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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 50 - A Call From Senior Madam

Chapter 50: A Call From Senior Madam

Su Wan trembled at this thought of hers. She held on to the blanket tightly with her right hand and finally turned around, worried. However, she didn’t expect Jiang Xuecheng to be watching her, beaming.

This beast! Which part of him looked like he had an internal injury?

He looked fine!

When Su Wan knew she worried for nothing and at the same time was scared by this thing, she felt embarrassed. It was all Jiang Xuecheng’s fault!

Jiang Xuecheng wrapped his arm around Su Wan’s waist and leaned his head on her shoulder. “Wan Wan, don’t you feel tired wearing so much to sleep?”

Su Wan glared at Jiang Xuecheng. How could she be topless like a man?

Jiang Xuecheng seemed to be able to read her mind. He smiled faintly.

“This is our house. Wan Wan, you’re so pretty. It doesn’t matter if you don’t wear anything. It helps you relax your body and it’s good for your health.”

What weird theory was this? Su Wan gave up.

This moment, she was really glad her period had saved her day or Su Wan wouldn’t know how to face the beast…

“Let’s sleep!”

Su Wan switched off the light in the room and covered her face with a pillow.

Jiang Xuecheng removed the pillow which was in the way. He held Su Wan tightly in his embrace and finally stopped teasing her.

They leaned against one another in that position and went into dreamland together.

After a good night’s sleep, when Su Wan woke up the next morning, she saw Jiang Xuecheng putting on his clothes with his back facing her. His smooth dorsal line was alluring.

She opened her sleepy eyes and gave out a soft smile. Suddenly, she thought marrying Jiang Xuecheng was quite a good choice. At least, she could feed her eyes with beauty.

That fine tailored suit wrapped his body perfectly, bringing out his strict and ascetic temperament.

Jiang Xuecheng noticed the little kitten who had just woke up. He smiled and his eyes showed his concerns.

“Wan Wan, you’re awake. Does your stomach still hurt?”

Su Wan’s heart was warmed. She didn’t expect Jiang Xuecheng’s first words to be asking if she was still in pain. Jiang Xuecheng was actually a careful person who focused on details.

She shook her head gently and suddenly thought of something. Just now, when Jiang Xuecheng put on his shirt, the wounds on his back seemed to have healed. One could not see his previous serious injury.

There wasn’t even a minor scar. In just a few days, his wounds had completely healed. This ability to heal was too good!

Su Wan couldn’t contain her curiosity and started asking, “Xuecheng, the wound which you got on your back the day I rescued you is completely healed. What expensive medicine or ointment did you use?”

Jiang Xuecheng’s lips curled up at the mentioning of the day they first met.

He hated the day filled with gloominess and blood but now, he felt blessed. If it were not for that group of ruffians, he would not have met Su Wan.

Jiang Xuecheng shook his head calmly. “Every injury I’ve had has recovered quickly since I was little. It might be due to my physique.”

Su Wan envied him. This was such an advantage. Since young, she had been afraid of falling and having scars.

Never had she expected that Jiang Xuecheng did not need to worry about this at all. However, he was a man and this ability to heal fast might not be as useful to him as to a girl.

Then, Jiang Xuecheng shoved Su Wan’s clothes to her. “Wan Wan, this is yours.”

Su Wan took the clothes and was about to turn to go to the other room.

Although she was married, she was not used to changing in front of a man.

Jiang Xuecheng saw Su Wan’s slightly red face and couldn’t help but want to tease her. He opened his hands wide to block Su Wan from moving forward.

“Wan Wan, just change here. We’re married. Furthermore, which part of your body haven’t I seen? Do you have to be this shy?”

This wolf! He looked decent on the outside but on the inside, he was a rogue!

Su Wan rolled her eyes. A beast was a beast. She would not bother about him. She bent and got through below his arms.

With a smile, Jiang Xuecheng looked at the shy Su Wan and shook his head slightly. It looked like he still needed to put forth some effort to conquer this little woman.

Just then, Jiang Xuecheng’s phone lit up. He got up and picked up the phone in no hurry.

The display on his phone showed the name of his grandmother, Luo Xiuxiu, who worried a lot!

Jiang Xuecheng was neither able to cry nor laugh. He had forbidden people who knew about his marriage to spill the beans but had never expected the grand empress dowager to be the first to hear of the news!

Jiang Xuecheng looked down and accepted the call. On the other end of the phone came a string of questions.

“Xuecheng, if it were not for Ah Si’s slip of tongue, I wouldn’t have known you had gone to the Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs yesterday. You’re married? With which girl? It’s such a big thing and you didn’t tell me!”

Ah Si had a loose tongue. Should he deduct his salary and let his memory grow…?

Jiang Xuecheng pursed his lips. He had been Luo Xiuxiu’s grandson for twenty-seven years. Hence, he understood Luo Xiuxiu very well.

The grand empress dowager was most worried about his marriage. If she did not find out thoroughly, she would not give up.

Jiang Xuecheng adjusted his collar calmly. Compared to Luo Xiuxiu’s impatient voice, his voice was extremely calm.

“Alright, since you now know, that’s it. I’ll end the call.”

Luo Xiuxiu’s voice became more impatient when she heard that Jiang Xuecheng wanted to end the call.

“Heartless fellow. Have you forgotten your grandmother after having a wife? I’ve always loved you so dearly. Xuecheng, which girl did you marry? How’s her appearance? Does she have a good personality?”

Jiang Xuecheng shot Su Wan, who had just changed, a look and smiled, “Everything about her is good. Grandmother, don’t worry. I’ll bring her back to see you.”

Then, Jiang Xuecheng ended the call. If he were to continue talking to Luo Xiuxiu, this topic would not end.

Su Wan, who had just returned to the room, heard Jiang Xuecheng mentioning ‘grandmother’ and ‘bring her back to see you’. Immediately, she understood what had just happened.

Su Wan was anxious. She frowned and looked at Jiang Xuecheng helplessly.

“Xuecheng, were you talking to Senior Madam just now?”

Jiang Xuecheng saw Su Wan’s nervous look. “Are you afraid?”

Su Wan had chosen to marry him and she had to take on unimaginable pressure. Now that Su Wan had this response, it was not unusual.

Su Wan unconsciously shook her head, afraid Jiang Xuecheng would misunderstand her. “No, I’m just worried that your family members wouldn’t like me as we got married too hastily.”