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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 540 - Do You Play The Guqin?

Chapter 540: Do You Play The Guqin?

Su Wan walked out of the robot store. She stood on the noisy street and looked at the shop sign reluctantly.

Master Liu said that besides the chip made from the silver tear ore, the other components of Nono could be repaired first.

Nono’s body was also made of precious metal. The amount of money for the repair alone was much more than Su Wan had imagined.

One-third of the money in Su Wan’s bank card had already gone.

And the remaining money was far from enough to pay for a small piece of silver tear ore.

Unfortunately, the key to activating Nono was the chip made of silver tear ore…

There was a lot of traffic everywhere, and the sound of people moving could be heard constantly.

Su Wan sighed lightly, suddenly feeling a little lost. No matter what, she would think of a way to wake Nono up.

As for the silver tear ore chip…

Master Liu Say earlier that the silver tear ore was in the hands of the Siswell Family, and that the eldest daughter of the Siswell Family, Diya, would be holding a birthday party at the Glory World Hotel.

In this unfamiliar world, her status was low. How could she have a relationship with a noble lady?

Su Wan thought about it and decided to go to the Glory World Hotel first. Perhaps there would be a hiring of waitresses there.

Su Wan did not speak the interstellar language well. Fortunately, she had a good appearance and temperament. It was more than enough to be a waiter.

If she could join the Glory World Hotel, she might be able to use the opportunity to talk to the Siswell Family at the reception and obtain the silver ore.

As for the matter of getting to know Jiang Xuecheng, Su Wan decided to postpone it for the time being. At the moment, Nono was more important. After all, she already knew where Jiang Xuecheng was. The rest needed to be considered from a long-term perspective.

The God’s Palace, which controlled the Milky Way Galactic Alliance, had extremely strict supervision of its internal personnel. It was as difficult for Su Wan to enter as it was for climbing into the sky.

Although Su Wan’s ID card was real, her resume and place of birth were completely fake. If they checked carefully, she would probably be treated as a spy before she could even come into contact with Jiang Xuecheng.

Su Wan tried to get close to the God’s Palace building, but before she reached the door, she was chased out by dedicated guards.

Su Wan went to the mall and bought a simple beige floral dress. She put on a black suit jacket of the basic style and put on a light and elegant makeup.

She had already asked around and found out that the Glory World Hotel was indeed looking to hire these few days. She practiced her daily language and hoped that she could be hired.

Su Wan picked up her things and was about to leave when the lady boss of the hotel saw her. Her eyes were filled with surprise and amazement.

Although she knew that Su Wan was good-looking, she had always kept her face straight and her clothes were very rough. Today, when she dressed up a little, there was a kind of beauty that made people’s eyes light up.

The lady boss looked at Su Wan with a smile, the corners of her lips curved slightly.

“Good morning, Miss Su. You are so beautiful today. Where are you going?”

Su Wan’s dress was a little formal, it did not seem like she was going to meet her boyfriend.

However, it was strange. Su Wan had lived here for so long, but the lady boss had never seen her bring back a man.

Logically speaking, it was impossible. Other than that, with Su Wan’s looks, how could no one pursue her.

Su Wan nodded slightly at the lady boss. A faint smile appeared on her face.

“Good morning, lady boss. I’m going to apply for a job. I hope I can succeed.”

The lady boss nodded in realization, and the smile on her face grew brighter. “Then I wish Miss Su a successful job application.”

At the entrance of Glory World Hotel, three fountains, one big and two small, were operating continuously. Under the sunlight, they were overflowing with colorful lights. They were beautiful and magnificent, giving a visual impact.

As the most upscale hotel in the city, the interior decoration of Glory world was even more luxurious.

The hotel lobby was decorated with carved beams and paintings, and the design was elegant and graceful. The magnificent crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling, and the tassels made of crystal shone under the light, giving off a colorful glow.

An unknown music flowed in the room, vaguely resembling the seductive singing of a woman by the sea.

There were all kinds of famous paintings in the long corridor, like an art exhibition. The few girls who came to apply could not help but look around, and only Su Wan walked forward without looking sideways.

Su Wan had seen all kinds of luxurious high-level hotels on Earth, so she was not surprised by these and was not curious about them.

The waiters used the call-up system. Su Wan’s number was at the back, and there were more than thirty girls in line in front.

For some reason, Su Wan felt that everyone was called in for a long time. Su Wan suddenly wanted to go to the bathroom.

She glanced at the long line in front of her and decided to go to the bathroom first.

The interior of Glory World Hotel was a mixture of Chinese and Western styles. It was extremely large inside, with curved paths and secluded paths. From time to time, she could see a few rockery and stone walls and flowing springs.

When Su Wan came back from the bathroom, she accidentally went in the wrong direction.

Su Wan looked around and could not see anyone. She had no choice but to walk in a straight line for a while, thinking that she would definitely meet the waiter.

After walking for a while, an exquisite crystal glass window suddenly came into Su Wan’s sight.

What attracted her was what was placed in the window.

It was an ancient Guqin. The upper board was made from Sycamore wood and the lower board was made from Catalpa wood. Every detail was extremely exquisite.

The ancient Fuxi-style Guqin shone with an exquisite and gentle light under the light yellow wall lamp in the window.

This Guqin was like her Fengqiwu…

After realizing this, Su Wan’s body trembled. She could not help but caress the glass window, imagining the feeling of the Guqin strings moving under her hands through the glass.

The scene of her and Jiang Xuecheng playing together on the island appeared in Su Wan’s mind. The cold sound of the Guqin floated in the air, combined with the clear sound of the flute, and finally drifted in the sea breeze.

She really did not expect that after so many years, she would be able to see a Guqin again.

Su Wan’s eyes were filled with thin tears.

Those memories were clearly like yesterday, but they had become so distant.

“Do you play the Guqin?”

A completely unfamiliar male voice sounded. Su Wan was startled when she heard it, and she suddenly turned around.

In an instant, their eyes met.

A young man stood not far away. He was tall and handsome. His facial features were typical of a Westerner’s. He had a pair of warm and deep light blue eyes that shone with the luster of the sea.

He was wearing a black single-breasted suit with a white round-collared shirt underneath. He looked elegant.

Su Wan was stunned. She secretly guessed the identity of this man. Judging from his extraordinary clothes and noble bearing, he should not be an ordinary person.

The man had a teasing smile on his face. He did not hide his interest in Su Wan. Perhaps it was because he had taken advantage of his good looks that people did not think that he was rude.

Su Wan frowned slightly. She did not understand the word “Guqin” and could roughly guess what he meant.

Su Wan thought for a second and nodded at him. “I suppose I do, although I’m not proficient in it.”