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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 497 - When Is The Wedding

Chapter 497: When Is The Wedding

Su Wan stood up in surprise and looked behind Xu Ziyao and Luo Xiuxiu. She really didn’t see Jiang Haoxuan?!

He was the male lead of today’s family banquet!

The purpose of the dinner was for him and Lin Fei’er…

Su Wan blinked her eyes in surprise and asked Luo Xiuxiu softly, “Grandmother, didn’t Haoxuan come with you?”

“That youngster is behind us. He saw a flower shop across the street just now and insisted on buying flowers. We couldn’t stop him.”

Luo Xiuxiu’s old face was full of smiles. She looked around and soon saw Lin Fei’er in a white shirt and a wine-red pleated dress.

Luo Xiuxiu’s gaze fell on Lin Fei’er. She was startled and couldn’t help but squint her eyes to look at her carefully.

Luo Xiuxiu had always thought that Jiang Haoxuan liked the delicate and elegant type. The image of Lin Fei’er in her mind was also as delicate and beautiful as Sheng An’ning and Su Wan.

However, upon meeting her, she realized that Lin Fei’er was very bright and elegant, and she was also very tall. According to Luo Xiuxiu’s estimation, ignoring the high heels, Lin Fei’er herself was about 1.7 meters tall.

Lin Fei’er had always been straightforward and generous, but being stared at by Luo Xiuxiu like this, she could not help but feel a little uneasy.

She shyly smiled at Luo Xiuxiu, showing a rare sense of docility.

Luo Xiuxiu nodded in satisfaction, and she happily took a step forward to hold Lin Fei’er’s hand.

“You’re Fei’er, right? You’re so beautiful! No wonder Haoxuan always talks about you at home.”

Su Wan’s forehead twitched when she heard that. Luo Xiuxiu’s words were absolutely nonsense.

Although Jiang Haoxuan was not as cold as his brother, according to Su Wan’s observation, Jiang Haoxuan was also very reserved in front of the Jiang family’s elders. He would not regularly talk about such private matters.

Lin Fei’er did not expect Luo Xiuxiu to be so friendly. They shook hands and talked for the first time.

Lin Fei’er was a little nervous. She lowered her eyes and tried to smile at Luo Xiuxiu, “Grandmother, you guessed right.”

As she said that, Lin Fei’er walked to Xu Ziyao and called out to her nervously.


Because she had agreed to Jiang Haoxuan’s proposal, Lin Fei’er knew that she should change her speech as soon as possible. However, calling Xu Ziyao “mother” felt weird.

Firstly, Xu Ziyao was good at taking care of herself. She looked young and beautiful. Secondly, Lin Fei’er was a little scared.

Lin Fei’er could not be blamed for feeling guilty. The last time at Zhao Hua Hospital, Lin Fei’er was slapped for Su Wan. Lin Fei’er was so angry that she even mocked Xu Ziyao by saying that she had never seen such a smart person like her.

At that time, Xu Ziyao was also angry. She did not have a good impression of Lin Fei’er. She only had a strong impression of her.

But who would have thought that one day, the two of them would actually become mother-in-law and daughter-in-law?

Fate was too unpredictable.

Hearing Lin Fei’er take the initiative to call her mother, Xu Ziyao’s expression was as calm as water. She did not respond.

There was no sound in the private room. Seeing that the atmosphere had become awkward, Lin Fei’er did not know what to do for a moment.

Lin Fei’er tilted her head and glanced at Su Wan, wanting to ask her for help.

At that moment, Xu Ziyao reached out and handed Lin Fei’er a thick red packet.

Lin Fei’er felt something stuffed in her hand and immediately turned her head. When she saw the bulging red packet in her hand, she froze on the spot.

Lin Fei’er was stunned. She looked at the elegant and graceful lady in front of her and opened her mouth in surprise.

“Mother, what is this?”

“This is a welcome gift for you. You may keep it.”

Xu Ziyao’s voice was gentle and calm, like the calm water under the bridge.

Under everyone’s watchful eyes, Lin Fei’er blushed. She subconsciously wanted to reject it and return the red packet to Xu Ziyao.

“Mother, I——”

Su Wan saw through Lin Fei’er’s intentions. Before Lin Fei’er could finish, Su Wan quickly walked up and pushed her arm.

“This is from mother. Don’t let her down. Keep it well.”

Lin Fei’er felt even more embarrassed. Xu Ziyao saw Lin Fei’er’s helpless look and added,

“when Wan came in last time, she also had one. You’re going to marry Haoxuan. You deserve this. As elders, we won’t discriminate.”

Xu Ziyao’s voice was beautiful and pleasing to the ear, but there was an inexplicable sense of authority.

In this regard, Jiang Xuecheng was somewhat similar to Xu Ziyao, but not quite similar to his father, Jiang Wei.

Lin Fei’er gulped and could only take the red packet.

Lin Fei’er nodded respectfully to Xu Ziyao. “Thank you, mother.”

Xu Ziyao nodded slightly, and a cold light flashed across her beautiful eyes. “As long as you live well with Haoxuan.”

Before Xu Ziyao finished her sentence, the door was suddenly opened again, and everyone in the room looked back.

The person who came was of course Jiang Haoxuan, who was late. It could be seen that Jiang Haoxuan had specially dressed up today.

He was dressed in a suit, and his expression was serius. His usually childish face was now very mature. In his arms was a big bunch of blue enchantresses, and the bright and blooming flowers were quite eye-catching.

Luo Xiuxiu put on a smile. She walked to Jiang Haoxuan’s side and patted him on the shoulder.

“Haoxuan, we’re all here. You’re the only one who’s late. You’ll have to punish yourself with three cups later.”

“Grandmother, How can you betray your grandson like this? What if I pass out from drinking? Drunk driving won’t do. Who will drive for you then?”

Luo Xiuxiu glanced at Jiang Haoxuan. “It’s not like we don’t have a chauffeur at home.”

Hearing this, Jiang Haoxuan could only shake his head helplessly. He looked around at the people in the hall and a faint smile flashed across his face.

“Grandmother, mother.”

As Jiang Haoxuan spoke, his gaze shifted to the two elders behind Lin Fei’er. He respectfully said to Lin Fei’er’s parents, “dad, mom.”

Jiang Haoxuan was sweet-tongued. Ever since Mrs. Lin gave in and agreed, he had even gone to visit the Lin family a few times, coaxing Mrs. Lin to find Jiang Haoxuan more pleasing to the eye.

Mrs. Lin had a bright smile on her face. She walked up and suggested to Xu Ziyao and Luo Xiuxiu.

“In-laws, everyone is here. Shall we take our seats?”

Luo Xiuxiu’s cheerful voice rang out, “Okay, okay, okay. Let’s eat, let’s eat.”

Once the banquet started, Jiang Haoxuan really punished himself with three glasses of red wine. Su Wan was dumbfounded when she saw this. She listened to Jiang Haoxuan’s words and thought that Jiang Haoxuan was the same as her, not allowed to drink!

At the wine table, Luo Xiuxiu kept serving Lin Fei’er dishes. Soon, Lin Fei’er’s bowl was piled up like a small hill.

Lin Fei’er kept saying thank you. Seeing that the dishes were about to spill out of the bowl, she interrupted Luo Xiuxiu’s action of picking up the dishes.

Seeing the two of them like this, Su Wan snickered. She kept feeling that this was the scene of her first visit to the Jiang family’s old mansion.

After three rounds of wine and half of the dishes, Xu Ziyao suddenly brought up the wedding.

“Haoxuan, why don’t you and Fei’er have your wedding next month?”