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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 553 - Like A Fish Waiting To Be Cut On The Chopping Board

Chapter 553: Like A Fish Waiting To Be Cut On The Chopping Board

The emperor gazed deeply at Su Wan. His obsidian-like eyes did not reveal the slightest bit of emotion.

In an instant, their eyes met.

What had happened earlier was not pleasant at all.

At this moment, Su Wan did not want to see his face at all. She slightly opened her eyes and dodged.

She did not want to remember the pain that was akin to a thousand cuts.

Su Wan lowered her head slightly and could only look at the clean floor in a daze.

Her bare ankles were pressed against the floor, and Su Wan felt a little cold.

Su Wan opened her eyes in a daze, and the floor clearly reflected the man looking down at her from above.

His face did not change at all. It was still as perfect as before, but the figure that was as tall as a god was so cold and distant. There was even disdain.

This feeling was very bad.

Anyway, she did not like it at all.

However, because this man was Jiang Xuecheng, she could not hate him.

Su Wan had long guessed that apart from forgetting her, Jiang Xuecheng was probably also very unlucky to have been drugged. Otherwise, even if Jiang Xuecheng lost its memory, he would not be in such a crazy state.

Thinking about who this hotel was holding a birthday party for, the whole story seemed to be clear at a glance.

Therefore, she was very unfortunate today, but luckily, it was her.

If it were any other woman today, she would probably go crazy too.

Su Wan was thinking about something. Suddenly, a faint pain came from that secret place, and it was getting stronger.

Su Wan frowned slightly. She pursed her pale lips and leaned her delicate body to the side. She used her hands to support the ground and forced herself to remain calm, not letting herself make a sound.

At this point, she felt as if she had been severely whipped. She did not even have the strength to stand up.

She felt angry and wronged.

Even though she knew the whole story, Su Wan did not want to say a word, let alone ask that man for help.

This was probably the last bit of her self-esteem acting up.

She did not resist because she liked Jiang Xuecheng, but it did not mean that she was willing to submit.

Su Wan fell to the ground, wearing only a man’s coat.

She looked like a fish waiting to be cut on the chopping board.

The shimmering light shone on Su Wan. Her delicate and pretty face was covered by her waterfall-like black hair, and her expression could not be seen clearly.

She was enveloped by a sense of loss. There was a faint sadness.

This suit jacket was a little too big for Su Wan, but her fair and slender legs were still clearly exposed.

From the bottom to the top, there were dense marks that extended all the way to an invisible place, causing people to daydream.

Anyone who saw this scene would understand that Su Wan had been ruthlessly doted on.

However, what happened just now could not be considered “doted on.” Instead, it was a form of unilateral abuse.

In fact, the effect of the drug had already passed. However, looking at Su Wan like this, the man’s throat moved once again.

“Why haven’t you said anything?”

The young emperor did not know why Su Wan kept looking at the floor. However, an inexplicable emotion occupied his mind and continuously eroded his rationality.

Perhaps it was ridiculous, but he was even a little jealous of the shiny floor that could keep her eyes on it.

Now, she did not even want to look at him anymore.

The man looked down at Su Wan from above, shrouding her in his shadow, but unexpectedly, Su Wan still did not move, as if she did not notice at all.

This woman really did not know what was good for her…

His sharp brows furrowed even deeper, and a crease appeared between his brows.

It must be that the effects of the medicine had not completely cleared.

It must be so.

The young emperor thought hatefully, and simply half-knelt down.

He reached out his hand and forcefully turned Su Wan’s face in front of him, each and every move of his carried a force that could not be defied.

This time, Su Wan had no choice but to look straight at the man in front of her. Su Wan felt that her chin was slightly hurt by his merciless hand.

However, this kind of pain could only be considered the lightest.

Su Wan’s face was very pale. Her watery eyes flickered for a moment, but she still did not speak.

Damn it——

The emperor cursed in a low voice. He had an urge to smash the table in his heart, but he forcefully held it back.

Seeing the red marks on Su Wan’s beautiful chin, the emperor finally understood that he held her too hard. It must have hurt her.

The man withdrew his hand embarrassedly, as if he had a guilty conscience. He couldn’t help but lift up the hair on Su Wan’s cheek and push it to her temples.

This action was very intimate. Even the emperor himself didn’t realize it. He sat up very skillfully with a hint of imperceptible gentleness.

No one spoke. The surroundings were extremely quiet, but the air became increasingly strange.

The two of them were very close to each other that they could hear each other’s breathing.

From his angle, he could see Su Wan’s faint shoulders and neck under the man’s jacket.

He had just been controlled by the effects of the drug, and coupled with his extreme emotions, he had left many marks on Su Wan’s body.

Those marks were all left behind by himself…

For some reason, this strange and slightly excited thought suddenly jumped out of his mind.

The emperor suddenly felt that the air was a little hot, and his Adam’s apple could not help but slide.

This woman must be a witch sent by God to bewitch him!

The man’s breathing became slightly hurried, and his rationality was on the verge of collapse. However, when he thought about what had just happened, he could only force himself to endure it.

It was not necessarily a coincidence that this woman had appeared here.

When this thought arose, the emperor felt as if a layer of ice water had been poured over him from head to toe. His previous thoughts had completely faded away.

He stared at Su Wan indifferently. His voice was cold, like the bone-piercing cold wind in the cold winter months.

“That time when we were on patrol at Baishan District, was it you who caused trouble?”

When she heard this, Su Wan’s eyelashes trembled slightly.

She sighed lightly in her heart. Then, she finally raised her head and met those eyes that were as deep as ice.

“It was me.”

Su Wan hesitated for a moment. She did not know what tone to use to say this.

The hand that was hidden under Su Wan’s sleeve silently clenched into a fist.

“Your Highness, I have admired you for a long time. Can I stay by your side?”

Today’s matter would be over sooner or later. The important thing was that she had to let Jiang Xuecheng remember her.

Otherwise, all the suffering she had suffered today would be in vain.

She was certain that this person was Jiang Xuecheng, so she had to let him remember her, and the prerequisite for all this was that she had to stay by his side first.

Hearing this, the young emperor was suddenly shocked.

Su Wan’s voice was very respectful, but it also seemed to contain a lot of indescribable emotions. It was as if she was enduring and mourning.

The man’s heart was extremely strange, but he immediately determined that Su Wan was lying. What a joke. If Su Wan really admired him, why did she look like that before.

He stared straight at Su Wan.

“You said you admired me?”