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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 54 - Practice Makes Perfect

Chapter 54: Practice Makes Perfect

Su Wan wished she could pretend not to understand what Jiang Xuecheng had said, but if she were to pretend now, she might appear to have low emotional quotient. So, she chose to remain silent.

She was not actually against that thing but had no experience and was afraid.

Lin Fei’er had been scaring her, telling her that the first time would hurt. If Jiang Xuecheng had no love experience as rumored, then, both of them would be first timers and it would hurt even more!

Su Wan didn’t dare ask Lin Fei’er for more details. Now that she remembered she had to perform her duty as a wife after marriage, Su Wan felt uneasy.

Jiang Xuecheng sensed her fear. He stretched out his hands and hugged her.

He placed his head on Su Wan’s shoulder and the woman’s sweet and clean breath filled his nostrils. He couldn’t help taking in a breath.

“Why did you return home so late today? Did anything happen at the office?”

Su Wan darted a look at Jiang Xuecheng and started complaining, “You promoted me to deputy director of planning department. I have to work hard from now on or I would disgrace you.”

Jiang Xuecheng smirked and pinched Su Wan’s nose. “How are the meals at Long Teng?”

Su Wan knew Jiang Xuecheng was a mild clean freak. She purposely got closer to Jiang Xuecheng’s face and let out a long breath at him.

“You guess. It doesn’t smell good, huh?”

Jiang Xuecheng was not disgusted at all. Rather, he deepened his smile. “You just had braised noodles with tomatoes and meat sauce?”

It seemed this woman had let her guard down. Her quirky look was really adorable.

Su Wan widened her eyes and her jaw almost dropped. Oh god, Jiang Xuecheng’s guess was too accurate!

Long Teng International’s catered meal today was indeed braised noodles with tomatoes and meat sauce.

However, Su Wan wanted to kill Jiang Xuecheng’s arrogance. She suppressed her surprise and pretended to shake her head in disdain.

“Your guess isn’t accurate at all!”

Jiang Xuecheng moved his eyes. With smiling eyes and a deep, alluring voice, he said, “Really? Then, I must taste it personally…”

How could he taste it personally?

Su Wan didn’t understand what Jiang Xuecheng had meant initially, but then, the man pinned her down directly onto the velvet couch.

His thin lips pressed against her lips. Before Su Wan could respond, that agile tongue had ventured into her mouth!

Their lips and teeth intertwined closely together.

Warm blood rushed up her brain and Su Wan felt unlike her normal self. Her body was burning and her soul floated just like helium balloons flying up the sky.

Jiang Xuecheng looked at Su Wan, whose cheeks had flushed red. His dark eyes were unreadable.

He hugged Su Wan tightly with an irresistible strength, as if wanting to knead her into the bones.

Su Wan tilted her head up and the man’s perfect face imprinted in her eyes. His eyes looked so good and this pair of eyes had only her at the moment and were filled with flames and affection.

His serious look had moved Su Wan.

Jiang Xuecheng looked directly at Su Wan’s eyes and gently loosened his grip. “This is not the first time we’ve kissed, why are you still so clumsy?”

Reluctant to show her weakness, Su Wan rolled her eyes. “Who asked you to kiss me without any warnings? I’m not mentally prepared. Furthermore, your kissing skill isn’t that outstanding either.”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Xuecheng’s eyes turned gloomy. He hugged her waist and his voice deepened.

“Oh? You think my kissing skill isn’t outstanding? Whose kissing skill is outstanding? Your ex-fiancé, Gu Zihang’s? Have you two kissed before?”

Jiang Xuecheng hugged her very tightly and Su Wan felt as if she had been trapped in a net, almost out of breath.

Was Jiang Xuecheng jealous or angry?

Su Wan finally realized her unintentional words had upset this man. So, she quickly explained.

“No, I’ve only kissed you before.”

Jiang Xuecheng’s beautiful brows raised and he was obviously very happy with this answer. He gave a low laugh but did not let go of Su Wan.

“Wan Wan, me too.”

These words were whispered into Su Wan’s ear. Su Wan felt Jiang Xuecheng’s lips on the tip of her ear, making her feel numb and itchy. Coupled with his husky voice, she could no longer stand it.

This man was a disaster. He had caused her heart to skip several beats!

Su Wan calmed her erratic heartbeats and turned her head a little. “Alright, I know, so please let go of me. I’m almost out of breath.”

Watching Su Wan’s nervous and shy look, Jiang Xuecheng’s mood got better. He smirked and didn’t seem to hear her request.

“Wan Wan, since you say my kissing skill is bad, let’s practice more.”

Jiang Xuecheng stared at Su Wan’s blushed cheeks and uttered it word by word.

Su Wan’s eyes widened. She didn’t expect this beast to be unsatisfied after a kiss and want another round!

Oh god, if she knew earlier, she wouldn’t have dug the fiery pit for herself to jump into!

Jiang Xuecheng pushed Su Wan onto the couch. Su Wan leaned closely against his solid back and both of their bodies overlapped. Su Wan’s face instantly burned red.

Jiang Xuecheng clasped Su Wan’s hand, not giving her any opportunity to hide from him. He stared at Su Wan’s moist, red lips and found an opportunity to seal it.

Both their breaths interweaved. Jiang Xuecheng’s dark eyes gazed at Su Wan and her heart kept thumping. Her breathing was irregular and her whole body started trembling.

Su Wan opened her eyes innocently but her mouth was sealed and she couldn’t talk. So, she used her eyes to plead Jiang Xuecheng to let go of her.

Jiang Xuecheng’s heart softened and both their lips parted.

Su Wan, who had regained her freedom, took in a few big gasps of air and it was followed by some pleads. “Xuecheng, your kissing skill is quite good and you don’t need any more practice.”

Jiang Xuecheng didn’t want to spare Su Wan just like that.

Jiang Xuecheng’s throat moved slightly. His beautifully shaped eyes were threatening. “Wan Wan, why did I feel your kissing skill deteriorating?”

Su Wan looked gloomy. She shook her head. “I’m fine with this. Really!”

A flame flashed through Jiang Xuecheng’s eyes. He lowered his head and placed a gentle kiss on Su Wan’s forehead. His voice was slow, unlike his usual voice, bringing out the starlight within people’s heart.

“Wan Wan, if not for your menstrual cramps, I’d definitely execute you here and now.”

As he said that, he tapped on Su Wan’s nose with his long finger. The tight string in Su Wan’s brain snapped that instant.

Her heart raced suddenly!