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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 494 - Her Focus Shifted

Chapter 494: Her Focus Shifted

When Su Wan heard Jiang Xuecheng’s shameless words, she quivered and wanted to escape. However, Jiang Xuecheng was holding her hand, so she could not move.

Su Wan looked at Jiang Xuecheng speechlessly. She gritted her teeth and reminded him.

“Jiang Xuecheng! This is an office. It’s not convenient!”

Su Wan emphasized her tone, especially the word “office.” She reminded the man in front of her to pick up the moral integrity that he had dropped.

Moreover, their door was not locked. If someone really barged in, Su Wan felt that she would lose face for the rest of her life.

When Su Wan’s naive words fell into his ears, Jiang Xuecheng’s eyes darkened, and the corners of his lips curved unconsciously.

The laughter that spilled out of his thin lips carried a hint of unspeakable wickedness.

“Isn’t the office a place to do things? What’s so inconvenient about it?”

This guy could actually misinterpret her words so well. His comprehension ability scored full marks!

Su Wan rolled her eyes at Jiang Xuecheng. She already tried to convince him. She didn’t know what to do at all…

“You’re shameless! Get off me!”

The heavens pitied her. She was still a patient. Jiang Xuecheng didn’t care about her at all!

Just when Su Wan was angry, Jiang Xuecheng suddenly pressed his lips against hers.

It was too noisy to talk so much at a time like this.

Jiang Xuecheng gently pecked at Su Wan’s lips and wandered around. He pried open her lips and held her in his arms with his slender hands, but he skillfully avoided her injured left shoulder.

How could Su Wan resist Jiang Xuecheng’s strength? Her cheeks were dyed red, and her almond-shaped eyes were filled with the misty rain of Jiangnan. She looked so beautiful.

Her long eyelashes fluttered like a butterfly’s wings,

Su Wan’s breathing intensified, and the refreshing air belonging to Jiang Xuecheng passed through her lips. Su Wan suddenly felt a little guilty, and her whole body involuntarily softened.

Jiang Xuecheng’s eyes were burning. Seeing that Su Wan’s eyes were not as clear as before, the smile on his lips could not help but deepen.

He looked at the clothes in front of Su Wan and suddenly had the urge to tear them up.

Unfortunately, this was not home. Jiang Xuecheng reached into Su Wan’s clothes and showed his possession with ease.

Su Wan was completely upset by Jiang Xuecheng’s actions!

Su Wan was so angry that she laughed and glared at Jiang Xuecheng. “Des-pi-ca-ble. A-ni-mal. Get lost!”

“Wan Wan, why don’t you show me how to get lost first?”

Jiang Xuecheng’s throat moved, and a low smile appeared on the corner of his lips. He continued to shamelessly explore with his hands.

When the man’s mellow and magnetic voice entered her ears, Su Wan’s face turned red and then white.

This was too ridiculous…

She was actually in the office with Jiang Xuecheng like this. Who knew how many colleagues were walking around outside…

Su Wan’s beautiful face immediately burned red. She placed her hand between herself and Jiang Xuecheng, but it seemed to be of no help.

Su Wan’s heart was in a mess. Should she find another way to beg Jiang Xuecheng to calm down first?

Seeing that Su Wan was still in a daze, Jiang Xuecheng’s eyes darkened. He took an extremely nasty bite on Su Wan’s body.

“Jiang Xuecheng, you’re shameless…”

An electric impulse spread out from Su Wan’s body, and she felt like she was about to collapse!

Just as Su Wan was feeling embarrassed and angry, there was suddenly a steady knock on the door from outside.

The knocking sound instantly broke the atmosphere in the room, and both Jiang Xuecheng and Su Wan woke up at the same time.

When Su Wan heard someone knocking on the door, she suddenly had tears in her eyes, as if she had been granted amnesty.

However, the feeling in Jiang Xuecheng was not that good. His entire face turned black, and his eyes were as dark as the midnight sky!

“Director Su, may I come in?”

Seeing that there was no response from inside, Assistant Sun, who was standing outside the door, simply asked loudly.

“Get up quickly!”

Su Wan shouted at Jiang Xuecheng in a low voice. Jiang Xuecheng’s face was dark, and he stood up without saying a word.

Su Wan quickly put on the white shirt. Just as Su Wan was in a hurry, Jiang Xuecheng bent down and helped her to button up.

After she was done with her clothes, Su Wan heaved a sigh of relief and immediately shouted outside.

“Come in.”

Hearing Su Wan’s voice, Assistant Sun pushed the door open and entered.

“Director Su, this is the information you asked for yesterday.”

Assistant Sun walked quickly to her desk and put down the information in her hand. She looked at Su Wan and was stunned.

Su Wan’s cheeks were still a little red, and her hair was slightly messy. She looked like she had just been bullied.

Uh, why did it feel like something was wrong…

Suddenly, Assistant Sun felt a sinister aura again. She looked up and saw that Jiang Xuecheng was standing not far away. His long, jade-like figure was extremely cold.

He was standing in the sunlight, but it felt like he was in the shadows.

“Director Jiang, I didn’t expect you to be here. Did I disturb you and Director Su?”

Seeing the strange scene in front of her, Assistant Sun swallowed hard and started to back out.

Could it be that he was a bad guy?

However, in the hearts of all the employees in Di Chen’s company, Jiang Xuecheng had always been a cold and aloof boss.

Before he married Su Wan, other than the rumors of him being gay, there were even people who suspected that Jiang Xuecheng was not good in that area…

When Su Wan heard Assistant Sun’s words, she felt like crying. Assistant Sun must have noticed something!

Her reputation wouldn’t be ruined by Jiang Xuecheng, would it?!

What would she do if word got out in Di Chen company in the future…

Su Wan’s face stiffened. She quickly laughed and said, “it’s nothing. Director Jiang was helping me change my dressing just now.”

As she spoke, Su Wan pointed at the white gauze that was stained with blood in the trash can.

Assistant Sun looked at the trash can and nodded in realization. As expected, she had misunderstood.

Assistant Sun looked at Su Wan with concern in her eyes.

“Director Su, you’re injured. Are you alright? I heard about what happened at the overpass on North Second Street yesterday. That Sheng An’ning is really too evil. She’s even called Fairy An. She’s clearly so evil…”

Realizing that Su Wan was not the only one here, and that Jiang Xuecheng was also here, assistant sun quickly kept quiet.

She can’t believe she commented so brazenly. Will she be fired by Director Jiang?

Seeing that Assistant Sun’s focus had shifted, Su Wan heaved a sigh of relief in her heart. She smiled and shook her head.

“It’s just a small injury. Thank you for your concern. I’m fine now. You can go out and do what you need to do.”

Assistant Sun nodded her head nervously. Her gaze shifted from Su Wan to Jiang Xuecheng.

“Director Jiang, director Su, I’ll be going out then.”

As soon as Assistant Sun Left, Jiang Xuecheng immediately turned around. His expression was extremely bad, and his entire person was clearly displeased.

Su Wan, on the other hand, smiled sweetly. She picked up the documents that Assistant Sun had sent over, and the corners of her lips curled up in a good mood. Her eyes were slightly curved like a crescent moon.

“I’m going to look at the documents now. Take care.”

Jiang Xuecheng rubbed the space between his brows. His eyes were as dark as water. “Good, very good. Just wait till tonight!”