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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 545 - It Seemed Only One Sided

Chapter 545: It Seemed Only One Sided

Su Wan noticed this scene and could not help but reveal a hint of joy in her eyes.

It seemed that Jiang Xuecheng had not changed. He still had the same cold and desolate appearance that kept strangers away. It was still the same way that he kept others a thousand miles away even when they were trying to be nice to him.

She was relieved to see that Jiang Xuecheng was so ignorant.

At least she did not need to suddenly have a few more love rivals!

Diya bit her lips, feeling a little wronged. She looked at the jade-colored plate that Fiennes passed to her.

She knew very well that her brother was helping her out.

Diya shifted her gaze away with some resentment. She glanced at the emperor who was standing not far away. He was tall and straight, and his expression was as still as a calm lake.

Diya took a deep breath and suppressed the anger and grievance in her heart.

No matter what, today was her birthday party. She had to maintain the bearing of a noble lady. She absolutely could not lose her temper under the gaze of so many people.

Diya forced a smile and gave him a sweet smile.

“Thank you, brother. The roses that brother cut are really beautiful.”

Fiennes glanced at Diya lovingly. His blue eyes were deep and gentle.

“Happy birthday, sister.”

Diya smiled and nodded. Then she took the cake from Fiennes’ hand and picked up a spoon to carefully dig a spoonful. She deliberately avoided the position of the rose.

“It’s really delicious. But the rose is too exquisite. I’ll leave it.”

When the people around saw this scene, they immediately let out a sigh of relief.

Previously, the emperor had not given Miss Diya face. Anyone with discerning eyes could see that Miss Diya was unhappy, so they did not dare to breathe too loudly, afraid that they would be blamed for bringing bad luck.

Now that Miss Diya had spoken, they also crowded over and unanimously praised Fiennes’ cake.

“Yes, the rose on this cake was cut perfectly. Young Master Fiennes is really amazing!”

Fiennes smiled faintly and picked up a jade-colored plate again. Using the same method as before, he dug out a large slice of cake.

He picked up the plate and walked towards the emperor at a moderate pace. His blue eyes were suffused with a dim light.

“Your Highness, this second slice is obviously for you. Would you do the honor?”

The emperor raised his eyes slightly and glanced at the smiling face of the man in front of him. He was silent for a few seconds and took the exquisite jade-colored plate without saying anything.

Seeing the emperor take the plate, the smile on Fiennes’ lips deepened.

“This is a cake specially made by the chef. Your Highness, why don’t you try it? Maybe it will suit your taste?”

One had a warm attitude while the other was as cold as ice.

A strange atmosphere suddenly flowed in the air.

The emperor elegantly stretched out his hand. With an indifferent expression, he picked up a spoon and dug a piece into the bowl and plate, destroying the shape of the rose on the cake.

Seeing the emperor mercilessly destroying the rose carving, Fiennes was stunned and frowned imperceptibly.

So many people had praised his cake cutting skills, but the emperor didn’t seem to notice.

Fiennes looked at the noble and cold man in front of him, and a strange feeling rose in his heart.

If his sister married this man, would she really be happy?

Looking at his eyes, there was no dust in them, and they were unfathomable. He really didn’t seem like an easy person to approach.

This wasn’t the first time this question appeared in his mind, but Fiennes knew that his younger sister had been spoiled since she was young, and it was also the first time she had fallen in love with someone. It was impossible for her to back down just like that.

Just as Fiennes was in a dilemma, a man’s voice that was as clear as a cello interrupted his thoughts.

“The taste is not bad.”

These short words instantly woke Fiennes up.

Fiennes revealed a decent smile on his face. He nodded slightly at the emperor.

“As long as Your Highness likes it.”

After cutting the cake for his sister and the emperor, Fiennes cut another piece for himself. Then, he directly handed the silver knife to the waitress.

The waitress tried to imitate Fiennes’ technique. She followed the rose carving technique and left it completely on the cut cake. However, there was always something missing.

The other nobles who came to the birthday party didn’t dare to complain. They couldn’t ask the young master of the Siswell family to cut it for them, could they?

The Siswell family had been developing better and better these years. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that they were at the peak of their development.

As for Fiennes, although his birth mother’s status was relatively low, she had inherited the Dragon’s Blood, which was rare. Since she was young, he was brought in to the Siswell family by the patriarch and raised as the successor.

In the beginning, many people in the Siswell family didn’t think highly of Fiennes.

There were even many people who thought that Diya, the daughter of the current patriarch, would make a fuss with Fiennes because of her identity as the successor.

They didn’t expect that after so many years, the relationship between the brother and sister was getting better and better, and there wasn’t any estrangement at all.

If nothing unexpected happens, Fiennes would be the next head of the Siswell family.

Many noble families also wanted to marry their young miss to Fiennes. However, when other people talked about this matter, Fiennes would always be like kicking a rubber ball, changing the topic over with a smile.

In the end, he even used his sister as a shield, saying that as long as he did not marry his sister off, he would not consider his own marriage.

Just from the situation at the banquet today, there were many people with thorough thoughts who could already tell that Miss Diya’s heart belonged to someone else, and the person that Diya liked was probably the current emperor.

Tsk, aristocratic families could not hide news the most. There had always been rumors that Diya frequently ran to the headquarters of the God’s Palace. What was the reason? Who could not guess it?

However, looking at it today, it seemed to be only one sided.

The emperor did not seem to have any feelings for Miss Diya…

Ever since the distribution of the cake, the birthday party had been very peaceful. It was a scene of singing and dancing, and there seemed to be no more trouble.

Su Wan was informed by the staff that Miss Diya was ready to dance, and she was told to quickly go in and prepare.

Su Wan walked into the studio. She picked up her Guqin and was about to go out when she saw a tall and big figure outside the door.

It was actually Fiennes. Su Wan had just seen him socializing downstairs. Why did he suddenly come up?

Fiennes was holding a piece of untouched cake in his hand. A bright rose flower was blooming on the cake. It’s beauty was breathtaking.

Fiennes looked at Su Wan indifferently. The corners of his mouth curled up slightly with a faint smile.

“Miss Su, do you want to eat the cake?”

When he was downstairs earlier, Fiennes heard Diya’s question about marriage. For some reason, a woman’s face suddenly flashed through his mind.

So, he came to see her now.