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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 485 - Everything Revealed

Chapter 485: Everything Revealed

After Mrs. Lin asked that question, no one in the high-class ward broke the silence for a long time.

The air flow seemed to have slowed down as well…

Lin Fei’er forced a smile, and her hand under the blanket slightly clenched.

“Mom, I didn’t expect that to happen either. The matter between me and Miss Sheng is a little complicated. I’ll tell you about it in a few days, okay?”

Lin Fei’er’s voice was extremely calm, but it was the same as saying nothing. Mrs. Lin’s expression changed again and again.

Mrs. Lin frowned. She sighed deeply and reached out to stroke the strands of hair on her daughter’s forehead.

“Fei’er, I know you’ve been troubled lately, but if there’s anything, you have to tell your parents, okay?”

Mrs. Lin felt that Su Wan would definitely know about this. She had already planned to have a good talk with Su Wan later and ask Lin Fei’er in detail what was troubling her.

In the past week, Lin Fei’er’s mood had been very strange.

In the past, Lin Fei’er would call home every day or two, but this week, she was the one who took the initiative to call. Moreover, as a mother, Lin Fei’er could naturally hear that something was troubling her daughter.

However, her daughter was already so old, so Mrs. Lin couldn’t force her to tell her.

She initially thought that Lin Fei’er was upset because Li Peng had come to disturb her many times recently. However, after Sheng An’ning’s knife-wielding murder attempt today, Mrs. Lin realized that things weren’t normal.

A faint light flashed in Mr. Lin’s old eyes. He looked at Lin Fei’er and asked softly.

“Fei’er, is the child in your belly okay?”

Su Wan smiled when she heard that. She glanced at the quiet Lin Fei’er and answered on her behalf.

“Uncle, of course you don’t have to ask such a question. If something happened to the child, Fei’er wouldn’t be so calm.”

Hearing Su Wan’s words, Mrs. Lin also smiled. Fei’er’s father was really confused. Fei’er liked children so much, so she probably treated the child in her belly with more importance than anything else.

Jiang Haoxuan quickly brewed two cups of hot tea and handed them to Mr. and Mrs. Lin respectively.

“Uncle, you don’t have to worry. I took Fei’er for a series of body checks earlier. Fei’er is fine, and the child in her stomach is also fine.”

When Su Wan heard the word “Fei’er” from Jiang Haoxuan’s mouth, her beautiful eyebrows raised in surprise!

She clearly remembered that Jiang Haoxuan had always called Lin Fei’er by her full name. When did he become so intimate with her?

Moreover, Jiang Haoxuan spoke so naturally as if he had always been like this.

Mrs. Lin took the cup of Longjing Green tea from Jiang Haoxuan’s hand. She looked at Jiang Haoxuan through the tea’s steam and suddenly recalled the identity of this person.

“Are you Mr. Jiang’s younger brother?”

Jiang Haoxuan was used to being attached to a series of relationship pronouns since he was young, such as grandfather Jiang’s grandson, Xu Ziyao’s son, and Jiang Xuecheng’s younger brother.

Jiang Haoxuan was mentally good and strong, so he was used to this kind of address.

Of course, it was still okay to address him like this for the first time, but if it happened again and again, Jiang Haoxuan would also feel a little stifled.

After all, he was not anyone’s accessory. Jiang Haoxuan was just Jiang Haoxuan, that was all.

“Yeah, does Aunty think that I look similar to big brother?”

Mrs. Lin looked at Jiang Xuecheng and Jiang Haoxuan at the same time, and couldn’t help but start to praise him.

“You’re both good-looking!”

“Aunty, you’re flattering me. If Aunty and Uncle do not mind, you can just call me Haoxuan.”

Being praised like this by his future mother-in-law, Jiang Haoxuan couldn’t help but laugh and look over at Lin Fei’er.

From the way Jiang Haoxuan had addressed his daughter as “Fei’er, ” Mr. Lin couldn’t help but pay more attention to Jiang Haoxuan.

Seeing the interaction between Lin Fei’er and Jiang Haoxuan’s eyes, coupled with Jiang Haoxuan’s familiarity, Mr. Lin’s eyes darkened.

Jiang Haoxuan and their daughter seemed to be very close, but how could he not remember when Lin Fei’er had such a male friend?

Mr. Lin coughed lightly, and his deep voice immediately lingered in the ward.

“Haoxuan, when did you and Fei’er meet?”

Mr. Lin stood with his hands behind his back, and the light in the ward shone on Mr. Lin’s refined face, giving him an air of authority without anger.

When Jiang Haoxuan met Mr. Lin’s gaze, he couldn’t help but feel a little guilty. He had a feeling that Mr. Lin seemed to have noticed something.

“Haoxuan only returned to the country a few months ago. We got to know each other through Wan. Because we have many similar hobbies, we regret not meeting each other sooner.”

The person who spoke wasn’t Jiang Haoxuan, but Lin Fei’er, who was on the sickbed.

Lin Fei’er’s expression was indifferent, but she explained even faster than Jiang Haoxuan. Mr. Lin couldn’t help but have some doubts in his heart.

“Haoxuan, can you come out with me first?”

When Mr. Lin’s words fell into his ears, Jiang Haoxuan was startled and was about to nod his head in agreement

However, when Lin Fei’er heard this, she immediately became anxious. She immediately shouted, “Haoxuan, didn’t you say that there were many things to do? It’s been hard on you to send me to the hospital. Why don’t you go back first?”

Those who were in the middle were confused, while those who were watching from the sidelines were clear.

The faster Lin Fei’er explained, the more she cleared for Jiang Haoxuan, and the more Mr. Lin smelled an unusual scent.

“I’m just casually asking a few questions. I won’t delay Haoxuan for more than a few minutes. Haoxuan, what do you think?”

Mr. Lin gave Lin Fei’er a sideways glance. His voice was faint, but there was no room for refusal.

Lin Fei’er’s expression was anxious. “But——”

Mr. Lin’s words immediately stopped Lin Fei’er’s mouth.

“Haoxuan didn’t even speak. Fei’er, what’s wrong with you today?”

Jiang Haoxuan smiled awkwardly and could only reply, “yes, I still have a few minutes. Uncle Lin, let’s go out first.”

Seeing that Jiang Haoxuan and her father were walking out of the door, Lin Fei’er looked anxiously at Jiang Haoxuan, hinting that Jiang Haoxuan should be careful when he went out.

This time, not only Mr. Lin, but even Mrs. Lin also sensed that something seemed to be going on between her daughter and Jiang Haoxuan.

Could it be that there was something between Fei’er and Jiang Haoxuan…

Mrs. Lin was shocked by her own thoughts and could not believe it for a moment. After all, the Jiang family’s status was not ordinary, and Lin Fei’er’s current situation was even more special.

Su Wan watched as Jiang Haoxuan’s figure disappeared outside the door. She exchanged a glance with Jiang Xuecheng and already understood that Mr. Lin had seen through the essence of the matter.

Mr. Lin brought Jiang Haoxuan to the balcony on the fifth floor.

It was just past two o’clock in the afternoon, and the scorching sun hung outside. The scorching sunlight scorched the earth, and there were cicadas chirping tirelessly on the trees.

Mr. Lin stretched out his hand to hold the railing. He narrowed his eyes and looked at the dazzling sun in the sky for a while. Then, he silently turned his head and fixed his gaze on Jiang Haoxuan.

Mr. Lin’s gaze carried the solemnity of an elder. He stared at Jiang Haoxuan without blinking. The meaning of his scrutiny was self-evident.

“Haoxuan, I only want to ask you one thing. Is the child in Fei’er’s stomach yours?”