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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 558 - How Shameless He Was

Chapter 558: How Shameless He Was

This man!

Why was he such a bastard even though he had lost his memory?!

Su Wan quivered and almost screamed when he did that.

Su Wan used her hand to grab the leather cushion. Her beautiful face was as red as a cherry tomato.

Su Wan forced herself to remain calm and did not let herself make any strange noises. She glared at the man in front of her.

“Enough, that’s enough. Stop.”

Upon hearing Su Wan’s shy and angry tone, a trace of mockery flashed across the emperor’s dark eyes, but his expression remained calm.

“I’m doing this for your own good. If you don’t apply good medicine, you’ll definitely suffer for the next two days.”

Su Wan was really angered to the extreme, but she could not flare up. She could only clench her teeth and stiffen her body.

“Then you have to apply the medicine quickly!”

Su Wan’s tone was filled with anger, and she could not care less about respect.

When the man heard this, his hand movements slowed down slightly. He raised his head and glanced at Su Wan. He saw that her bright eyes were shining like water. She looked like a kitten that was about to explode. It was so adorable.

“What, you can’t take it anymore? Do you feel itchy, or am I hurting you?”

As he spoke, the man’s hand was exploring inside. It was light, heavy, slow, and fast, but it seemed to have a rhythm to it.

What kind of question was that?!

Su Wan felt that place making her tremble. It was like a stream of water, making her feel very flustered.

Su Wan’s expression instantly froze. She bit her lips tightly, not wanting to say a word.

She had seen how shameless this man was. He was so thick-skinned, yet he still had the balls to ask her?

A thin layer of sweat appeared on Su Wan’s forehead. She felt that her mind was a mess, and she was loosing her bearings.

This so-called “applying medicine” was practically a cruel torture for her!

Although Jiang Xuecheng’s actions could be considered gentle, it was really a test of her embarrassment.

Su Wan simply closed her eyes and tried her best to put aside her thoughts, not thinking about anything…

The emperor’s gaze locked onto Su Wan’s crimson side profile, and he suddenly felt his throat dry up.

In fact, he had only wanted to apply the medicine. Later, when he saw how interesting Su Wan’s reactions were, he could not help but tease her a few more times.

But now, he did not know whether the person who was suffering was Su Wan or himself.

If it was previously because of the drug, then what was it now?

Did he want the same experience again…

He had to admit that this woman did have the ability to attract people. She closed her eyes, and her face was still as clean and beautiful as a spring.

The emperor’s eyes darkened a few times. He really wished that he could forcefully possess the girl in front of him, but he knew that now was not the time.

What he had done previously had caused great harm to Su Wan’s body. He would not forget this point.

Seeing that Su Wan’s body was becoming more and more stiff, his expression turned cold. He finally let go of Su Wan slowly.

Su Wan felt as if her entire body had been burned. There was a strange feeling flowing through her limbs and bones. She really did not know when this gentle torture would end.

Suddenly, Su Wan noticed that the other party’s fingers had withdrawn. She immediately heaved a sigh of relief — it was finally over!

Su Wan opened her closed eyes and looked at the other party. She immediately asked.

“Sir, is it done…”

However, before Su Wan’s vision could be clear, she suddenly saw a pair of eyes that were darker than the night sky locking tightly onto her. The possessiveness in that gaze made her feel flustered.

She was like the prey and he was like a starving ferocious beast that had to fill his stomach.

Su Wan’s face was covered with a faint blush. She quickly lowered her head and thanked Jiang Xuecheng.

“Thank you, sir.”

Looking at Su Wan’s slightly moving scarlet thin lips, the man’s dark eyes were as deep as a pool of water. Finally, he could no longer restrain himself and grabbed Su Wan’s head with one hand.

With a loud bang, Su Wan’s mind exploded with thunder!

Before Su Wan could react, she saw a handsome face getting closer and closer until the tips of their noses were touching. Jiang Xuecheng’s thin lips grabbed her precisely.

Why did he suddenly kiss her?

This kiss was very forceful. Her breath was suddenly taken away and she almost could not breathe.

No one spoke. It was as if the air in the maglev car had become oppressive.

Su Wan didn’t know why, but she felt that Jiang Xuecheng was becoming more and more forceful. He secured her hands, but he didn’t make any further movements.

It was as if he was afraid that the previous incident would happen again.

After another half a minute, Su Wan felt herself being released.

The man was looking at her. His black eyes were clear and cold, as if nothing had happened just now. Everything was just an accident.

“Where do you live? I’ll send you back.”

His voice was indifferent and calm, echoing clearly in the air.

Su Wan frowned, feeling that the current Jiang Xuecheng was a little hard for her to figure out.

“It’s in a small hotel called Tianqing by the North Road of the city.”

Su Wan carefully reported the address of the place she was staying at and discreetly observed his expression.

There seemed to be flames burning in the pair of pitch-black eyes, but upon closer inspection, it looked like there was nothing at all.

Su Wan was completely unable to guess what Jiang Xuecheng was thinking right now.

The emperor nodded slightly and then turned on the automatic drive of the Maglev. He lightly touched the holographic electronic screen a few times and quickly set the destination.

The maglev car was faster than Su Wan had imagined. Su Wan was a little surprised when she saw the scenery flying past the mirror.

The emperor glanced at Su Wan’s awkward clothes and suddenly remembered something.

“I asked someone to prepare a set of clothes for you. It’s on the stool in the inner cabin. Go and change.”

Su Wan’s forehead twitched when she heard that. So this guy still remembered about the clothes!

She had been worrying about how she would return to the hotel later. She couldn’t say that the clothes had been stolen…

Su Wan gritted her teeth. She really felt that Jiang Xuecheng was deliberately messing with her. However, it was better to have a spare set of clothes now than nothing.

Su Wan was too lazy to argue with him about this. She quickly walked to the inner cabin and quickly found the clothes that Jiang Xuecheng had mentioned.

It was a blue dress. Other than the color, it was exactly the same as the one she had worn at the banquet.

Su Wan saw the label on it. It was indeed the same brand.

Should she say that Jiang Xuecheng was attentive, or that he was obsessive-compulsive?

Defeiya had always made a single dress in each color. To find a dress of the same brand and size in such a short time, it was really difficult for the subordinate who had prepared the dress.

Su Wan pressed the control button and closed the cabin door. Then, she carefully changed into the blue dress.

When Su Wan walked out, she heard a low voice.

“I’ll send someone to pick you up to the God’s Palace tomorrow.”

Su Wan was stunned when she heard that. She remembered the promise she made with Fiennes and quickly shook her head.

“Can it be the day after tomorrow? I have something to do tomorrow.”