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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 51 - Hello, Deputy Director

Chapter 51: Hello, Deputy Director

Jiang Xuecheng calmly raised his brows and walked over to Su Wan to help tidy the messy strands of hair on her cheeks.

His gesture was light and careful, making Su Wan feel cherished, as if she was the apple of his eye.

“Wan Wan, there’s nothing to be afraid of. You’re bright and pretty. My family members are nice people and they will definitely like you. But if you’re worried, then let’s not go.

Su Wan’s heart was filled with warmth when Jiang Xuecheng consoled her and was ready to cancel the meeting with his family for her sake.

Su Wan darted him a glance, “What nonsense! We can’t hide forever. This ugly daughter-in-law still has to meet her in-laws sooner or later.”

Jiang Xuecheng’s wise gaze swept across Su Wan and he draped his hands over Su Wan’s shoulders. “You are not ugly. You’re the most beautiful woman in my eyes.”

Such clear and direct lover’s prattle was unendurable for Su Wan. She quickly changed the topic.

“You should know a little about my family’s circumstances. My relationship with the Su family is almost severed but my maternal grandparents treat me well. You still have to visit them with me.”

At the mentioning of the Su family, Jiang Xuecheng’s eyes darkened. People who hurt Su Wan were people who hurt him. He would definitely seek justice for whatever Su Wan was going through!

However, today was a fine and pleasant day. Jiang Xuecheng wanted to talk to Su Wan about happy matters.

He tapped on Su Wan’s nose with his pointer and teased smilingly, “Sure, I should visit Grandfather soon. What about this weekend?”

Su Wan was taken aback. Initially, she thought Jiang Xuecheng would want her to go over to the Jiang residence that weekend. She had never expected this man to be so thoughtful as to put her interest first.

Su Wan’s heart was not made of metal. She was actually touched.

Su Wan’s eyes reddened slightly. As she didn’t want to reveal her current emotions, she silently nestled in Jiang Xuecheng’s embrace.

This man’s embrace was warm, giving her a sense of security.

Su Wan nestled in his embrace quietly and murmured, “Thank you, Jiang Xuecheng.”

Jiang Xuecheng’s eyes were filled with mischief. He stroked Su Wan’s hair and teased again, “Wan Wan, this is only a little thing. Aren’t you too easily satisfied?”

She was such a naïve girl. It was no wonder she was so easily deceived. He had to watch over her carefully.

Su Wan, who was still feeling touched, laughed upon hearing Jiang Xuecheng’s words. She shifted Jiang Xuecheng’s hand and her voice brightened.

“Yes, yes, yes, my dear Mr. CEO. Then, I should skin you till no bones are left.”

Jiang Xuecheng lowered his head and moved his lips closer to Su Wan’s ears. “If this day ever comes, I wish you can skin me clean in the bathroom.”

This man!

Why was he thinking of that thing for the entire day!

Su Wan blushed. She separated herself from Jiang Xuecheng, afraid that he might be up to mischief.

Jiang Xuecheng’s mood became better at the sight of Su Wan’s blushed cheeks. So, he stopped joking with her.

“What do Grandfather and Grandmother like? We shouldn’t go empty-handed this weekend when we visit them, should we?”

Su Wan was stupefied for a while. She was moved by this man’s thoughtfulness.

“My grandfather is a university lecturer. He is proud and aloof. He likes traditional Chinese paintings but he doesn’t take fancy to ordinary traditional Chinese paintings. What about buying some nutritional supplements? My grandmother’s health isn’t doing too well.”

Jiang Xuecheng nodded slightly. Suddenly, he looked straight into Su Wan’s eyes.

“Wan Wan, do you wish to work for Di Chen Group? I’m currently lacking a special assistant.”

Su Wan was surprised. She knew what Jiang Xuecheng meant and at that moment, a surge of emotions welled up inside her.

She had just started her job at Long Teng International. The employees there were not friendly towards her, especially her immediate superior, Ye Shanshan, who was against her. If she were to become Jiang Xuecheng’s secretary due to this reason, wouldn’t this be a subject of criticism by others?

Su Wan shook her head. “I’ve just started work. I think it’ll be better for me to achieve something first or it’ll affect both of us negatively.”

Jiang Xuecheng knew Su Wan had her own pride and arrogance. This was part of the reason he admired this woman. So, Jiang Xuecheng took a credit card from the table and shoved it towards her.

“Wan Wan, since you’re not willing, I won’t force you. This is my supplementary card. Take it and feel free to use it.”

Su Wan’s eyes widened. She knew this card would have a shocking limit and was about to decline but Jiang Xuecheng forcibly stuffed it into her hand.

“Wan Wan, what’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine. Don’t say no.”

When both their fingers touched, Su Wan felt a strong shudder.

What did she have to be treated affectionately by Jiang Xuecheng…?

Su Wan’s nose felt bitter. She lowered her eyelashes to hide her unnatural look. Then, she looked up again and smiled genuinely.

Time would heal all pain and this man was the best medicine heaven had granted her.

Both of them had breakfast together and Su Wan went to Long Teng International. To avoid attention, Su Wan declined Jiang Xuecheng’s offer to send her to work. She allowed him to drop her off at the subway station.

What Su Wan didn’t expect was for everyone’s vision to be focused on her the moment she entered the planning department’s office, and when she swept her eyes across them, for them to avoid her vision.

What was this?

These people did not taunt like in the past but wore a look of envy which could not be ignored.

Did they know that she and Jiang Xuecheng got married?

It was impossible. If they knew the truth, they would be in an uproar. How could they be sitting down so calmly?

Su Wan suppressed her suspicion and walked directly to her own seat.

Just when Su Wan was switching on the computer, the furious Ye Shanshan walked over with a face of hostility. Her beautiful features were now hideous.

“Su Wan, what a clever way to get what you want!”

Su Wan didn’t get what she meant. She looked around the office and raised her brows.

“Miss Ye, what are you talking about? I don’t understand.”

Ye Shanshan thought Su Wan was pretending. Her beautiful eyes were filled with jealousy and hatred.

“Su Wan, why are you pretending? You’ve only been here for a week and you’ve been promoted to Deputy Director. Are you pleased with yourself? Thinking of replacing me? No way!”

She had endured all sorts of humiliation and had to serve an elderly man who could be her father. She had put forth lots of effort to be the director of the planning department. What about Su Wan?

Su Wan had just been at Long Teng International for several days. Although she had a higher educational qualification and a certificate, what had she done for Long Teng to date?

What did she have to be admired by Mr. Jiang and possess such luck?