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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 474 - Life On The Line

Chapter 474: Life On The Line

Lin Fei’er felt even more terrified when she heard this. Of course, she knew that Sheng An’ning was not joking!

Sheng An’ning dared to threaten her with a knife in front of so many people today. She was probably putting all her eggs in one basket.

The feeling of having her little life in someone else’s hands was really uncomfortable.

Lin Fei’er was terrified. She looked up at Sheng An’ning and kept signaling Sheng An’ning not to act rashly with her eyes.

“Miss Sheng, it’s better to get rid of enemies than to make enemies. Besides, we don’t have a deep grudge between us. Why are you being so vicious?”

“I’m being vicious?!”

Sheng An’ning’s expression was ferocious, and her swollen right cheek looked even more terrifying.

“Why don’t you tell me what you and your good friend Su Wan did to me! It’s all thanks to you two bitches that I, Sheng An’ning, have ended up like this!”

She was talented and beautiful. She was supposed to stand on top of the clouds and enjoy the worship of everyone, but in the end?!

After the Jiang family banished her, what had become of her?!

She had lost the career that she loved the most. The one who loved her and the one who she loved had abandoned her. Her grandfather and grandmother, who had always doted on her, had even chased her out of the house!

It was all because of Su Wan and Lin Fei’er that she had ended up like this!

The answer was all over Sheng An’ning’s mind, and she was already possessed by it!

As Sheng An’ning spoke, she held Lin Fei’er’s hand tightly. Her nails pierced into her flesh mercilessly, causing Lin Fei’er to feel a terrible pain in her hand.

The fruit knife shimmered under the sun, and the refracted light made Lin Fei’er unable to open her eyes.

“Sheng An’ning, I——”

Cold sweat trickled down Lin Fei’er’s forehead, but she had no choice but to continue stalling for time, hoping to coax Sheng An’ning into acting less crazy…

Among the onlookers, there must be someone who called the police.

What she needed now was time.

“You don’t deserve to call my name!”

Sheng An’ning gritted her teeth, and the knife in her hand brushed past Lin Fei’er’s cheek!

Fortunately, she did not go too hard and only left a shallow bloody mark.

Lin Fei’er felt a sharp pain on her face. She looked at the arrogant Sheng An’ning in front of her and really felt that she must have done something wrong in her previous life.

Her previous marriage had already gone through so much trouble, and this was the second time she had met this kind of crazy woman!

The knife was hovering across her face from only a little distance away. Lin Fei’er had never felt so worried before!

The fear in her heart grew stronger and stronger. Lin Fei’er could barely stand still.

She endured the pain on her face and forced herself to speak to Sheng An’ning.

“Miss Sheng, can you let go of me first? I know you don’t like my marriage with Jiang Haoxuan. I’ll go back and cancel it, alright?!”

Hearing Lin Fei’er lie about canceling the marriage, Sheng An’ning sneered in disdain.

“Do you think I’m a three-year-old?! I’m afraid I’ll be in jail by the time you get back! Lin Fei’er, let me tell you, I just don’t like you. I just want to see you and your baby dead!”

This lunatic!

She actually wanted to take two lives and leave a single corpse!

Lin Fei’er really suspected that this woman’s heart was black, that she could bear such malice towards an unborn child.

Sheng An’ning grabbed her arm and the pain she felt intensified,

Lin Fei’er endured the constant pain and subconsciously covered her stomach with her hands.

This child was the most precious thing to her right now. No matter what, she would be the first to protect her child.

“Miss Sheng, calm down. A place like prison really doesn’t suit you. As long as you let me go, I’ll treat it as if nothing happened.”

“Ha! Do you think I’ll believe you?”

Sheng An’ning looked at Lin Fei’er’s pained expression and revealed a smug look on her face. She wanted to see these people unhappy!

The more Lin Fei’er was in pain, the happier she was. Just wait and see. She would repay one by one the pain those two bitches, Su Wan, inflicted on her!

“Miss Lin, why are you protecting your stomach with your hands? Are you showing off that you’re carrying Jiang Haoxuan’s child?”

Sheng An’ning grabbed Lin Fei’er’s arm frantically. All of a sudden, the knife in her right hand went straight for Lin Fei’er’s stomach!

If she moved any further, Sheng An’ning would be able to cut through her thin dress and pierce her skin.

Lin Fei’er was frightened out of her wits. Her heart was beating like a drum. She could even imagine her stomach being punctured and her child turning into a puddle of blood!

Sheng An’ning’s action scared Lin Fei’er so much that she almost went crazy!

She could no longer care about her rationality and screamed, “Miss Sheng, I beg you, I beg you, let my child go!”

Hearing Lin Fei’er’s scream, the surrounding people realized that Lin Fei’er was still a pregnant woman. They could not bear it so they closed their eyes and did not dare to look at the scene in front of them anymore.

At this moment, Su Wan had just bought two bottles of mineral water. When she saw the crowd in front of her, her left eyelid twitched!

Where’s Fei’er?!

“Make way, make way!”

A bad feeling rose in Su Wan’s heart. She did not care about anything else and pushed aside the onlookers and rushed forward.

Sheng An’ning was standing on the other side of the overpass. When she saw Su Wan running over with two bottles of mineral water in her arms, she gritted her teeth and her eyes became even more sinister.

“Look, your good friend is here.”

As Sheng An’ning spoke, the knife in her hand kept making circles on Lin Fei’er’s belly, which made Lin Fei’er even more frightened.

Lin Fei’er’s legs turned to jelly. She couldn’t help but feel scared because she was worried about the child in her belly!

“Don’t, don’t hurt the child. Put the knife on my neck, will you…”

Lin Fei’er looked at Sheng An’ning pleadingly, tears welling up in her eyes.

Sheng An’ning felt a surge of joy in her heart. She spun the fruit knife slowly like she was playing a game and swam around Lin Fei’er’s stomach.

Su Wan’s eyes widened in disbelief when she saw Sheng An’ning Holding Lin Fei’er with the knife!

When did Sheng An’ning come back?! Why did she threaten Fei’er with the knife?!

Because she was too shocked, the two bottles of mineral water in Su Wan’s hands fell from her palms and made two loud noises.

Sheng An’ning’s twisted expression fell into Su Wan’s eyes. Her expression was grave and she felt a chill down her spine.

Seeing Lin Fei’er’s pained expression, Su Wan felt as if someone was gripping her heart tightly. She glared angrily at Sheng An’ning and immediately shouted angrily.

“Sheng An’ning, let her go! If there’s anything, come at me!”

Lin Fei’er was pregnant. If things went wrong, two lives would be lost. Su Wan felt terrified just thinking about it.

Su Wan felt guilty and anxious at the same time. She did not know why Sheng An’ning was so crazy today, but it was most likely because she was angry.

Fei’er and Sheng An’ning did not have any grudges against each other. If it were not for her, Sheng An’ning would not have hated Lin Fei’er so much.

“You two bitches, you really have the same heart as sisters!”

Sheng An’ning looked at Su Wan and sneered coldly.