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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 530 - Why Are You Not Kneeling?

Chapter 530: Why Are You Not Kneeling?

Seeing Su Wan looking at him with a confused expression, Ming Ye’s heart skipped a beat and he had a rough guess.

He pursed his lips and looked at Su Wan with a deep inquiry in his eyes.

“Dragon’s Blood.”

Ming Ye emphasized his words and deliberately slowed down his pace. His pair of jade demonic eyes stared at Su Wan tightly, afraid to miss any of her subtle expressions.

He wanted to determine whether Su Wan’s “ignorance” on the surface was fake or not.

“Dragon’s Blood…”

Hearing Ming Ye’s words, Su Wan repeated the word and then shook her head in confusion again.

“What is Dragon’s Blood? I don’t think I’ve heard of it before…”

She was a newcomer to this strange place. How could she know so many strange nouns?!

Ming Ye looked at Su Wan with a complicated expression, trying to find some flaws in her expression.

But he failed.

Could it be that this woman really didn’t know anything?

Ming Ye took a deep breath, his jade eyes slightly narrowed, his entire being shrouded in a faint layer of gloom.

“In other words, you know about the Milky Way Galactic Alliance, right?”

“Of course I do.”

Su Wan quickly nodded. Although she had not been here for long, she more or less knew about the highest organization that governed the balance of the galaxy.

“Then do you know about the Galactic Alliance’s God’s Palace? Have you heard of the four great families that are controlled by the God’s Palace? And these four great families, how do they differentiate between the high and the low?”

These questions bombarded Su Wan like a barrage of cannonballs, making Su Wan feel a little dizzy for a moment.

Ming Ye’s jade eyes flashed with a demonic light, and his tone was filled with unconcealed hatred and disdain.

Su Wan could feel that when Ming Ye mentioned the God’s Palace and the four great families, he felt a strong wave of emotion.

He had a grudge against the God’s Palace, and he had a grudge against the four great families?

Or perhaps he had a grudge against the entire Milky Way Galactic Alliance?!

Su Wan was shocked by the thoughts that popped up in her mind. If Ming Ye really dared to make an enemy out of the Milky Way Galactic Alliance, wouldn’t that be cutting off his own path of survival?

Looking at all the planets, even if they were in a desolate place, how could they not be controlled by the Milky Way Galactic Alliance?!

Su Wan’s thoughts changed. She had long realized that Ming Ye’s identity was not simple, but now it seemed that things were even more complicated.

However, she had only met Ming Ye by chance. Su Wan still wanted to find Jiang Xuecheng. She definitely did not want to get herself involved in such a complicated matter.

Therefore, even if she had guessed it, she would not ask.

Su Wan shook her head and said softly to Ming Ye.

“I’m not sure, but you suddenly asked about this. Could it be that they have something to do with the Dragon’s Blood and the poison in my body?”

Hearing Su Wan’s words, Ming Ye’s jade eyes blinked slightly. She actually still felt that she had been poisoned.

Was her acting too good, or did she really not understand at all?!

As long as a person had Dragon’s Blood in their body, no matter how little the amount of Dragon’s Blood in their blood was, they would not be afraid of that kind of poison.

The possessors of Dragon’s Blood, with the exception of special circumstances like his, were all descendants of the bloodlines of the four great families that had been chosen by the God’s Palace.

Of course, not all members of the four great families could inherit Dragon’s Blood, and the four great families judged the status of nobility and based on their blood. The position of families’ heads did not depend on hereditary inheritance, but on the strength of the Dragon’s Blood.

Regardless, if Su Wan did not come from one of the four great families and was just an ordinary person who had no ties with the God’s Palace, it was impossible for her to have the Dragon’s Blood!

Furthermore, those who had inherited the Dragon’s Blood might not necessarily have special abilities. However, for those who had special abilities, their strength and control were directly proportional to the level of inheritance of the Dragon’s Blood.

For example, the God’s Palace’s emperor, and himself…

In the past, the God’s Palace had used living people as experimental materials to gather data for research. However, the four great families had fought for power, resulting in internal strife.

In recent years, under the God’s Palace’s suppression, although the war had subsided, the four great families had also been in turmoil.

Only the Siswell Family had benefited. They had retained and merged with other powers. Not only were they far superior to the other families, but they also go head to head with the God’s Palace.

As for those dirty experiments back then, they only stopped on the surface. They were done quietly, but in the dark, they were carried out in full swing. No one knew how dirty they were.

Ming Ye had already tested Su Wan. This woman clearly didn’t have any special abilities, so why did she have Dragon’s Blood in her body?

Seeing that Su Wan was still ignorant, Ming Ye’s eyes moved, and he gently shook his head.

“Su Wan, the poison in your body has already been cured. You don’t have to worry.”

Ming Ye narrowed his eyes. His gaze was burning. He might as well skip the part where Su Wan wasn’t poisoned and change the topic.

Although he didn’t know why Su Wan had the Dragon’s Blood in her body, since Su Wan didn’t know, there was no need to expose it for her to know.

To the people of the God’s Palace and the four great families, the existence of the Dragon’s Blood wasn’t considered a secret. However, to ordinary people, they were completely kept in the dark.

At times, ignorance was bliss.

However, if there was an opportunity in the future, Ming Ye decided to investigate Su Wan’s background.

When Ming Ye’s voice entered Su Wan’s ears, she was instantly dumbfounded!

Since her poison had been cured, why did Ming Ye look as if he had seen a ghost?

It made her think that she was incurable!

Ming Ye stood up and walked to the window. He looked at the stars in the sky. His back was cold and lonely.

Su Wan thought that he did not want to talk about it, so she did not want to ask any more questions.

From a certain perspective, Su Wan was indeed a mindless person. She did not want much. All she wanted was to survive and find Jiang Xuecheng.

Now that she was healthy, Su Wan did not want to have anything to do with Ming Ye anymore.

This man was very dangerous and would bring a lot of trouble. Su Wan did not want to put herself in danger as well.

Ming Ye left that same night. After he left, Su Wan stayed on the passenger ship on Fenglan Island to continue working for a month in order to avoid suspicion.

After that, Su Wan quit her job and went to Baishan Diestrict alone.

Thanks to Ming Ye, Su Wan had her own ID card and a bank card. She had used it, and there was a lot of money in it. At the very least, it would provide food, clothing, and shelter for her and Nono for a year.

Su Wan washed off her usual dark disguise. She wanted to participate in the star selection. Maybe through this opportunity, she could let Jiang Xuecheng see her.

At night, when the lanterns lit up, there were brilliant neon lights everywhere. The steel city was filled with colorful lights.

Su Wan raised her eyes. All of a sudden, Su Wan heard excited shouts coming from all directions.

“It’s the God’s Palace’s Emperor!”

“It’s the Emperor!”

Screams rose and fell one after another. A dark mass of people knelt down together,

before Su Wan could understand what was going on, she was suddenly pulled by a girl beside her.

She angrily glared at Su Wan: “Why are you not kneeling?”