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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 505 - Putting Himself In Danger

Chapter 505: Putting Himself In Danger

It was obvious that this was a cliff. Although the altitude was’nt too high, the continuous mountain breeze was enough to make Su Wan feel a chill.

Su Wan turned her head and looked around. The stars in the sky were dim, and she could see the faint lights of a few houses.

Su Wan sighed. She was currently in a very bad situation.

Su Wan was tied to a big tree by the cliff. Thick rough ropes were tied around her body several times.

In order to restrict Su Wan’s movement, she was also handcuffed.

No wonder she felt that her wrists were very painful when she was struggling just now. She must have worn out her skin and bled.

Su Wan’s forehead twitched. The cuboid tied to her waist; could it be a small bomb?

The dim starlight shone on Tang Yifeng’s face, flickering.

For the first time, Su Wan felt that this man called Tang Yifeng was so strange and terrifying.

She was not familiar with Tang Yifeng, but the fact that things had developed this way still shocked Su Wan.

Su Wan took a deep breath and decided to show weakness to make Tang Yifeng lower his guard.

“Brother Tang, can’t we talk things out? I’m a weak woman, why do you have to tie me up like this?”

Tang Yifeng sneered when he heard that. His slightly hoarse laughter floated in the air and actually revealed some kind of terrifying aura.

Tang Yifeng’s peach blossom eyes stared coldly at Su Wan. His hand grabbed Su Wan’s chin and curled his lips wickedly.

“Hey, Sis Wan, you’re still willing to call me Brother now. Do you think I should be moved, or should I be moved?”

As Tang Yifeng spoke, he moved very close to her. That pair of cold eyes stared at Su Wan’s face, making her feel very uncomfortable.

She suddenly turned her head away and avoided Tang Yifeng’s face.

“Brother Tang, I don’t know what grudges you have with Xuecheng, but what you’re doing now is illegal.”

Su Wan’s voice was full of hatred with a hint of advice.

Until now, Su Wan still didn’t know what had happened between Tang Yifeng and Xuecheng, so she couldn’t guess why Tang Yifeng mentioned Mr. Chen.

She didn’t know the person called Mr. Chen at all.

Seeing that Tang Yifeng was unmoved, Su Wan searched for all the people related to Tang Yifeng in her mind.

In an instant, a beautiful smiling face appeared in Su Wan’s mind.

It was the owner of a high-class boutique, Lu Xiao.

That day at Tang Yifeng’s birthday party, Lu Xiao looked at Tang Yifeng’s appearance. It was obvious that she liked Tang Yifeng, right?

And Tang Yifeng did not seem to be completely heartless toward Lu Xiao.

Su Wan decided to take a gamble and decisively mentioned Lu Xiao.

“Brother Tang, Sis Lu likes you so much. Even if you really kill me and Xuecheng, you definitely won’t be able to escape justice in the future. Do you really have the heart to make Sis Lu suffer?”

Hearing Su Wan’s words, Tang Yifeng’s cold and stern expression suddenly darkened.

Su Wan’s heart was delighted, thinking that Tang Yifeng was persuaded by her.

However, very quickly, she saw Tang Yifeng raise his head and stare at her without blinking.

The wind was blowing on the cliff. Tang Yifeng was expressionless. His smoky gray suit made him look even more cold.

“What do you know?!”

As if he had been touched by something sad, Tang Yifeng’s narrowed eyes were bloodshot. He squeezed Su Wan’s chin harder.

Seeing Su Wan’s painful look, Tang Yifeng snorted and let go.

Tang Yifeng let go and Su Wan began to suck in the fresh air violently.

Su Wan did not understand why Tang Yifeng had such a big reaction when she mentioned Lu Xiao.

She had always thought that it was unrequited love, but now, it did not seem to be the case.

Tang Yifeng stood on the cliff, his expression as cold and hard as the mountain rocks on the cliff, unobstructed. He remained silent for a long time.

“Why don’t you guess when the man you’ve been waiting for will come to save you? Oh, no, he’s coming to be buried with you?”

Tang Yifeng’s voice was extremely strange, making Su Wan extremely uncomfortable.

Su Wan sighed. She was now under the control of someone. If she guessed correctly, besides being tied up, there was also a time bomb on her waist.

She really did not know how she could escape.

Su Wan lowered her eyes. She restrained her expression and tried her best to keep her voice calm.

“Brother Tang, why are you so extreme? Aren’t you and Xuecheng schoolmates who have known each other for many years? How could — ”

Tang Yifeng turned around coldly. His cold gaze lingered on Su Wan’s body, as if he wanted to pierce two holes in it.

“A classmate’s best friend, Ha… What kind of classmate’s best friend am I? This is a joke!”

Suddenly, a beautiful ringtone rang, breaking the strange atmosphere on the cliff.

This ringtone was also Richard Clayderman’s piano piece, but it was not the “Ballad pour Adeline” from the car just now, but the “A Comme Amour” .

“Look, it’s your man’s phone. I told you he wouldn’t give up on you.”

Tang Yifeng waved the phone in his hand at Su Wan. The smile on his lips was as evil as a ghost, making Su Wan’s heart jump into her throat.

Su Wan’s heart felt like it had been slapped hard by someone, and an indescribable pain hit her.

Su Wan did not want to see Jiang Xuecheng putting himself in danger because of her.

After all, she had a bomb strapped to her body…

She did not know when it would be detonated!

Su Wan was panicking, and Tang Yifeng had already picked up the phone.

Tang Yifeng put it on speaker. Before Tang Yifeng could speak, Jiang Xuecheng’s low and cold voice rang in Su Wan’s ears.

“Where is she?”

Tang Yifeng glanced at Su Wan and sneered disdainfully, “You know the answer, but you still ask? Aren’t you on your way here now?”

GPS was a piece of cake for a person like Jiang Xuecheng.

Jiang Xuecheng’s voice instantly turned cold, “Tang Yifeng, I’m warning you. To understand things, we need to find the person in charge. Don’t hurt her! You’re just at the end of your rope right now. It’s better for you to surrender as soon as possible!”

“Tsk, your woman is in my hands. Save the thought of threatening me.”

Tang Yifeng snorted coldly, his slightly hoarse voice cold and malicious.

“You can come to save Su Wan, but remember not to bring any weapons with you. If I find out that someone is following you, you should be careful of your wife’s life!”

Su Wan looked at Tang Yifeng anxiously and shouted at the phone with all her might.

“Xuecheng, don’t listen to him! He tied a bomb on me! Don’t come over!”

Regardless of whether Xuechengcould hear her or not, Su Wan screamed with all her might!

Admittedly, she was a person who was afraid of death, but in this situation, Xuecheng coming alone would only put her and him in danger!

The anxious female voice echoed between the cliffs. The sound of the wind was rustling, and there was an aura of despair.