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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 550 - Was She Dreaming

Chapter 550: Was She Dreaming

Could it be that Ming Ye left but returned?

Su Wan frowned in shock and subconsciously called out Ming Ye’s name.

“Ming Ye? Is that you? Why are you back?”

However, Su Wan did not hear anyone’s answer, and the hand that was grabbing her shoulder behind her did not let go either.

In the darkness where one could not see their fingers, one could only hear a slightly hurried sound of breathing.

The other party was a man. Although he did not speak, his breathing was like sand sinking into an hourglass. It was extremely hoarse.

Wasn’t Ming Ye back?!

The alarms in Su Wan’s heart immediately went off. However, it was pitch-black all around. She could not see anything clearly!

Su Wan’s almond-shaped eyes widened. She tried to resist the other party’s hand that was grabbing her shoulder. All of a sudden, Su Wan heard a flurry of footsteps coming from the other side of the corridor!

Moreover, from the sounds, there were quite a few people who were approaching!

Su Wan opened her mouth and was about to scream for help, but the man in the darkness suddenly covered her mouth and pinched her palm with his other hand.

Su Wan exerted her strength and fell backward!

Su Wan’s heart was instantly raised to her throat. Could it be that the other party was here to murder her for money?

At the very least, Glory World Hotel had contracted the birthday of the first daughter of the Siswell family, and all of them were important figures. Wasn’t the security of the hotel a little too poor?!

She was just an innocent shrimp, and her luck was actually so bad that she was directly dragged into this?

The footsteps on the other side of the corridor were getting closer and closer!

Su Wan’s expression was delighted. Although her mouth was covered by someone’s hand, she still wanted to cry out!

However, the man was very strong and actually dragged her back!

Su Wan lamented her bad luck in her heart. She tried to bite the man with her teeth, but the man who was holding her did not say a word. Su Wan did not know why, but she felt her body go limp and she could not exert any strength!

Su Wan was immediately shocked!

What sorcery did this man use?!

The man covered Su Wan’s mouth with his hand. Su Wan could feel the man’s slightly warm breath landing on her neck, causing a layer of fine and dense particles to form on her shoulder and neck.

In the cold darkness, she was being held by a man who came out of nowhere and she couldn’t move at all!

Fear suddenly emerged in Su Wan’s heart.

Was this the legendary “superpower?”

Su Wan had heard Nono mention that some people in this world had superpowers.

And these superpowers were the key targets of the Milky Way Galactic Alliance, and they could be easily rewarded with high positions!

Although Su Wan couldn’t see anything, she could feel a malicious gaze staring at her coldly.

The feeling of being stared at was very strange, as if she was a prey that could be devoured by a wild beast at any time!

At that moment, Su Wan felt something pressing against her waist, which was frighteningly hot…

It was——

Su Wan’s eyes widened. God, could it really be what she thought?!

This time, Su Wan really panicked!

Su Wan’s thoughts were extremely chaotic. She panicked and wanted to resist, but she didn’t even have the strength to move.

Damn those superpowered people!

Su Wan gritted her teeth and cursed the man who was holding her hostage thousands of times in her heart. However, she was more afraid than angry.

She was like a fish waiting to be cut on the chopping board, anxiously awaiting her fate.

However, there were at least hundreds of women in this hotel, if not thousands. Why was she the only one who was so unlucky?

Su Wan’s heart sank at the thought of being humiliated by a stranger. What should she do…

What should she do?!

Time passed second by second. The man who appeared out of nowhere grabbed her tightly and carefully brought her to the side.

The two of them leaned against the wall tightly. The hand-embroidered curtains in front of them covered their bodies.

The pursuers finally came to their side, but they just passed by without stopping for half a minute!

Hearing the footsteps getting further and further away, it was no different from pushing Su Wan into a fatal abyss!

Didn’t anyone realize that they were here?!

Su Wan’s heart suddenly sank to the bottom of the valley!

After those people left, the man seemed to be impatient and dragged Su Wan to the room behind them!

Su Wan leaned against the cold floor, her skin was covered with goosebumps.

Shame, fear, shock, anger, all kinds of emotions rushed into Su Wan’s mind. It was as if a bottle of mixed emotions had been knocked over in her mind!

It was so dark everywhere. Su Wan’s body was stiff to the limits. Su Wan’s hand was held, and a tall body pressed against her body.

Could she escape?

Su Wan had never thought that she would be unfaithful to Jiang Xuecheng, but the current situation was clearly beyond her expectations!

She could not even move!

Seeing that he was about to tear her clothes, Su Wan’s heart was filled with despair and sorrow.

At that moment, Su Wan felt that the invisible binding force on her body was lifted!

She seemed to be able to move?!

Realizing this, Su Wan immediately slapped the person above her without thinking.

In the dull darkness, a crisp sound was particularly clear and frightening.

In an instant, Su Wan could feel that the temperature around her seemed to have dropped a few degrees, and that man was clearly angered.

Su Wan panicked and wanted to push him away, but she shouted for help.


However, just as Su Wan’s words left her mouth, the curtains in the room were blown open by the wind. The cold moonlight suddenly shone on the face of the man above.

The light brought by the moonlight made Su Wan almost suspect that it was an illusion.

In the dim light, a handsome face appeared. He had black hair and black eyes, cold and noble.

The other party was expressionless. Only his eyes were filled with a malicious light. It was like a raging sea in the night, unfathomable.


Su Wan subconsciously gave up resisting. Her pupils were slightly startled as she muttered the his name.

Su Wan was speaking Chinese. Her voice was very soft, filled with disbelief. There was even a hint of surprise.

Was she dreaming?!

At first, she thought it was terrifying, but after seeing the face clearly, Su Wan felt as if she had experienced an extreme reversal. Intense ecstasy drowned her!

In the dark environment earlier, and the his actions were so rough, Su Wan did not think it was him at all.

At this moment, the man who was pressing down on Su Wan also frowned. He could not understand what Su Wan was saying in Chinese, but he instantly remembered Su Wan’s face.

Wasn’t this the woman the captain of the guards had arrested a few days ago?!

He pressed on Su Wan’s body, his thin sword-like eyebrows slightly furrowed, and he suddenly grabbed her throat.

“It’s you?”

If it was a coincidence that Su Wan had disturbed the order previously, then was it also a coincidence this time?

Looking at the ice-cold expression of Jiang Xuecheng, Su Wan’s mind went blank.

She really didn’t expect that she would be choked by Jiang Xuecheng one day!