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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 533 - Beauties Looked Down On One Another

Chapter 533: Beauties Looked Down On One Another

This group of people actually wanted to kidnap her and leave!

“Let go of me! What right do you have to capture me!”

Su Wan’s eyes suddenly widened. She stretched out her hand, wanting to break free from his hand. However, he was tall and strong. How could she possibly be able to fight against the strength of two men!

The head guard looked down at Su Wan and coldly glanced at her from the corner of his eyes.

“You dared to crash the Emperor’s Parade on the street!”

Su Wan glared at the head of the guards angrily. The head of the guards immediately cuffed Su Wan’s hands and tied her to the maglev car.

“Take her away!”

It was Su Wan’s first time riding a maglev car. Although the night view outside the window was very beautiful, her hands were cuffed. She was not in the mood to enjoy the scenery at all!

What should she do?!

Wait to be interrogated?

Although Ming Ye had given her a real ID card and she was no longer an unregistered resident, Su Wan could not help but feel uneasy.

She came from Earth and was not born and raised here. If the other party followed the ID card and found out that she had appeared out of thin air, would they really treat her as a spy?

Moreover, Nono was still waiting for her in the hotel. If she did not return tonight, how anxious would Nono be?

“Big brother guard, I’m really not an assassin. Look at me, how can I be an assassin?”

A few young guards saw Su Wan’s pitiful look and immediately felt some sympathy for this girl. They could not help but want to plead on Su Wan’s behalf.

However, whenf they turned to look at the captain’s ice-cold expression, everyone immediately shut up and pretended not to hear anything.

The captain’s eye moved. He swept his gaze across Su Wan’s innocent and harmless face, but his expression had a hard-to-melt coldness.

“If you say you’re not, then you’re not. Then why did you have to come out and make a big fuss during the Emperor’s Parade?”


Su Wan’s thin lips moved. She wanted to explain, but she did not know what reason to use to clear up this misunderstanding.

She could not say that she and the emperor of the God’s Palace were husband and wife, right?

She was afraid that she would be killed by this group of crazy believers of the God’s Palace as soon as she said that!

Although the God’s Palace was not a religion in the true sense of the word, and internal members could freely marry and mate, Su Wan’s words would be directly used to slander the emperor.

The head guard saw that Su Wan wanted to speak but stopped. He snorted coldly and his expression was extremely cold.

“A person who has nothing to hide is not afraid of shadows. If you have nothing to hide, then you should cooperate with our investigation. Don’t disturb our work!”

Hearing this, Su Wan’s heart was filled with bitterness and difficulty to speak.

If someone really traced her ID card to investigate, then how would she prove her innocence?

Su Wan’s brows were tightly knitted. She could not help but start thinking about her way out.

If she was really treated as an assassin because she had no resume, wouldn’t that be a dead end?

“Your Highness, this is the woman who caused a ruckus in the Baishan District two days ago. We did not find anything wrong with her. She is now being detained in the detention center. Do you have any instructions?”

The head guard respectfully handed over Su Wan’s photo and her identity resume.

After their initial investigation, Su Wan’s identity was clear. She was not a spy sent by someone with ulterior motives.

Originally, the head guard had intended to let Su Wan go free. However, the emperor suddenly mentioned the matter of the patrol that day. That was why he handed these over.

The young emperor’s expression was indifferent. He reached out to receive the information the head guard handed over and started to flip through them.

The picture of Su Wan wasn’t particularly clear, but her clear almond eyes were especially moving, like a calm gentle lake.

This pair of eyes…

The emperor’s slender brows furrowed, and a blurry figure suddenly appeared in his mind, but he couldn’t see it clearly at all.

Just as he was trying to follow the vague figure, the emperor, who was sitting in front of the desk, suddenly lost all color on his face.

His heart suddenly hurt!

It was as if he had been punched by someone, and the pain could not be worse!

The captain of the guards was stunned. Seeing the God in his heart like this, he could not care about anything else and immediately shouted in panic.

“Your Highness, are you alright?”

The emperor waved his hand at the head guard. He put down the information in his hand, and the expression on his face suddenly returned to indifference.

It was as if the heart-wrenching pain just now was just a fleeting illusion.

The emperor looked disdainfully at the head guard. His low voice was like a cello playing music.

“I’m fine. Since she’s not an assassin or a spy, let her go.”

The emperor’s orders fell into his ears. The head guard nodded, his expression extremely respectful.

“Alright, Your Highness, remember to take care of your health.”

As the head guard spoke, he took back the stack of documents on the table. He quickly walked towards the door. Just as he was about to open the door, the door of the room was suddenly pushed open from the outside.

“Miss Diya.”

In an instant, the figure of a young woman slowly appeared outside the door.

Her face was exquisite and elegant, and she was wearing expensive embroidered clothes. When she stood there, she was like the spring breeze in March, clean and beautiful.

Seeing that sweet face, the head guard shivered. A respectful smile appeared on his face, but a trace of displeasure flashed in his heart.

Anyone with a discerning eye could tell that his highness did not like to be disturbed by irrelevant people. However, this young lady of the Siswell Family, even if she had nothing to do, she still came to look for his highness from time to time!

The woman who was called Miss Diya raised her head proudly. Her beautiful eyebrows fluttered, and she glanced at the head guard with a smile that was not a smile. That porcelain-like face of hers shone with a delicate light.

“What are you holding in your hand? Let me take a look?”

The head guard frowned slightly when he heard Miss Diya’s words.

Fortunately, the documents today were not confidential. It was okay to show them to her. However, when could Miss Diya change her temperament?

Due to her power, the head guard handed over the information in his hand helplessly.

Initially, Diya was just casually saying it. However, since the head guard handed it over, she took the opportunity to glance at the information.

In an instant, the photo at the top of the information entered her sight.

Diya’s heart suddenly felt a little uncomfortable.

As proud and conceited as she was, she had never liked to see any woman who was more beautiful than her.

Although the angle of this woman in the photo was a little awkward, Diya could still see that the woman was a beauty.

Although she was not a peerless beauty that could topple countries and cities, her temperament was elegant and beautiful. She had a kind of beauty that could make one’s heart skip a beat.

It was said that scholars looked down on one another. In fact, beauties did not appreciate one another either.

In any case, she hated it the most when other women’s looks surpassed hers. Moreover, the information that could appear here was probably all seen by the emperor, right?

Why did the emperor suddenly want to see this woman’s information?

At the thought of this, Diya gritted her teeth, her bright face showing some displeasure.

Her eyebrows slightly converged, and her eyes coldly swept toward the head of the guards.

“Who is this woman?”