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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 469 - A Heart-To-Heart Talk With Lin Fei’er

Chapter 469: A Heart-To-Heart Talk With Lin Fei’er

Sheng An’ning looked at Mr. Chen nervously. Her fingers tightened slightly, not knowing if Mr. Chen was satisfied with the answer.

Mr. Chen started shaking slightly when he heard that. Apparently, he found the strange illness in Jiang Xuecheng unbelievable.

There were many people in this world who were allergic to flowers and plants. However, for someone to be allergic to seeing meteors so severely that they would pass out immediately, it sounded too ridiculous!

This was simply nonsense!

“Miss Sheng, I wouldn’t lie to me just for the sake of my beloved, would I? The people who dared to lie to me in this world are all in another world now.”

Mr. Chen’s voice was hoarse and cold. Apart from probing, it was more of a threat.

Sheng An’ning thought of Mr. Chen’s terrifying methods and felt a chill down her spine. Her hair stood on end.

She was still so young. She didn’t want to die!

Sheng An’ning kept quiet for the rest of her life. When she came to her senses, she shook her head vigorously like a rattle-drum.

“Mr. Chen, I didn’t! How would I dare to lie to you? If I lie to you again, I’ll be struck by lightning.”

“It’s true. Mr. Chen, think about it. Given my current situation, if I dare to lie to you, wouldn’t it be easier for you to crush me to death after finding it out than to crush an ant?”

At most, she was a little vague. She only said that Jiang Xuecheng could not watch meteors, and did not mention the strange situation where his heart was beating but he was not breathing when he was unconscious.

Heh, looking at the current situation, she could not say anything!

Otherwise, Mr. Chen would definitely think that she was making things up!

Hearing Sheng An’ning’s anxious voice, Mr. Chen used his hand to brush his fingernails. A thoughtful look flashed across his eyes.

Because of her anxiety, Sheng An’ning couldn’t even speak fluently. Moreover, her face was so red that she almost coughed…

If Sheng An’ning was acting in front of him, then her acting skills were too good, and she was too mentally stable.

Based on his understanding of Sheng An’ning, this woman didn’t have such guts.

Mr. Chen sneered slightly, and his tone suddenly became a little sinister.

“Alright, then I’ll trust you for once. Miss Sheng, I hope you won’t let me down.”

Sheng An’ning’s face turned pale. She nodded repeatedly, indicating that she was completely subservient and did not dare to lie to Mr. Chen.

“How long has he been suffering from this illness? Why does he need to treat it in such a secretive manner?”

Mr. Chen raised his eyes slightly and his gaze fell on the rearview mirror. He looked at Sheng An’ning in the back seat casually.

Sheng An’ning was frightened by Mr. Chen’s earlier threats. She still felt a lingering fear. She gritted her teeth and tried her best to remain calm.

“It must have happened since he was a child. He was sick once when he was about eight years old. Now, it should be the second time because the cause and behavior of his illness are too strange. The Jiang family doesn’t want to make Jiang Xuecheng a freak, so naturally, they won’t publicize it.”

Mr. Chen listened thoughtfully. It seemed that although Jiang Xuecheng’s illness was unimaginable, it was the easiest weakness to exploit.

“Mr. Chen, is there anything else you need me to do?”

Sheng An’ning raised her head carefully, her beautiful eyes unconsciously showing a hint of respect, and even complete fear.

It was terrible to have one’s life in someone else’s hands.

Sheng An’ning was a person who cherished her life. She did not want to die young.

Mr. Chen raised his eyebrows calmly and looked at Sheng An’ning. His voice was as calm as the flowing water under the bridge, without the slightest ripple.

“Yes, of course. Miss Sheng, do you want to go back to S City and see for yourself?”

“You can let me go back to S City?”

Sheng An’ning’s eyes lit up when she heard that. B City was such a poor and desolate place. She could not find any suitable clothes. She had had enough!

“I owe you a favor. Of course, such a small matter is not a problem.”

As Mr. Chen spoke, the corners of his lips suddenly curled up and he sneered.

“Miss Sheng must be very unhappy about the matter between Jiang Haoxuan and Lin Fei’er. Perhaps you can contact Jiang Haoxuan privately after you return to S City. As for more, you don’t need me to teach you, right?”

As soon as Mr. Chen finished speaking, Sheng An’ning’s expression froze. She clenched her red nails into her palms and nodded vigorously.

From the day she was banished from the Jiang family, Jiang Haoxuan did still have feelings for her. As long as they could meet, Sheng An’ning didn’t believe that Jiang Haoxuan would treat her like air!

As Mr. Chen spoke, he suddenly pressed the horn. The rapid sound of the Horn echoed in the empty street, making it even more ear-piercing.

The man in sunglasses who had been standing guard outside was awakened by the sound of the horn and hurriedly walked over.

“Miss Sheng, remember that you haven’t seen me today. Alright, you may get off.”

As soon as Mr. Chen’s coarse and unpleasant voice fell, Sheng An’ning saw the man in sunglasses open the car door.

Sheng An’ning’s lips parted. She actually had some things she wanted to say to Mr. Chen, but since he had ordered her to leave, she couldn’t stay any longer.

“Miss Sheng, it’s been a pleasure working with you.”

Sheng An’ning bit her lip with a blank look on her face. She nodded at Mr. Chen and finally got out of the car.

The man in sunglasses glanced at Sheng An’ning with disdain. He then opened the door of the passenger seat and sat in it.

Soon, the door was closed and the black Volkswagen suddenly started to move. Like an arrow leaving a bow, it raised a cloud of dust and disappeared from Sheng An’ning’s sight.

The car was too inconspicuous. Sheng An’ning remembered the license plate number when she got out of the car, but she didn’t hold any hope in her heart.

For a cautious and mysterious person like Mr. Chen, this license plate number was 100% fake. It would be futile to check it out.

Who exactly was Mr. Chen? Why did he have to make things difficult for the Jiang family?

Sheng An’ning looked at the melting moonlight in the sky and her beautiful eyes showed some disappointment. She sighed and then took out her phone to check the time for the upcoming meteor shower.

Coincidentally, there was a meteor shower in the constellation of the Phoenix in July. There were only ten days left.

Sheng An’ning frowned and clenched her teeth tightly. A strong sense of hostility enveloped her.

She couldn’t be blamed for all of this. The Jiang family had betrayed her first. What was the big deal about her doing this!

In the blink of an eye, it was Saturday again. Su Wan and Lin Fei’er had agreed to meet today to have a heart-to-heart talk.

Too many things had happened during this period of time. Su Wan was already feeling a little irritated, and Lin Fei’er was a mess. She had lingering and complicated feelings.

The location was at a Hong Kong-style tea restaurant on North Second Street. Lin Fei’er had not arrived when Su Wan arrived.

She turned on her phone and asked Lin Fei’er how long it would take for her to arrive. Seeing that she would answer in at most five minutes, she simply called the waiter to start ordering.

The dishes were served very quickly in this restaurant. In just a few minutes, two dishes of tea and snacks were served.

Su Wan had not eaten earlier and felt a little hungry. She could not help but reach out to grab a piece of pineapple barbecued pork bun first.

Mmm, the taste was not bad.

Su Wan narrowed her eyes in satisfaction. Just as she was about to take another big bite, she suddenly heard a clear and crisp cry coming from not far away.

“Wan, you started eating before me!”