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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 478 - A Single Corpse And Two Lives

Chapter 478: A Single Corpse And Two Lives

For now, the only solution was to follow Sheng An’ning’s emotions. As long as Sheng An’ning calmed down, Lin Fei’er would not be in danger.

Su Wan stared at Sheng An’ning’s hand without blinking. She did not dare to breathe loudly and her beautiful eyes were filled with anxiety.

“An’ning, I promise you. As long as you let go of Fei’er, we’ll pretend that nothing happened today. Haoxuan will marry you. I’ll take Fei’er to abort the child right now!”

“What a good suggestion! Do you think I’m a little girl in kindergarten? Do you think I will really believe that?”

Sheng An’ning smiled coldly and looked at Su Wan with disdain.

Then, she glanced at the crowd from the corner of her eyes. She knew very well that she had ruined her image today.

Even if Su Wan and the Jiang family did not pursue her, she would probably have to find a small country in the middle of nowhere to get by.

On the night that Jiang Haoxuan left, she had already prepared for the worst!

So what if she spent the rest of her life in prison!

With Lin Fei’er and the baby in her belly paying with their lives, she would definitely not be at a disadvantage!

When Jiang Haoxuan heard Sheng An’ning’s sarcastic words, his heart was suspended high!

His fingernails were tightly clenched in his palms. He did not even realize that they were bleeding. At this moment, his attention was all on Sheng An’ning and Lin Fei’er.

Jiang Haoxuan had never thought that a seemingly weak woman would be so terrifying when she went crazy!

Sheng An’ning held Lin Fei’er’s arm tightly with one hand and kept moving the knife around Lin Fei’er’s face with the other.

The cold and merciless blade made Lin Fei’er shudder. She could only clench her teeth tightly, not letting her voice affect the emotions of Su Wan and the others.

“An’ning, I beg you to let her go, okay?”

Seeing Sheng An’ning’s knife drawing on Lin Fei’er’s face, Jiang Haoxuan’s limbs were filled with fear.

“What, are you worried about your wife?! Take a closer look at this woman, she’s not bad looking. Hey, Haoxuan, you don’t like ugly people, do you?”

Jiang Haoxuan felt as if someone had punched him in the heart. He was not only anxious now, but also a little unstable from Sheng An’ning’s arrogant words.

Just as Jiang Haoxuan was about to speak, Sheng An’ning spoke again!

Sheng An’ning giggled. Her initially ferocious expression calmed down. Her smile was pure and innocent, but her words were so vicious that it sent chills down people’s spines!

“Haoxuan, look, especially Miss Lin’s big eyes. They’re black and bright. What do you think if I cut them out and give them to you?”

As Sheng An’ning spoke, she raised the tip of her knife in a provocative manner and poked at Lin Fei’er’s eyes!

Jiang Haoxuan looked at Sheng An’ning with a pained expression. He spoke anxiously.

“Don’t! An’ning! I really don’t like Lin Fei’er, and I don’t like her eyes either. An’ning, don’t dirty your hands because of a woman who’s nothing compared to you!”

Knowing that he couldn’t provoke Sheng An’ning’s emotions, Jiang Haoxuan had no choice but to say these words.

When Jiang Haoxuan’s anxious voice fell into her ears, Sheng An’ning suddenly smiled.

That smile was like a blooming flower in the spring breeze, but within those beautiful petals, there was a lethal poison.

“Haoxuan, I like what you’re saying. That’s right, Lin Fei’er can’t compare to me in any way!”

Sheng An’ning’s lips curled up happily. It was obvious that she was in a good mood. Her bloodshot eyes darted around, and no one knew what she was planning.

Jiang Haoxuan took a deep breath and forced a smile at Sheng An’ning.

“An’ning, the place you’re standing is so dangerous. If you’re not careful, you’ll fall. Shall I bring you here?”

Without waiting for Sheng An’ning’s reply, Jiang Haoxuan took a tentative step forward.

Because Sheng An’ning was standing alone near the stairs on the left with Lin Fei’er, Su Wan and Jiang Haoxuan were standing two to three meters away. This undoubtedly gave Sheng An’ning a sense of security.

But now, Jiang Haoxuan seemed to have walked into her territory!

This immediately made Sheng An’ning feel uneasy. She seemed to have been provoked to the extreme, and her expression, which had just calmed down after much difficulty, began to twist again.

“Jiang Haoxuan, don’t come near me! If you come any closer, I’ll kill her!”

In a moment of desperation, Sheng An’ning called out Jiang Haoxuan’s full name. It was clear that she was afraid.

As she spoke, Sheng An’ning picked up her knife and was about to stab Lin Fei’er in the neck!

However, they were only two meters away from each other. Jiang Haoxuan’s speed was faster than Sheng An’ning had imagined. Sheng An’ning only felt a black shadow flash before her eyes. Then, Jiang Haoxuan pounced on her!

Seeing the change in the situation, Su Wan immediately ran to Lin Fei’er and wanted to take her with her.

Sheng An’ning let out a shrill scream that cut across the sky, scaring the crowd.

“Haoxuan, you’ve disappointed me so much. You keep saying that you want the best for me. You’re really lying to me!”

Why? Lin Fei’er was just a lowly bitch. Why would Jiang Haoxuan risk his life to save her?!

Sheng An’ning was heartbroken by Jiang Haoxuan’s deception, and the anger in her heart burned to the extreme!

“Do you think I don’t dare to kill you?!”

She no longer cared about the consequences. The shiny fruit knife in her hand stabbed directly into Jiang Haoxuan’s body!

Jiang Haoxuan didn’t expect Sheng An’ning to be so ruthless to him. He looked at Sheng An’ning in shock. He couldn’t dodge in time and was stabbed in the back by the sharp fruit knife!

Jiang Haoxuan groaned in pain and was about to snatch the knife from Sheng An’ning’s hand!

However, Sheng An’ning was forced into a desperate situation. Her strength was unexpectedly strong and she slapped Jiang Haoxuan’s hand away!

Su Wan held Lin Fei’er in her right hand and was about to take her away when a sharp knife stabbed her fiercely!

“Fei’er, be careful!”

Su Wan did not even think about it and immediately used her body to protect Lin Fei’er. Meanwhile, Sheng An’ning’s knife stabbed straight into SU WAN’s shoulder!

Because Sheng An’ning had gone completely crazy from the stimulation, that knife had used a lot of force!

However, in the blink of an eye, a large amount of blood flowed out from Su Wan’s shoulder, instantly dyeing SU WAN’s clothes red!

A bone-piercing pain assaulted her, and the color on Su Wan’s face kept fading away. However, she still subconsciously stretched out her leg and kicked Sheng An’ning in front of her!

However, the moment Sheng An’ning fell to the ground, her expression suddenly darkened. She pushed Su Wan and Lin Fei’er’s feet with her hands.

Su Wan was trying to stabilize her body, but Lin Fei’er fell backward. There were dozens of stairs behind her!

Once she fell, even if Lin Fei’er’s life was saved, the child in her stomach would…

This terrifying thought flashed through Su Wan’s mind. Su Wan instinctively reached out her hand, wanting to grab her, but she was too late!


When the onlookers saw this scene, many of them had already closed their eyes. It was as if they could foresee the tragic ending of a corpse and two lives.

“Lin Fei’er!”

Jiang Haoxuan called out Lin Fei’er’s name and directly rushed over.

The Sky was filled with complete fear, and it made Jiang Haoxuan’s bone marrow turn cold!

Nothing must happen to her and the baby in her stomach!