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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 495 - Family Banquet

Chapter 495: Family Banquet

When she heard the clock ring, Su Wan glanced at the time displayed on her phone. Then, she opened the office door and prepared to go look for Jiang Xuecheng.

All of a sudden, Su Wan heard a few “Chairman Jiang” .

Su Wan’s eyes lit up. She looked up and saw a slender figure in her line of sight. Who else could it be other than Jiang Xuecheng.

Was this man here to pick her up?

Jiang Xuecheng usually had a lot of work to do. Usually, Su Wan would go upstairs to look for him, and she would have to sit in the president’s office and wait for a while. She didn’t expect that today, she would break the usual routine.

When the girls in the planning department saw Jiang Xuecheng, they felt like stars were shining in their eyes. Su Wan pursed her lips, feeling a little jealous.

Jiang Xuecheng was good in every way, but there was one flaw that could not be considered a flaw, which was that——he was too attractive.

She felt like no matter where this man appeared, even if he did not say a word, he would be able to capture the hearts of a lot of girls.

Beauty was probably justice. Moreover, Jiang Xuecheng was the person in charge of Di Chen company. It was no wonder that so many people still liked him even after he was taken.

Su Wan quickly walked up to him and called Jiang Xuecheng’s name softly.


“Wan Wan, let’s go back.”

Jiang Xuecheng nodded slightly. His gaze fell on Su Wan. He held her hand very naturally and pulled her out of the planning department.

When Jiang Xuecheng and Su Wan had disappeared from their sight, the female colleagues in the planning department finally dared to sigh.

“Director Jiang and Director Su seem to be really close.”

“I’m so envious of Director Su. I thought director Jiang really didn’t like women. I didn’t expect the prince charming to get married just like that. Now that I think about it, it’s still a little unbelievable.”

“If I could meet a man like director Jiang to marry me, then I would have no regrets in this life.”

The people next to her laughed when they heard that. They didn’t mean any harm, but they couldn’t help but admire Su Wan’s good luck.

As long as there was no traffic jam on the road, Jiang Xuecheng would always drive very fast. Su Wan looked at the scenery outside the window that was constantly retreating and pulled her hair out of boredom.

“What’s wrong? Is Your hair itchy?”

Jiang Xuecheng casually glanced at Su Wan and asked indifferently.

When she heard Jiang Xuecheng’s question, Su Wan immediately nodded. The doctor said that the wound on her shoulder must not touch water, so she did not wash her hair last night.

It was midsummer now. Even at night, the temperature was still very high. As long as she did not wash her hair for one or two days, Su Wan could not help but feel uncomfortable.

“Yes, I feel itchy on my scalp.”

Her hair was long to begin with, and she had not cut it for a long time. When summer came, it really became “three thousand threads of worry.”

Jiang Xuecheng saw Su Wan’s depressed look and smiled faintly.

“The wound on your shoulder is healing quickly. When we get home, I’ll help you wash it. I won’t splash water on the wound.”

It was at Six o’clock in the afternoon, Fontainebleau.

A warm but not dazzling sun hung in the sky. The gorgeous sunset dyed the sky crimson.

Once they got home, Jiang Xuecheng and Su Wan changed their shoes at the entrance. Then, Jiang Xuecheng began to prepare the things to wash Su Wan’s hair.

Jiang Xuecheng took the basin of hot water and put the things on the balcony, calling Su Wan over.

Su Wan lowered her head. Jiang Xuecheng pulled up her hair and soaked it in the water.

It was the first time Jiang Xuecheng washed someone’s hair, but he was very familiar with his movements. He deliberately slowed down his movements because he was afraid that the water would splash on Su Wan’s left shoulder.

Anyone could see his gentleness when he was so careful.

“Wan Wan, is the water too hot?”

He had just tested the temperature of the water with his hands, but he did not know how hot the water was when Su Wan used to wash her hair, so he asked.

Su Wan smiled slightly and replied softly, “the temperature of the water is just right.”

Feeling the hand that was constantly moving through her hair, Su Wan’s eyes were a little dazed.

“Xuecheng, other than my mother, you’re the only one who has washed my hair.”

And that was when she was very young. When she looked back, it actually happened ten years ago.

Xie Lan never used the shampoo that was available on the market to wash her hair. She usually got a prescription from a Chinese pharmacist and used the raw materials to make it herself.

Xie Lan’s hair was in very good condition. It was dark and dense, like fine silk in her hand.

Under Xie Lan’s influence, Su Wan had always thought that black hair was the most beautiful in the world. She was also very protective of her three thousand worries.

Su Wan vaguely remembered that Xie Lan liked to wash her hair in the courtyard of the garden of Jing Yuan on a sunny afternoon.

At that time, there was a pear tree in the yard of the garden of Jing Yuan. During the blooming season, one could see the wind blowing down the petals and falling into the basin in which she washed her hair.

Looking back now, it was as if a lifetime had passed.

The pear tree in the garden of Jing Yuan was long gone, and her mother was buried in the Beiling cemetery three years ago.

Since then, Su Wan had never seen anyone like her mother, who would try their best to make herbal formulas for washing their hair.

When Su Wan’s melancholic voice fell into his ears, his hands froze. She knew that Su Wan was probably thinking about her deceased mother.

“Wan Wan, if you like it, I can wash it for you in the future.”

Jiang Xuecheng leisurely continued to wash Su Wan’s hair. His deep voice was like a cello played by a musician.

Su Wan felt a rush of sweetness in her heart, but she still rejected Jiang Xuecheng’s suggestion.

“I’m not a child. When I recover from my injury, I’ll be able to do it myself. But during this period of time, I’ll entrust my hair to you.”

“Okay, it’s impolite to refuse.”

Jiang Xuecheng chuckled, but his hands did not stop moving.

Su Wan narrowed her eyes slightly. She felt that this was probably the feeling of the peaceful times.

There were many things that made her feel warm from this man.

She wanted to thank God for bringing him to her side.

In the blink of an eye, it was the day they had agreed to go to Tangerine Isle for dinner.

The wound on Su Wan’s shoulder healed surprisingly quickly. It had not even been a week, and now there was only a very shallow scar.

Su Wan thought that she had to wear a shirt that completely covered her shoulder. Since the scar was almost gone, Su Wan decided to wear a light blue chiffon dress, looking elegant and graceful.

The hotel was booked by Su Wan because there were many people coming in addition to this being a meeting of the parents. Su Wan booked a rather luxurious private room at the top of Tangerine Isle.

Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng left early. They thought that they would be the first to arrive, but they didn’t expect to see Lin Fei’er and her family who were one step ahead of them as soon as they entered the hotel.

Mr. Lin and Mrs. Lin were dressed rather dignified. Mr. Lin even wore a silver-gray suit!

It was the first time Su Wan saw Mr. Lin dressed like this. However, Mr. Lin wasn’t fat at his age, so he looked more refined in a suit.