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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 484 - Deep Grudge

Chapter 484: Deep Grudge

Su Wan’s heart was in turmoil. She couldn’t help but worry about this meeting.

After all, it just so happened that Sheng An’ning was attempting murder with a knife. Su Wan was afraid that it would cast a shadow over Mr. and Mrs. Lin.

If she didn’t look after of them, Su Wan really didn’t know how things would turn out.

Su Wan could tell that Jiang Haoxuan liked Lin Fei’er in his heart. After this incident, Lin Fei’er had obviously shortened the emotional distance between her and Jiang Haoxuan.

Su Wan was now afraid that their marriage would be hindered by Mr. and Mrs. Lin.

Mr. and Mrs. Lin were not vain people. They definitely cared more about whether Lin Fei’er could live a healthy and peaceful life. Now, they had to bump into this kind of situation…

As parents, how could they not be afraid?!

When Su Wan thought of this, her beautiful eyebrows furrowed even tighter.

She didn’t know how Jiang Haoxuan and Lin Fei’er had discussed after her phone call just now, and whether they were going to open up their relationship with Lin Fei’er’s parents during this meeting.

However, from Su Wan’s point of view, she still felt that it was better not to reveal the relationship between the child in Lin Fei’er’s stomach and Jiang Haoxuan for the time being.

Jiang Haoxuan’s personal image was not bad, and he was not as cold and unreasonable as Jiang Xuecheng. Su Wan was very optimistic that he would leave a good impression on Lin Fei’er’s parents during this meeting.

After the first impression was made, Su Wan felt that she could continue to beat around the bush. When Lin Fei’er’s parents had made some progress, they would slowly talk things out.

At that time, rice had become porridge. Even though Lin Fei’er’s parents had some knots in their hearts, for the sake of their daughter’s happiness, they would eventually give in.

For an older generation like Lin Fei’er’s parents who were more conservative, Su Wan did not think highly of the radical’s frank approach.

When they arrived at ward 1762 on the fifth floor where Lin Fei’er was, Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng walked in front while Lin Fei’er’s parents followed behind them.

Su Wan was thinking about something and was about to continue walking when Jiang Xuecheng pulled her back.

Su Wan was slightly stunned. She looked at Jiang Xuecheng in confusion until the man in front of her reached out his right hand and pointed at the door number on the ward.

“What are you daydreaming about? We’re already here.”

Su Wan bit the corner of her lips embarrassingly and smiled at Mr. and Mrs. Lin in embarrassment.

Jiang Xuecheng rubbed Su Wan’s hair helplessly. If Su Wan kept daydreaming like this, she might not even notice if she bumps into a wall.

Jiang Xuecheng’s well-defined hand landed on the door of the ward. He knocked on the door three times at a moderate pace.

The fifth floor of the emergency medical building was extremely quiet. The knocking sound lingered in the air, immediately alerting Jiang Haoxuan and Lin Fei’er inside.

“I’ll go open the door.”

Jiang Haoxuan put down the half-peeled apple in his hand and quickly walked out of the door.

Because he knew from Su Wan’s phone call that Mr. and Mrs. Lin would come, Jiang Haoxuan’s heart felt like it had two buckets of water hanging on it. It was shaking up and down, making it difficult for him to relax.

Jiang Haoxuan let out a sigh and slowly pushed open the door of the ward.

“Brother, sis-in-law…”

The first thing that entered his vision were Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng’s faces. After Jiang Haoxuan nodded slightly in greeting, he immediately noticed the middle-aged couple behind the door.

Lin Fei’er’s cheeks were very similar to Mrs. Lin’s, and her pair of big eyes were inherited from Mr. Lin.

Jiang Haoxuan sighed in his heart at the power of genes as he spoke nervously.

“These two are Uncle Lin and Aunty Lin, right? Please come in…”

This title was something that Jiang Haoxuan and Lin Fei’er had discussed beforehand. Jiang Haoxuan didn’t know when he would be able to achieve the transition to Father-in-law and Mother-in-law.

Jiang Haoxuan wanted to hold a wedding with Lin Fei’er as soon as possible. After all, Lin Fei’er was pregnant. When the pregnancy was more noticable, she wouldn’t look good in a wedding dress.

Mr. and Mrs. Lin raised their eyes slightly and glanced at the young man in front of them who had a bright smile on his face.

Jiang Haoxuan’s appearance was somewhat similar to that of Jiang Xuecheng, but their temperaments were very different. If Jiang Xuecheng was like a piece of ice that kept strangers away, Jiang Haoxuan was like an amiable spring breeze in April.

“Hello, is Fei’er inside?”

If it were in the past, Mr. and Mrs. Lin would have taken a few more glances at Jiang Haoxuan. However, they had just learned of the bad news today. Lin Fei’er who was lying in the room was what Mr. and Mrs. Lin cared about the most in their hearts.

“Yes, she’s inside.”

Jiang Haoxuan nodded with a smile. Then, he quickly moved to the side to make way for Mr. and Mrs. Lin.

Mr. and Mrs. Lin immediately rushed in. When they saw the pale Lin Fei’er in front of the sickbed, their hearts ached.

Lin Fei’er’s slender neck was wrapped in a layer of white gauze, but it was only a shallow layer, and there was no blood oozing out. It looked much better than the wound on Su Wan’s shoulder.

When Mrs. Lin saw Lin Fei’er sitting in front of her, she wiped away the tears on her face. Fortunately, nothing serious had happened to her precious daughter.

Because Lin Fei’er had said earlier that she was not going to remarry, Mr. and Mrs. Lin planned to keep their daughter by their side for the rest of their lives after they arrived in B City.

If anything happened to Lin Fei’er, Mrs. Lin would be old and not be able to bear it.

Mrs. Lin stared at her daughter in front of the bed. She opened her mouth, but she did not know how to speak. She had to push Mr. Lin and ask him to speak first.

Mr. Lin coughed lightly, breaking the tense atmosphere.

“Fei’er, your mom and I were so worried today. You look terrible. How are you feeling? Apart from your neck, are you hurt anywhere else?”

Hearing this, Lin Fei’er silently buried her right arm deeper under the blanket. She didn’t want her parents to worry.

“Dad, mom, I’m fine. It’s just that I was scared just now, so I still have lingering fear.”

Sheng An’ning had previously used a knife to cut Lin Fei’er’s neck. The wound was most obvious after it was cleaned and bandaged.

However, Lin Fei’er’s right arm was actually the most severely injured. Sheng An’ning had pinched her hand until it was covered in blood and flesh. Moreover, she did not give up and used a knife to cut her several times!

The doctor had told her that it was only a scratch on her face. She did not even need to bandage it after it was cleaned.

The wound on Lin Fei’er’s neck would heal very quickly as well. It was just the wound on her arm that was the problem. If she did not treat it properly, she was afraid that it would leave a scar in the future.

Mrs. Lin looked Lin Fei’er up and down carefully. She saw that other than the obvious wound on her neck, she seemed to be really fine.

Mrs. Lin’s uneasy heart finally relaxed. Suddenly, she remembered something extremely important!

Mrs. Lin looked at Lin Fei’er with a serious expression as she spoke.

“Fei’er, tell me, why did something like this happen all of a sudden? Does that Sheng An’ning have a deep grudge against you?”

As soon as she said that, the entire high-class ward fell into a strange silence.

Su Wan’s hand tightened slightly. She looked at Jiang Haoxuan and Lin Fei’er, wondering what excuse they had thought of earlier.