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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 555 - I Don’t Want Others To See Me

Chapter 555: I Don’t Want Others To See Me

Hearing Su Wan’s words, the man’s face instantly turned cold.

His ink-colored eyes were locked on Su Wan. Seeing the earnest look on Su Wan’s face, he suddenly felt very uncomfortable.

Who was the person this woman was talking about?

Was that person very important to her? So important that he had to follow her wherever she went, and she couldn’t leave them behind no matter where she went?

An indescribable negative emotion wrapped around his heart like a vine.

The young emperor indifferently glanced at Su Wan, who had fallen to the ground, and his voice carried a deep coldness.

“You still want to bring someone to live with you? What do you think the God’s Palace is? A charity shelter?”

Could This man not be so cheap…

Su Wan’s forehead twitched. She was completely unable to adapt to the current Jiang Xuecheng. She was silent for a moment before hurriedly explaining.

“Your Highness, you misunderstand. What I said is actually a robot. It’s very important to me…”


An anxious female voice sounded in her ears. When the young emperor heard this, he could not help but squint his black eyes.

He looked down at Su Wan as if he was trying to determine if Su Wan’s expression was fake.

He didn’t know why, but when he heard this answer, his initial dissatisfaction gradually receded.

There were many robots in the God’s Palace, and all of them were highly simulated robots. Sometimes, if one didn’t look carefully, it was easy to confuse them with real people.

However, to the emperor, no matter if it was a simulated robot or an ordinary robot, they were just a pile of cold, dead objects.

They didn’t have any thoughts or souls. What they had was just a fixed program given by humans. It was boring to the point of being rigid.

He really didn’t know why this woman felt that a robot was very important.

The emperor quietly looked at Su Wan, his low voice spilling out of his thin lips.

“Since it’s a robot, you can bring it with you.”

Su Wan nodded. Just as she was about to thank him, she suddenly saw Jiang Xuecheng bend down.

Su Wan raised her eyebrows in astonishment, not understanding what he was going to do.

The young emperor’s gaze swept over Su Wan’s body. That gaze was very strange, but surprisingly, it did not have the cold and mocking feeling from before.

“You can’t walk anymore, can you?”

Su Wan was stunned when she heard this. Her face flushed red, and she did not know whether to nod or shake her head.

Her entire body was indeed in pain, especially in a place that was difficult to speak of…

However, if she wanted to walk, it was not impossible. It was just that her dress had been torn by Jiang Xuecheng. If she were to just walk out with his clothes on, it would be a little shameful.

Su Wan looked at the man in front of her embarrassedly and said with some hesitation.


Could he bring her a set of lady’s clothes first?

In the end, just as Su Wan said the word “I,” the man actually stretched out his hand and picked her up!

Suddenly, Su Wan’s eyes widened!

She was shocked for a second, and then a deep speechlessness emerged in her heart.

The man threw out a question, but he did not need an answer. He had already made up his mind, didn’t he?!

Then why did he ask her?

In fact, the emperor did not expect that he would actually carry Su Wan. When he saw Su Wan’s hesitant look, he subconsciously took action!

He had always disliked physical contact with others, but this woman in front of him was an exception.

Holding her in his arms, he did not feel any disgust. Instead, he felt an inexplicable pleasure.


This woman was really too skinny. It was a little awkward to hold her in his arms. It was better for her to be fatter. She would be better to hold…

When this thought popped up in his mind, the young emperor’s ink-black eyes were slightly startled. Whether this woman was fat or thin, it had nothing to do with him.

Su Wan shifted to a comfortable position by herself and boldly pressed her head against his shoulder.

Su Wan raised her eyes slightly and immediately saw that handsome face that was just inches away was looking at her strangely.

His gaze was as cold as ice and carried a deep chill, as if he wanted to stare two holes into her face.

Su Wan’s body shivered and immediately realized that something was not right.

This man did not remember who she was. She just felt too good about herself…


Just when Su Wan thought she would be ridiculed, the man did not play by the rules. He just said indifferently.

“I’ll take you back to apply the medicine first.”

With that, the man walked out of the door. Although he was carrying someone, he did not seem to feel Su Wan’s weight at all. His back was straight and his figure was as tall as a bamboo pole.

Su Wan thought about how she was being held in the arms of Jiang Xuecheng in this state. There should be many people in the hotel, such as waiters and guests at the birthday party…

When she thought about how others were pointing fingers at her, Su Wan felt a chill run down her spine!

Su Wan frowned and quickly spoke to Jiang Xuecheng.

“Can you put me down first? I want to change my clothes. I… don’t want others see me…”

Su Wan’s words entered her ears and the man stopped in his tracks. He looked down at Su Wan with a hint of mockery in his eyes.

“Don’t think so much. Do you think others will look at you?”

Su Wan was stunned when she heard that. She was so angry that she felt like she had ignited a fire in her heart. However, she could not flare up at the person in front of her.

In fact, sometimes, you only dare to be presumptuous because you know that you were highly valued by the man.

But now, she was obviously not the one who was highly valued by this man. Moreover, she had to swallow her pride and wait for him to remember her. Just the thought of it made Su Wan feel depressed.

Su Wan could only curse in her heart angrily. Then, she planned to punish him by kneeling on a washboard when Jiang Xuecheng remembers of her!

The slightly cold white light scattered throughout the entire corridor. There were a few men and women dressed in waiters’ clothes walking through them.

When their gazes landed on the people in front of them, they immediately held their plates respectfully and quietly stood to the side, not daring to breathe loudly.

No one dared to raise their heads to look at Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng.

As Su Wan was held in Jiang Xuecheng’s arms, she thought about the fact that she was wearing Jiang Xuecheng’s coat and her exposed calves…

Su Wan felt that anyone could guess what she and Jiang Xuecheng had done in front of them.

It was really awkward…

Su Wan’s face was slightly hot, and her pale face was tainted with a faint blush.

She bit her lip and rested her head on the man’s shoulder, not wanting anyone to see her face.

The young emperor held Su Wan in his arms. He walked past the waiters and walked forward without looking to the side.

Seeing Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng’s figures gradually disappearing into the distance, a person who had previously bowed respectfully in the crowd slowly raised their head.

They clearly knew that it was the best opportunity, but…

That person slightly clenched his hand. A dark light flashed in their jade-like eyes.