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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 504

Chapter 504: Kidnapped!

The silver Porsche drove on the wide road like an arrow leaving the bow as it sped toward the suburbs.

When Su Wan heard Tang Yifeng’s question, she looked a little confused.

She thought for a second in her mind, but she couldn’t think of a “Mr. Chen” Jiang Xuecheng had mentioned to her…

“Which Chen? Chen from Er Dong Chen ”

Su Wan turned her head to look at Tang Yifeng. She saw that the man was driving the car with a focused look on his face, and his slender hands were on the steering wheel.

When Su Wan’s confused voice fell into his ears, Tang Yifeng’s lips curled into a smile.

In fact, Tang Yifeng already had the answer to this question in his heart.

However, when he heard Su Wan’s confused words, he still felt a little disbelief.

They had been classmate and good friends for many years. He really treated Su Wan like a flower in a greenhouse. It was no wonder that she trusted him so easily.

“It’s not the Chen of Chen Dong Chen. It’s Chen of Dong Chen Country.”

When she saw the teasing smile on Tang Yifeng’s lips, Su Wan froze a little. She did not understand what was so funny.

Suddenly, Su Wan’s right eyelid twitched. She reached out to rub the corner of her eye and continued to ask.

“Brother Tang, is that Mr. Chen very important?”

Tang Yifeng heard this and casually glanced at Su Wan. “Sort of. When we reach Lavender Manor, I’ll introduce him properly.”

Su Wan nodded her head, but her right eyelid twitched again. It was said that the left eye twitched for money, and the right eye twitched for disaster. Su Wan’s heart suddenly began to feel uneasy.

She felt that something was wrong, but she could not tell what exactly was wrong.

Su Wan propped up her chin in boredom. She looked at the scenery that passed by in a hurry, trying to ease the strange feeling of depression in her heart.

“Brother Tang, how much longer until we reach the manor you mentioned? Have you talked to Xuecheng?”

“Soon. In another fifteen minutes at most, we will reach our destination.”

Tang Yifeng smiled slightly and suddenly turned his head to glance at Su Wan. “You really want to see Xuecheng so much. Don’t worry, you two are so close. When you get there, he will definitely come too.”

Su Wan thought that Tang Yifeng was joking about her and Xuecheng. She lowered her eyes in embarrassment and did not say anything else.

Just as Tang Yifeng had said, fifteen minutes later, Su Wan and Tang Yifeng arrived at the Lavender Manor.

The altitude here was seven to eight hundred meters. The endless mountains were connected to the lavender field.

Su Wan hadn’t gotten out of the car yet, but when she looked at the purple lavender that kept appearing outside the window, she felt a different kind of excitement.

It was really beautiful…

The hot summer sun was dancing on the lavender with brilliant golden rays. A breeze blew, and the sea of blue-purple flowers flowed like waves. The clusters of lavender were far more beautiful than what Su Wan had seen in the illustrations.

It was like a dream, like a fantasy, but also real.

Su Wan vaguely felt the clear fragrance of lavender beginning to float into her nose.

Su Wan took a deep breath and felt all her unhappy emotions being washed away. Her entire being was purified.

Now was the most romantic time for lavender to bloom. It was such a beautiful place, there must be many people who wanted to admire it in the past.

“It’s so beautiful! Where will we stop?”

Su Wan couldn’t wait to get down. She even began to think about whether she should take another set of wedding photos here.

“There’s a parking spot ahead.”

Tang Yifeng raised his eyebrows when he saw Su Wan’s ecstatic look.

As soon as she got out of the car, Su Wan wanted to run toward the sea of flowers that looked like purple clouds. However, Tang Yifeng reached out his hand and stopped her first.

“What’s wrong?”

Su Wan was slightly stunned. She turned her head and saw Tang Yifeng standing behind her expressionlessly. His long, smoke-gray figure seemed to exude a cold and fierce aura.


Su Wan suddenly felt a slight tingling pain on her arm. She looked down and saw an extremely thin needle had somehow pierced into her skin.

Su Wan looked at Tang Yifeng in disbelief. Her clear eyes instantly widened.

“Brother Tang, what are you doing?”

Tang Yifeng smiled slightly. His deep and lazy voice slowly entered Su Wan’s ears.

“Well, should I say that you’re too naive, or too well-protected by Jiang Xuecheng? I just reminded you whether you know Mr. Chen, but you still don’t understand anything at all…”

Tang Yifeng used a pitiful tone and shook his head at Su Wan.

What Mr. Chen, Mr. Li…

The reason why she was not on guard against Tang Yifeng was because she believed in Jiang Xuecheng. Hadn’t Tang Yifeng been good friends with Jiang Xuecheng since university?!

How could this be…

Su Wan was deeply confused and shocked. When she saw Tang Yifeng’s malicious smile, her face instantly turned pale.

However, before Su Wan could figure it out, she felt an irresistible tiredness. As the world spun, black shadows kept floating in front of her invaded her.

All the lights disappeared, and Su Wan was completely engulfed by the darkness. Her legs gave out, and she fell to the ground.

Tang Yifeng saw Su Wan lying on the ground, and his eyes were as cold as a knife.

He squatted down and used his hand to touch the blue diamond necklace on Su Wan’s neck. If it wasn’t for that, he wouldn’t have been able to find her

It was all because of this blue diamond necklace. If it wasn’t for this necklace, how could Jiang Xuecheng have associated with him through Sun Yiming…

Tang Yifeng snorted coldly. He looked at Su Wan, who had fainted, and his expression was as cold as a snake.

As the lanterns lit up, the night gradually enveloped S City. There were a few stars in the sky that were faintly flickering.

Su Wan’s eyes were closed. She felt a pair of malicious eyes looking at her. Su Wan’s heart palpitated, and she suddenly opened her eyes.

She tried her best to widen her dilated pupils. Because the anesthetic effect from the previous needle had not completely dissipated, Su Wan felt a little dizzy.

She felt that she was bound by something. It was so painful.

The cold night wind blew from all directions. Su Wan was only wearing a thin white dress. She felt that there were a few small bumps on her arms

Wasn’t it summer? Why did she feel so cold… ?

Su Wan kicked hard. She heard the sound of pebbles rolling down from her feet. In an instant, Su Wan felt that something was wrong.

She made up her mind and bit the tip of her tongue hard. The pain that caused a smell of rust made Su Wan realize her situation very quickly.

“What’s wrong? Are you awake?”

Tang Yifeng’s malicious eyes focused on Su Wan. He reached out and pinched her chin.

He used a lot of strength. Su Wan felt that her jawbone was about to be crushed.

When Tang Yifeng’s indifferent voice fell into her ears, Su Wan’s expression froze. She suppressed the fear in her heart and quickly looked at her surroundings.