?

Unexpectedly, Jiang Xuecheng had no fear. His eyes were calm and he calmly nodded his head.

“Grandfather, you’re right.”

Xie Changfeng had not expected Jiang Xuecheng to be able to maintain his composure. His sharp eyes swept across Jiang Xuecheng and he stayed silent.

As the four of them were standing at the door like logs, Su Wan immediately voiced out, “Grandmother, people are walking to and fro along the passageway. If we keep standing here, it’s too eye-catching. Let’s go in.”

Lin Xuan immediately moved aside and said, “Ah, yes, I’m old and I’ve forgotten. Come in. Grandson-in-law, you come in too.”

Jiang Xuecheng smiled at Lin Xuan and thanked her. “Thank you, Grandmother and Grandfather.” Then, he marched in.

It looked as if there was an aura of incompatibility between Xie Changfeng and Jiang Xuecheng but for Su Wan’s sake, Xie Changfeng walked to the kitchen while looking at her.

“I bet you’ve not taken your lunch yet, have you? I’ll go and prepare lunch. Wan, you talk to Grandmother.”

Su Wan gaped in surprise, “Grandfather, when did you learn how to cook?”

From her memory, grandfather was well-known for being a poor cook. Once, when her grandmother had gone on a business trip, he had to prepare his own food and had almost burned down the kitchen.

Lin Xuan’s eyes were smiling. She shot a glance at Xie Changfeng, who was walking further away from them. Then, she held Su Wan’s hand and sat down on the couch.

“I’m old now and my body is becoming less and less useful. Since you went abroad, my hands have become weak. So, your grandfather learnt how to cook and do house chores. His culinary skills aren’t too bad.”

Upon hearing this, Su Wan’s heart felt bitter. She understood the saying that goes, ‘by the time children want to take care of their parents, their parents have left the world’ better than anyone else.

Spending more time with family members was the best way to repay their love and care shown from childhood.

Su Wan secretly pinched herself and forced her tears back. Her smile became more resplendent.

“Grandmother, you’re such a good person. You’ll live a long life! Your grandson-in-law has bought you many health products!”

Jiang Xuecheng, who was standing by the side, came up with a bag of health products and passed them to Lin Xuan.

Lin Xuan went through the things in the bag and darted a look at Jiang Xuecheng and Su Wan in disapproval.

“Why did the two of you buy so many things? As long as both of you lead a good life, I’ll be happy.”

Jiang Xuecheng, who had been silent for quite some time, suddenly raised his brows. His dark eyes were glistening. “Grandmother, what you’ve said is only from one perspective. If you stay healthy, it’s a blessing to us juniors.”

Jiang Xuecheng has an appearance that everyone from eight to eighty years old liked. Now that what he said made the elderly woman happy, Lin Xuan’s impression of him improved tremendously.

Lin Xuan smiled as he examined this grandson-in-law of hers. That moment, she was so amused by his words her wrinkles showed. Then, Jiang Xuecheng added another sentence.

“I think Grandfather may need some help in the kitchen. I’ll go and help him.”

So, Jiang Xuecheng marched into the kitchen. After he left, Lin Xuan caught Su Wan’s hand and started asking her lots of questions.

“I didn’t manage to ask you much through the phone yesterday. How does the young guy treat you? A person who takes the initiative to cook should be quite affectionate, shouldn’t he? What’s his family like?”

Su Wan stared at Jiang Xuecheng’s tall figure and explained patiently to her grandmother.

At least for now, there was nothing to nitpick about Jiang Xuecheng as a husband and he was far beyond Su Wan’s expectation.

While Su Wan and Lin Xuan were chatting, on the other side, Xie Changfeng, who was cutting vegetables, saw Jiang Xuecheng and almost cut his own finger.

Xie Changfeng glared at Jiang Xuecheng. “Why are you here?”

With dignity, Jiang Xuecheng walked toward Xie Changfeng. He picked up some vegetables beside the chopping board silently and while washing the vegetables, he answered.

“I’m here to be your assistant.”

Xie Changfeng scanned Jiang Xuecheng from head to toe and no matter how he looked, this man didn’t seem to know how to cook.

“You aren’t here to be a hindrance rather than a help, are you?”

Jiang Xuecheng smiled and adeptly peeled the vegetables. However, he did not respond to Xie Changfeng’s doubts. He started another conversational topic.

“I’ve heard from Wan Wan that you lecture at Chang Xin University. Coincidently, my mother studied there too. She might have attended your lectures before.”

Upon hearing this, Xie Changfeng asked in a half-believing manner, “What’s your mother’s name?”

Chang Xin University was one of the top universities in Jiuzhou and it was not easy to get in.

He would ask someone to check the student name list of Chang Xin University for Jiang Xuecheng’s mother’s name.

If Jiang Xuecheng was lying to seek connection with him, he would deduct a point for personality.

If he was a person who lied, Xie Changfeng would not like him and would not want Su Wan to marry him.

Jiang Xuecheng could sense his doubt. His voice remained unhurried. “My mother’s surname is Xu, first name Ziyao.”

Suddenly, Xie Changfeng stood the knife on the chopping board. He had the excitement which could not be contained. “Is your mother a student of the 37th batch?”

Jiang Xuecheng smilingly nodded. Xie Changfeng let out a long breath and he exclaimed, “Your mother was an outstanding student. That year, she was my proud disciple and a goddess-level figure in Chang Xin University.”

Now, Xie Changfeng found Jiang Xuecheng a little more pleasing to the eye. His brows moved and he continued asking Jiang Xuecheng.

“Hey, kid, your mother was so outstanding. Since you’re her son, which university are you from?”