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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 528 - The Antidote

Chapter 528: The Antidote

After seven or eight days of worshipping Ming Ye, Su Wan thought about the poison in her body and could not endure it any longer.

From the few days they spent together, if Ming Ye wanted to leave, no one could stop him.

Su Wan sent Nono to keep an eye on him, but Nono somehow fell into hibernation. When Su Wan saw it, she even thought that Ming Ye had broken his promise and left!

However, the next morning, this man appeared out of nowhere, as if he had never disappeared!

This kind of thing happened repeatedly, and Su Wan could not be bothered with him anymore. She only wanted to find a relatively gentle way to let him hand over the antidote.

They were strangers who had just met by chance, and it was even more unpleasant to know each other. Su Wan did not want to care about Ming Ye’s life, but she could not ignore her own life!

The next night, Su Wan hesitated for a long time and finally decided to ask for the antidote.

“Ming Ye…”

Hearing Su Wan call his name, Ming Ye raised his eyebrows in surprise.

When Su Wan saw him turn around, her expression turned cold and she said seriously, “It seems that your injuries are not serious. Should you — ”

Su Wan did not finish her words, but the meaning was obvious. She wanted him to fulfill his promise and hand over the antidote…

Ming Ye nodded noncommittally. He looked at Su Wan with a clear gaze. His expression was as indifferent as the sea in the night. It was bottomless and hard to guess.

“You don’t have to be in such a hurry to ask. I was prepared to leave tomorrow. I will naturally give you the antidote.”

The man’s deep voice fell into her ears. When Su Wan heard that the antidote would be given tomorrow, she subconsciously revealed a happy smile.

Ming Ye frowned without a trace. He looked at her, his eyes colder than the edge of a knife.

“Are you that happy to see me leave?”

She can get the antidote if he leaves. Of course she’s happy!

Unless the person was a masochist, who would be willing to put their life in someone else’s hands while trembling in fear?

Anyway, Su Wan was not willing.

Now that she was under the control of someone else, Su Wan would not be asking for trouble. She decisively changed to another euphemism.

“No, I’m thinking of continuing to look for my husband after I get the antidote.”

Although Su Wan had only mentioned her husband once a few days ago, Ming Ye still remembered her proud tone at that time, as if the whole world was worth not even one-thousandth of him.

“Are you close with your husband?”

Somehow, Ming Ye asked this question without thinking.

Realizing that he had asked such an obvious and extremely boring question, Ming Ye lowered his eyes, and a faint shadow flashed across his face

Su Wan pursed her lips, and a calm smile appeared on her face.

“Of course.”

The expected answer reached his ears. Ming Ye glanced at Su Wan, and then suddenly threw two light silver metal cards on the table.

“I’ve offended you before, but you’ve saved my life. These two things are your reward.”

Su Wan was stunned. She lowered her head and reached for the items on the table. There were two cards on the old tong wooden table.

The first card was a brand new ID card. Su Wan’s name and the ID number of the citizen were engraved on it.

Holding the cold card in her hand, it reflected the cold luster of metal.

This ID card seemed to be of good quality, but it didn’t seem to be forged…

“Is this real?”

Ming Ye nodded silently with an extremely indifferent expression. “What do you think?”

Su Wan’s almond-shaped eyes suddenly widened. Could it be that he sneaked out a few days ago to apply for an ID card for her?

However, putting aside the fact that she was an alien creature with no address or resume, wasn’t Ming Ye himself a fugitive?! How could he get his hands on such a thing?!

Su Wan’s heart was filled with doubts. Just as she was about to ask something, Ming Ye suddenly picked up another card and threw it directly into Su Wan’s hand.

“The password of this bank card is six zeros. I have already set up fingerprint security. If you want to use it, you only need to scan your fingerprint. There isn’t much balance inside, but it should be enough for you to hold on for a period of time.”

The man’s voice was indifferent and cold, as if he was talking about something light as a feather.

Su Wan was shocked by Ming Ye. How did he get her fingerprint?!

Su Wan hesitated for a moment, but she still couldn’t help but ask, “Why did you do all this?”

“There is no other reason. I just don’t want to owe others any favors. It was my fault previously. Even if I make up for it now, you don’t have to bear the psychological burden of holding on to them.”

Ming Ye paused, his expression was rare and gentle.

“Aren’t you going to look for your husband? What’s the use of staying in such a small place every day? If one method fails, try another. If he can find a chance to see you, he will naturally come looking for you.”

Ming Ye had not spent much time with Su Wan. He was even a little envious of an ordinary person like Su Wan. At least, she knew what she wanted.

Ming Ye thought about it and suddenly sighed in his heart.

“Let him find me…”

Su Wan muttered these words in her heart. Suddenly, she was inspired by Ming Ye.

Yes, in this vast world, it was no different from looking for a needle in a haystack to find Jiang Xuecheng.

But what if Jiang Xuecheng could see her?

Su Wan thought about it carefully and felt that this method was indeed feasible. For example, putting advertisements outside?

Placing advertisements was too expensive. With Su Wan’s financial resources, she felt that she could not do it at all…

Or perhaps, become a celebrity?

According to what Su Wan knew, in this distant future world, celebrities were still hot existences.

It seemed that a few days ago, she had heard from a few crew members who worked here that a large-scale celebrity talent show was going to be held in the Baishan District. From the first to the last show, it would be broadcast in rotation throughout the entire galaxy.

Regardless of success or failure, if Jiang Xuecheng could see her on the show, then he would definitely look for her through the clues of her participation in the talent show, right?

Su Wan was a little anxious, but more than that she was looking forward to it. As long as she could pass the audition and enter the first round, would there be a high chance that Jiang Xuecheng would be able to see her on television?

Ming Ye saw Su Wan’s infatuated look and did not know where her soul had drifted to.

Clearly, she was seriously considering his previous suggestion.

Ming Ye frowned. He suddenly wanted to meet the person that Su Wan was talking about.

He admitted that he had a little interest in this woman in front of him.

But he was even clearer that sometimes, missing out was missing out. In the vast universe, finding the right person was rare. For a person like him, it was better not force things.

Ming Ye coughed lightly and interrupted Su Wan’s thoughts.

“I’ve decided to leave tonight. I’ll give you the antidote now.”

When she heard this sentence, Su Wan immediately woke up from her thoughts. She said in surprise, “Really?”

“Of course.”

Ming Ye nodded slightly. Then, he casually took the knife on the table and drew a deep cut on his arm.